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Friday, December 28, 2012



Todays story will be one I hope you will ALL share thru your own facebook pages and emails..with your own friends.  Because todays story in uplifting and will give hope...where maybe some people feel there IS no hope.

I 'met' Will Kramer just this week by sheer accident.  I was checking the links to see how some folks had found me by accident this past Wednesday and followed a link that took me to some natural healing pages and folks looking for information on Solomon Wickey and then on to the website of Will Kramer at
I encourage you to go TO Will's website and devour the whole website with every ounce of your being...if you are currently battling cancer of any kind....It's even a great place to go and study if you just want to STAY healthy.

There's sooooo much I'd like to tell you about Will right here and I'll give you a brief peep into his life of healing, but I'm going to leave a lot of it for YOU to check into...if you really want to get down to the nitty gritty...

In 2008, at age 42, Will was diagnosed with kidney cancer.  And while just getting some test/xrays run for the kidney cancer, they accidently found a separate cancer in one lung with several growths.  A biopsy confirmed the lung cancer and now Will was not only battling kidney cancer but also lung cancer..all at the very same time.

Will....had a wife and kids and a strong.."Will" to live.  So he immediately began looking into ways to help himself heal his own body.  He contacted Solomon Wickey, who gave him some very sound/healing advice and also Hallelujah Acres and then on to the Ann Wigmore "Creative Health Institute" in Coldwater, Michigan...and from there, on to Lorraine Day.  Will was a man on a mission and that mission was to heal his own body and not wait on the doctors.

Lorraine Day healed her own hopeless/terminal cancer just the way Will was hoping to heal HIS.  Lorraine Day has some priceless videos on Amazon and I have them all and have had them for 15 years...some are:  Diseases Don't Just Happen, Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore, Believing Is Seeing (Testimonials), You Can't Improve On God and several more.....THEY ARE ALL PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!! 

Ann Wigmore was kind of the mother to introducing whole/live/raw foods.  And she believed there was unbelieveable power in drinking juice made from wheatgrass to detox the body.  She taught  healing thru living foods.  Ann passed away in her 80's from smoke inhalation in a fire...still spry and working.....
Lorraine is still going strong and cancer free after dissolving a cancer the size of a grapefruit in her chest years ago...and doing it naturally.
AND Hallelujah Acres and Solomon all know how I feel about THOSE programs....

Will made a complete lifestyle change...and even spent some time in the Creative Health Institute in Michigan to learn to grow his own wheatgrass...but he has that information on his YOU can do it from HOME.

Will is now cancer free in the kidneys....and he's just about to lick the lung cancer...he says he makes tons of headway on the lung cancer only to have a few more spots crop back up later, but he's getting there. He says that since starting this natural/whole/living foods program and lifestyle change, he has never had a cold or flu or bug of any kind and has destroyed one cancer and is working on the other.  He's feeling GREAT and has set out on a path to help others...just like you and me.

I've been studying natural healing/living since 1977 and we've had a computer for 10 years now and I can tell you for a fact, Will's website is the most informative...without a lot of frill...and the easiest website to get around on...that I have ever found.  IT IS PRICELESS...and I've printed the whole website put in my notebook. 

Will says he's found great strength in reading the bible...especially Psalms 46 and 103 and Deuteronomy 7, where the Lord says He will take away from us....ALL diseases.  Will says the diet and lifestyle we are supposed to be living and using is in the bible in plain language...and I agree.  And we can't expect a healing if we are not following God's rules for living and if we are continually putting poisons of all kinds in our bodies daily.

I was just SO SO impressed with Will's website....and those of you who may be disappointed in this blog I have SO built up the last couple days....and maybe you wanted a relationship rescue story or how to better foo foo your home to make it warm and fuzzy....HEY FOLKS!!!!!   If you're not're not going to be around to DO any of those things ANYWAY!!!   SO start at the very beginning....a very good place to start.....start INSIDE.....YOU!!!   Kind of like we're going to do in our "Making 2013 our best life yet" program starting the end of next week.....we're going to work on US and every single issue that WE have control over and we're going to WIN at this game of being the best we can be.....YES WE ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Below you will find a few things copied and pasted from Will's's going to make this blog VERY long....but I knew some of you may glance at it that wouldn't take the time to actually CLICK...the link....hahahahahahaha  Oooooooooooooooooooh meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....some of us are hopeless at our own know it?    

SO...THIS IS the blog I am asking you to share with your friends this week...and if you it right now...while you're on it....just click to email it to your friends and click to share it on your own facebook and twitter....You can also go to my profile page by clicking my facebook link on this page and find it at the top of my page and just click the share button.....Let's spread Will's story of healing around the world and give hope to those who have been told they are hopeless....

So he did what he HAD to do....he healed his own body even though the doctors were telling him it couldn't be done...HE did it with healing foods and juices and lifestyle change just like I've been telling you about for 3 + years...AND YOU CAN TOO!!!

Kim has a friend that has just removed his own cancer on his finger....YUP...he cut his finger OFF...and then proudly announced "I'M CANCER FREE!!!"    OH my GOODNESS....If that really WAS cancer....NO HE ISN"T....I emailed to try to tell him...but he would not be praying for Kims friend with the cut off finger....because if he HAD cancer....he still DOES...if cutting off that finger is all he's doing......

IF YOU HAVE HAD CANCER and you are now declared 'in remission or cancer free'....the cancer cells in your body have already been awakened and they WILL wake back up...if you do not change your diet and life style to keep them in a coma......THAT IS JUST A FACT!!!   HOWEVER....YOU CAN heal your own body ....

I'm going to sign off and then I'll post the copied info from Will's page below...please share....Also I have a request for folks to send cards to a man turning 91 Sunday....he runs the Route 66 Museum in Springfield, Ill....Please send a card or letter if you have time to Bill Shea...2075 Peoria Road, Springfield, Ill..62702....Bill is not in good health and the family said this will REALLY perk him up....I'm sending out a card to him today...with a little uplifting foo foo in it.....

Peace and love...I love you all...thanks for stopping by today....this has been a birdseye view of the world of the katydid...until next are loved....


Solomon Wickey Cancer Supplements and instructions:

Nutrition Balance of Protein Over Growth
Pure Herbs/ Red Clover
1 tsp
Pure Herbs/ Whole Apricots Extract
1 tsp
Natures Sunshine/ Food Enzynes
Natures Sunshine/ Parsely
Natures Sunshine/ Pau De Arco

4 Months: MAKE FRESH DAILY 1 quart carrot and celery juice (1 pint each).
4 Months: EAT ONLY – fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts (especially almonds), legumes, real butter and cottage cheese (no salt). OMIT ALL – animal protein, eggs, cheese and other dairy products, sugar, salt, white flour, peanuts.
9 Weeks: Supplements
(Do not use a microwave.)

When writing Mr. Wickey, include a picture of yourself and SASE. Solomon J. Wickey
6308 County Road 43
Auburn, IN 46706

My Lifestyle for Healthy Living THIS LIFESTYLE FOR HEALING is not just for those who have received the message to change. It's also for very smart people who are currently enjoying good health and who know there is a way to remain disease free. Restoration of my health came from living the below 10 action items together. In essence, this Godly lifestyle change transformed my body.

  • Decree:
    I wrote out a short decree and spoke it. (more...)

  • 1. Nutrition (Why Raw Living Foods):
    When God was creating everything (Book of Genesis), HE gave us direction on what to eat (fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds). Living foods were designed by the Creator for our living body. These living foods literally transfer their (more...)

  • 2. Exercise (Rebounding, Body Slant Board, Body Brushing and Water Enemas):
    There is much more to healing than just shifting into a raw living foods diet. Yes, we get disease from a diet of dead and toxic foods. But, there is more to be added to our lifestyle. You wouldn't (more...)

  • 3. Water:
    Every part of our body is nourished and cleansed by water. We are mostly water and our body needs it to perform almost every (more...)

  • 4. Sunlight:
    Every life form needs sunlight to live. It increases our tolerance of stress and oxygenates our body. Also, it converts our naturally made cholesterol into vitamin D. Recent research shows that Vitamin D may stop or prevent (more...)

  • 5. No Harmful Substances:
    Alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, MSG, salt, sugar (corn syrup, fructose, sucrose), food coloring, processed food fillers and chemicals are easy to identify as harmful substances. (more...)

  • 6. Oxygen:
    Oxygen is the most important nutrient that our body needs. Since stress affects the intake of oxygen, I needed more oxygen when I dealt with stress. Over 90% of our nutrients come from (more...)

  • 7. Proper Sleep:
    The body uses sleep to recharge and recover. My health and my body's healing was determined by the quality and quantity of my sleep. So much happens when we are sleeping. It's a time for our organs to (more...)

  • 8. Trust in God:
    When I was a child, my only option was to learn and to trust that my parents would provide, take care of, and love me. As I went onto adulthood, maintaining this trust became tested at times. For me to live this new lifestyle, I needed to learn and to trust (more...)

  • 9. Positive and Thankful Attitude:
    For getting well, our days of being negative, angry and ungrateful are over. They have nothing to do with living within God's healing plan. What was in my heart and (more...)

  • 10. Good Turns:
    Just like a Boy Scout searches for his daily good turn, so must I do something that benefits another that cannot repay me. This is a commandment for healing (more...)

    About SiteWill Kramer shares his journey after diagnoses of kidney and lung cancer. His adventure led him to receive the message to change.

    God's Natural LawBesides our body needing life-giving, easy-to-digest nourishment to strengthen our immune system, there are other action factors. Working together, they build and strengthen our immune system.
    Reverse Disease What we need for healing is inside our body. It’s our immune system. Weakened from years of malnourishment, dehydration and poor stress management—it simply needs restoring.