Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Let's Just Talk And Catch Up...OK?

Let's Just Talk And Catch Up...OK?'s a grand and groovy ... zippity doo dah day in the canyon this morning..I've got the fireplace going and it looks so peaceful and warm and fuzzy...and the tree is finally up and the Bad Days Bags are under it and almost filled...I didn't go to as much trouble with the bags this year...I've just had too much going on....and haven't really felt 'bad' or 'sick'...but let me tell ya...if you don't already know...When you're dizzy headed a lot....that's a major thing...very un-nerving and exhausting..and then you put that dizzy head with a pinched nerve and a hand that won't wake up...and you've got disaster..I'm always dropping things with that hand...but I keep forgetting it's I'll reach for something and KERPLUNK!!!   I even dropped a frame in the Dollar General Store yesterday...shattered that rascal all over the place...That was a first for meeeeeeeeee and I'm 66 years old....I don't usually MAKE messes in stores...I'm much more apt to go in their rest room...where ever I am...and take extra paper towels and wipe up the gallons of water that women seem to have spilled on the counter tops around the sink...GOODNESS..Do women not clean up after themSELVES????  For goodness sakes.....

Soooooooooooooooooo we went for my black mole removal appointment was at 3:45 and they took me in right on the dot..and I was coming back out to Billy at 4:05...PEACE OF CAKE!!!   It's right on my fact...she saw it by accident when I went to have a place on my nose checked that wouldn't heal and kept getting needle and pins feelings in it...and yup...sure enough..she said that was cancer...and she took that off with a blow torch....that one...really gave me more trouble than this one...All I felt yesterday was the prick from the needle and it was more like a mosquito bite than anything...and I immediately felt numbness back there and a very heavy she had laid a big heavy brick on my neck...and in 5 minutes ... Dr Jones came in and she just cut that rascal right out of there...I didn't feel a thing and I even had 3 stitches.  

They're very kind and friendly at Dr Evelyn Jones.  But they'll take off anything that you're willing to get rid of.  They pointed out 2 other places on my back that are not dangerous or trouble makers, but I was told "Most women would want those off for cosmetic reasons"  I said, "Well...I"M not MOST women, and I'm not about to have something cut off of my back when it's not going to cause a problem and nobody but Billy is ever going to see it and he doesn't care.
But I got my stitches and an appointment in 2 weeks to have them removed and another appointment in 3 months for a checkup...on the skin cancer place.

When we got in the car, Billy said, "Man...I've lived in a vacuum or something...I didn't realize there were so many vain and crazy women in this old world."  They have a little cosmetic/skin care boutique in the waiting room and there's a lady that sets at that desk all the time.  Billy was re-counting how women would come up to that desk and what they would say about "Oily skin" or makeup with a matt finish and he said one woman was about to leave and she turned around and said "OH I forGOT...I need a TONER"   and he was laughing and he had me laughing till I couldn't hardly breathe...He said "What would make a man attracted to a vain woman like that?"  hahahahaha 
He said, "I wanted to tell that one woman to save her money, because I was sure they didn't have ANYTHING there that was going to make HER look better." hahahahahaha
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllll ... Let Mrs Warm And Fuzzy LOVE Coach TELL ya what attracts a man to a woman like that...hahaha   They are ATTRACTED to the BEAUTY of the women....because often times...they ARE Emily Eddington that we talked about last week.  But what the men don't realize when they put the RING on that finger of that beautiful THAT...women like that are ..way too often...very VERY vain and they remain that way. 

I had one woman ..that I went all thru school with..tell me one day that I should take more time for ME.  She said "In MY home...I"M FIRST!!!  I shop when I want and I buy what I want for myself  and I take care of ME...FIRST...beCAUSE it really is true..."If mama ain't happy...ain't nobody happy"  Weeeeeeeeeelll  I beg to disagree....and I'm here to tell ya...if you have a wife or mama like that in YOUR don't have anything to be bragging that's just my opinion.
This particular woman told me she belongs to TWO fitness clubs!!!  That's TWO..for ONE person. hahaha 

Well...I'm way late and tons to do today....but real quick...let me tell ya....Each year...I love to make a homemade gift...just something very small...that I give in my bad days bags and the few Christmas cards we send....Kim asked me this year...if I would take pics as I made this gift...and she's going to do a blog about be posted right here....with picture instructions....So that will be coming up very soon...I've made about 36...but I'm way behind...I still need quite a few more and I'm working evenings on that as we watch tv...but's getting down to the WIRE...isn't it?  :-)

Let's think about doing a challenge starting January 1....I think we do this each year...and I make it to about January 3rd..hahaha  But let's see if we can't get ourselves a little healthier this coming year..I never DID talk about the specific veggies and their benefits...I'll be Anonymous was thrilled that I forgot that....more fuel for his/her fire....But least I'm making ANONYMOUS happy!  So let's think about it and we'll talk about it soon.....who's game?

And listen....thanks for the cards and little special all are just wonderful...absolutely wonderful...wish I could do something special for each one of the mustard seed charm...because let me tell ya....that doggone MUSTARD SEED???   WOW....If you're out and about by YOUR Christian Supply house and get you one....because "Miracles Happen...For Those Who Believe".....And that little mustard seed charm...which will only cost you about $ the perfect reminder to pray and pray often....but you must pray believing........and miracles WILL happen....If you missed it....go back and read..."Mustard Seed Faith from a week or so ago....OH my GOODNESS.....Thank You LORD!!!

I'm going to get off and get busy....Peace and love and thanks so much for stopping by...I love you all gobs....this has been a bird's eye view of the katydid...until next are loved.