Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Almost "Blizzard" Of December 2012 In The Canyon

The "Almost" Blizzard Of December 2012 In The Canyon

I write all the time about what a homebody I am and how much I love just having days in a row when I don't have to leave the house.  But you let a snow or ice storm come and the first thing I want ... is OUT!  hahahahaha   I guess it's this claustrophobia thing.  I've got and I've got it BAD. 

Back when I first started having the pinched nerve my wedding ring finger swelled at the knuckle with kind of an arthritic swelling and I said to Billy, "OH my GOODNESS my knuckle is swelled! I'll bet my wedding rings won't come off"  Billy said, "Well what difference does it make? You haven't had them off in years?"  I said, "Yeow...but I've gotta know they will COME off."  So we got over the kitchen sink and we used soap and butter and Crisco I got out some ice to try to make the swelling go down....and by this time...I was needing a big brown paper bag to breath in because I was hyperventilating because my rings were stuck on my finger... And I LOVE my rings!  This bigger set I got for our 17th anniversary, 30 years ago and they are GORGEOUS and HUGE...hahaha   But they had to come off.   I had always told Billy...if something happens to me, first take off my newer wedding rings and put my original ones on me and see that Kim gets my newer ones to make into whatever she wants... YES!!!  I'm not very organized...but I try to remember really important things..hahaha
But we FINALLY got the rings off and I took some old stones over to Shannon's jeweler in Paducah and just had a LOOSE band made and I'm still wearing that little piddly band with 4 stones because I'm afraid my wedding rings will get stuck on my finger again and that just makes me PANIC! 

About 40 years ago....I think it was when I was in the family way with Brian...I had a real problem with fluid retention...and my hands swelled until my rings almost cut off the circulation.  So we went to Willet's jewelers and he cut those rings off for me.  Now back then, my claustrophobia wasn't quite that bad - we were just trying to save my finger - which was rapidly turning PURPLE!

But anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE being home for days but I HAVE TO KNOW that I can get out in an emergency.  Now we have a 4 wheel drive, but we also have a very steep lane coming into our home...that's why I call it a Canyon.  So there HAVE BEEN TIMES when we've had to dig our way out.

Since my claustrophobia has gotten so bad Billy always makes it a point to open our road the very first thing when the ice or snow stops falling.  Not that I'm GOING anywhere because I don't like being out with people sliding around all over the place anyway, but I have to know I CAN. 

So yesterday we had our coffee and chit chatted a bit and he bundled up and headed out to open our road.  He's put a homemade attachment on an old lawnmower to make a mini plow...(YES he is something ELSE) he can just run up and down that road and plow the snow right off, but yesterday didn't go as usual and he was out there about 9 hours.  It was just one thing and then the other AND the snow was pretty deep on our lane so it really took a while.  A belt broke on the mower and then something else happened...even though he really keeps things up to snuff... it's such an old mower...things just kept happening.  So while he worked in the freezing cold I made him a batch of dish pan cookies and ran back and forth to the door to make sure he was ok.

But I'm TELLING you there are some people that will get out and run around no matter WHAT!
I had the scanner on all day and they were pulling cars out of ditches and getting people unstuck in their own driveways.  We heard an ambulance call to the home of one of our friends who they thought had had a heart attack and the ambulance got stuck at his house.  One goofy gander lady had a wreck ON THE WAY TO THE MALL....WHAT????????  I heard them check on 2 women on opposite ends of the county that were stranded and just started walking.  Now this was mid-day, so where were they going?  The TV news was saying, "EVERYBODY THAT CAN call in to work and stay HOME!!!"  But no... these professional shoppers must shop!

I heard them check out a car in a field and they ran a check to see who it belonged to and the deputy said, "Ok well make a note this car has been in this field 2 weeks"  WHAT????? Well WHERE is the DRIVER?  Shouldn't we check and make sure he/she's still among the LIVING?  Two WEEKS is a long TIME for a car to just 'set in a field' for goodness sakes alive!  WHY has it been in that field for two weeks?  Am I the only nosey person in this bloomin' county??? 

One driver ran out of gas in the middle of the road ... authorities on the way to another mishap came upon HIS car, ran a check on his license plate to see who the car belonged to - so they DID check on HIM - he had run out of gas and was gone to get some.  I guess he thought that "E" stood for EXCELLENT.. "You're doing EXCELLENT geezer!!! KEEP GOING!!!"  So he did.....

Well I'm just a June Clever to the bone.  I had an appointment just 10 minutes from our home this morning at 7:30 for a body perm and I've cancelled that, but my baby sister is on her way to NASHVILLE to take my nephew to the airport to get back to work.  I can get out if I NEED to, so now I'm good to stay IN.  :-/   I can be here for days and it won't bother me one bit, just so I know I can get out if I NEED to.

I'm gonna get going and do my dailies...Please be in prayer for our friend who was picked up with the possible heart attack yesterday..he still isn't great this morning..and Ginger B..a reader who became a close friend through daily having surgery near Chicago let's remember her...and I know there are so SO many that need let's just lift them all up!!

AND LISTEN!!!  I heard back from the owner of that website yesterday and we've exchanged great and informative emails, so TOMORROW is BREAKING NEWS ... and tomorrows blog is the blog I'm going to ask you to share with your friends on your own pages, so be sure and check back and PLEASE SHARE tomorrow's blog!  This is CRUCIAL, CRUCIAL information and an absolutely miraculous story still in the making so check in for that tomorrow...

Peace and love...thanks so SO much for stopping by...I love you all gobs...this has been a bird's eye view of the katydid..until next are loved!

This is just a pic from my pinterest winter board.....Isn't it gorgeous....this is exactly the way it looks all around us ..still..this morning...I'm ready for Sun and green grass...