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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Let's Talk...ReCaps And Previews

Let's Talk...ReCaps And Previews

It's a grand a groovy..zippity doo dah day in the canyon this morning..and we have a full day today..Everybody keeps talking of 'finishing up their shopping'..We spent about 3 hours..picking up the things for the bad days bags and a few things for Billy's mom..We pretty much get ours lined out in one day..We make our list..we know what we're going after..and since we're not shoppers..we don't get sidetracked..we stay as focused as we CAN in the mania of shoppers out there and we get our gifts and get back home..cha ching.
Now I have one MORE shopping trip to make..probably the end of next week..or possibly even the first week of the New Year..and that's to buy my big calendar that hangs over my computer desk..I'm very VERY picky about my calendar...but I always go to that calendar store that's only open for the mall..and they usually have plenty left of the warm and fuzzy styles I love to pick from and I find just the perfect calendar for my computer nook....

Last year...I found one with pockets and it was an Avalanche..large size..wall calendar.  And it has warm and fuzzy home and farm scenes on it and storybook flowers..I thought "WOW"  "Just the perfect calendar for my computer nook AND it has POCKETS..."  Well I don't think I've put one doggone those pockets this whole year..

My favorite calendars of all time..were the ones Possum used to give me..and I haven't had one of those in about 2 years..They were Almanac Calendars..but OH my GOODNESS.....they were just choked FULL of little tidbits of information...I may just dig one out and send a check to that place and see if I can get one of those...they were only $6 according to the little ditty across the bottom with the address....but I think he was getting them free at a farm store somewhere...just not sure....But I guess Billy had mentioned to him years I love special calendars...and Possum forgets NOTHING...even a stroke...couldn't get to that mind of his....and he sent me one of these calendars.. several years in a row...I LOVED those calendars...beCAUSE I'm an information and nature freak....and they were like a little thin encyclopedia of BOTH   :-)

Well...I heard from a very good friend yesterday.. that I met thru this blog about 2 years ago and she thinks my numb fingers are the result of Carbital Tunnel Syndrome...Now I HAD wondered if I had Carpel Tunnel..because a couple of the ladies at church have had surgery for that....and I remember they had numbness....but I'd never heard of Carbital Tunnel....and here I claim to be a doctor  :-)   So I researched that...and my goodness....sure enough...that sounds like what "I" have......Carbital Tunnel is when a nerve is pinched off in the ELBOW...and it's usually found in people who work at a desk...or do lots of typing or gardening or crafting or sewing or working with the arms and hands...AND people who lean on the elbow a lot...putting pressure there..SO of course it says surgery is usually the answer....but I'll be looking into this after Christmas and seeing if Dr White of our chiropractors....can line that out...and if not...I'll be trying to heal that jigger naturally...The information "I" found on the Internet...says..that heat often helps...which I've been doing at night and it HAS helped..and keeping the arm straight and not bending the elbow and that some orthopedic doctors have a kind of 'splint' they sometimes put on the arm to keep that elbow straight and THAT sometimes helps..well guess what?  I'm not married to an orthopedic surgeon...but he's a carpenter and a pretty smart I'm thinking we can rig me up SOMETHING to use several hours a day..and I'll just have to I can possibly heal this Carbital Tunnel..IF that's what I have..I'm not going for the tests..because I don't NEED a definite diagnosis..I NEED a definite HEALING no matter what the problem IS..SO..I'm just going to dig in the books and find a healing method we can do right here in the canyon..and I'll keep ya posted..SO..have any of YOU been diagnosed with Carbital Tunnel and have any of you healed yourselves naturally?  I DO KNOW that Vit B 6 helps..and I often take that when my neuropathy kicks I'll get back on the B Complex today.

It was funny, reading about the B6..all the cautions about they THOUGHT it was safe, but maybe we'd better be under a doctors supervision to take it...hahaha   WHAT???  So he can give us a drug we KNOW is dangerous thanks.

Well...we're wrapping up 2012 and we have tons TONS of good things coming up in 2013, Lord willing.  We're going to be working on our homes and our relationships and our lives in general..those of us that WANT to...and we're going to see if we can't make 2013 the BEST YEAR OF OUR's that?

Did you know the happiness of our often..depends on the quality of our thoughts AND the atmosphere we allow to surround our lives..AND if we want people to love us..or someone special to love us..we have to realize and understand that someone may be attracted to us for our appearance in the beginning..but it's going to be what's deep in our gizzards that's going to keep them attracted to us...what's in our minds and hearts and the way we talk and act and the personalities we have on a steady basis..that's going to keep them in love with us.  And who...WHO...doesn't want to be in love and stay in love...FOREVER???  :-)  So lots on that coming up in 2013...Those of us who want it...ARE GOING TO MAKE...2013..our BEST YEAR YET!!!  

I hope you'll start sharing this blog as we go into wasn't much..just chit chat..But we can ALL make a difference in lives around us by BEING the change we want to see in this old world. 

People ask Kim and me all the time....WHY IN THE WORLD is the NAME of this blog so LONG?  (Bird's Eye View Of The World Of The Katydid..and then we went to Bird's Eye View Of The Katydid)  Weeeeelllllll beCAUSE in the beginning..Kim was just making me a place to share MY thoughts in PRINT....neither of us had any idea..anyone but she and her dad and I would ever EVER read this blog....but it's made it's way around the world and back now...and it IS capable of making a big difference in many, many lives...and YOU can be a part of that..all you have to do is share this blog with your own friends...and it really is true...there's no better exercise for the heart than bending down to lift someone please share it with your own friends...I'll plan a super duper blog...or try to...for one day next week...and I'll give you a heads up...and YOU share on that day...and let's see what we can do with this blogs ratings....ok?   I'm always here for you....will YOU be here for ME?  :-)

In the coming year, Lord willin'.. we're going to be talking about "Bringing More Joy Into Our Homes" and "Love Tactics...BEING WORTHY of the love we want so desperately from someone" and we'll encourage and help each other to get and be more organized...Kim says videos are coming in  EARLY 2013 :-)...she's been wanting to do them for months...but I don't like being on camera...but she's literally sent me around the globe to talk with each and every one of I need to just buckle down and do that for that's coming up too..

But for now....I've got a full peace and love from the canyon....thanks so much for stopping by...I love you all gobs and this has been a bird's eye view of the katydid and until next are loved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!