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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mustard Seed Faith

Mustard Seed Faith

I'm a person of great bout you?   If something is going on...or I have a worry...the very first thing I think to do...if I'm not needing to take immediate hands on pray.  Now it's nothing for me to be scrambling with an issue and praying at the same time....but I'm a prayer doubt about it...And when I pray...I pray trusting and believing...Now I REALIZE I may not get the answer I WANT all the time....but let me tell ya....if you pray BELIEVING...You WILL get an answer.....

Now this isn't going to be a 'churchie' stick with me here....I'm not going to try to save your soul...or hornswaggle you to meet me at my pew this coming Sunday at my little country church...but we're just talking here....ok?

I've told my famous mustard seed story....about how I spotted Billy in the hall at high school...and I just felt like I had to have him....hahahahahahaha   There was just something about him....that I can't even explain...even today....So I was such a little plain wall flower and he was so SO handsome and dating almost every girl in high school EXCEPT me....hahahahahahaha  So I KNEW I was going to have to go to a much higher pull off his abduction...for LIFE....So I went to Penny Department Store with mom that very weekend...and I bought a mustard seed charm necklace and I'd wear that necklace and pray over it all the time....I was IN THE PROCESS of praying Billy into my life even way before he knew I existed.....And we all KNOW how THAT turned out....Now those of you that haven't READ this story before....are thinking ..."NOOOOOOOOOO WAAAAAY"   But YUP....true story....I usually tell this story around October 16/17th or January 27th....if you want to look for the whole story in the archives....we MET on October 16th and married on January 27th....

Now you have to understand....I already HAD a strong faith in prayer....OR I would have never thought to try to win him...with prayer......But I'm tellin' ya....I REALLY became a fan of mustard seed faith...after that.....

Back in the spring or late winter of this of the men at church came to me and he had a little mustard seed charm for me on a card that he had picked up at LifeWay Christian Supply....He reads my blog and he said every time he was in Lifeway and saw the mustard seed charms he thought of my story and just decided to buy me one.....I was ECSTATIC....because I had been wanting to get another one but just hadn't taken the time.....But I tied that charm onto my key ring...and I actually pray holding that charm....ALL the TIME......
I told all of my family....after Chris gave me that charm...."OK HEADS UP...because the miracles are about to start coming out of the WOODWORK!!!"

I wish I could afford to send each of you one of these little mustard seed charms.  And if I could...I sure would.   Because I'm tellin' ya....even THIS mustard seed workin' like a 'charm'  :-)
And I'm not going to go into detail....some things are just too private...or could get me killed...hahahaha....
One miracle that I feel is unfolding is happening to someone close to me and when I made my announcement that I had a new mustard seed charm and everybody had better LOOK OUT....that person said..."Well don't waste your mustard seed prayers on the miracle you're wanting for ME because it ISN'T going to HAPPEN"   OOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooookie dokieeeeeeeeeeee!
Well don't look NOW Ethyl....but guess WHAT?????  

NEVER EVER under estimate the power of prayer!!!  It can move MOUNTAINS!!! 

Now let me just add this little tidbit.....there is no specific power in that little mustard seed....MOST of us have a CABINET FULL of mustard seeds in a little jar......But what carrying or wearing that mustard seed charm DOES REMIND YOU to pray and pray without ceasing and to pray trusting and believing you will get an answer.....Let me tell ya folks....PRAYER can CHANGE things...our relationships....our homes, our communities...our WORLD!!!  So if you can spare about $7 run out or get online and get you a mustard seed charm today...and let's start a PRAYER WARRIOR epidemic......

At the close of the day, when you kneel to pray
Will you remember me?
I need help every day, this is why I pray
Will you remember me?

When you pray, will you pray for me
For I need His love and His care
When you pray, will you pray for me
Will you whisper my name in your prayer

At the close of the day, when I kneel to pray
I will remember you
You need help every day, this is why I pray
And I will remember you

When I pray, I will pray for you
For you need His love and His care
When I pray, I will pray for you
I will whisper your name in my prayer

Peace and love...I love you all.....thekatydid

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