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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Touching Bases & What's UP In 2013

Touching Bases & What's UP in 2013

I'm just a little sidetracked this morning....ok...more sidetracked than usual.  I found a new website very early this morning and I CAN'T WAIT to tell you about it....but I've messaged the author and I want to hear back from him before I SPILL THESE GOLDEN BEANS...hahaha  So STAY TUNED!!!

Kim has finally taught me to maneuver around a little on my analytics for my blog....I can sometimes get from here to there...but then I don't know what I've found, so I call HER and I say "OH my GOODNESS..THIS PAGE SAYS..............."   And she'll laugh real big and say, "Mom I KNOW that...and it's ALL good"

But this morning I was checking to see what folks had googled in the last 24 hours to make them ACCIDENTALLY find my blog...and I found that someone had found me by googling "Food poisoning from Sams Club Pecan Pie"  hahahahahahaha  Well you talk about a busted heart just SANK.....hahahaha BeCAUSE we quickly fell in LOVE with that pecan pie....But do you know the best part about THAT?   It doesn't MATTER...beCAUSE ... I CAN duplicate that pie..right here in my kitchen AND I MAY...before we start our "NEW US MAKE-OVER" on January 1st....So we can have one last HURRAH before we hit the juice and greens....We may just have a Pecan Pie PARTY this weekend....

I love checking the analytics to see what people have googled to accidentally find me....That's why Kim puts in the labels/tags or whatever you call them..I put in some..but she'll come along and add others if she has time..that way if I talk about the 2009 Ice Storm and someone in Japan googles the "2009 Ice Storm in United States" it will take them to my blog.  I'll often get an email and someone will say "I'm so glad I found your blog, I was just googling the end of the world..or Healing gout naturally... and it took me to your blog..I'll be reading daily"  :-)

One google was "that goofy Katydids dish pan cookies"...sometimes I'll see "that katydid lady with the blog" or "Kay Comer's Blog"...I've found "Remedy For Ant Infestations".."Ding Dongs Canyon", "that ding dong lady with the blog".."God spoke to me tonight",  "Amy Watson" (now Amy Watson is a woman who used to be on our local news and she's now at a TV station in Nashville), "School shootings", 'believe in magic" and MANY more interesting googles. 
I'm found most by accident...when folks google to find info or contact info on Solomon Wickey.  And I get about 300 people find me a month..give or take..that are just looking for info on Solomon..but many of them stick with me and write to me...

Since I'm so late this morning...I'm going to be very short....but I wanted to check in with you all...We have several new things coming up in 2013 and one of them is going to be a monthly blog/class on "Making 2013 Our BEST Year Yet" ....Now I'm not a rocket scientist...but I'm studying the BOOK so this is going to be a knowledgeable STUDY....and you can do it or you can SKIP it....But you'll have a choice......I guess the thing I work hardest trying to be...a better ME...SO I'M ALWAYS on the look out for things to make my already storybook life...better.

This study starts with a chart...that's like a pie with slices cut in it and on the outside of the pie at the end of each line, you put your main 'duties' and you chart where you are on a scale of 1 to 10 on that chart and you try to have your numbers better as the months go by...Kim will put that chart on here FOR us so you can print it off and we'll start that next week...probably about January 3rd or 4th.  And we'll do monthly updates.

A few of my main duties that I want to improve on 'are'...Wife, mom, homemaker, christian, health and fitness, general family member...and I'll be giving serious thought to the other things.  Most of us will have 8 to 10 areas we want to improve on..according to the book...If I was being honest...I'd probably have a pie with so many pieces there would be no 'filling' in the pie...but we'll give it our best shot....I AM going to get organized in 2013 and be the best wife and mom and homemaker and all the other things I can be....if it KILLS me....hahaha

I'm going to wrap it SO sorry this is so short and uneventful today.....but I got a late start devouring that website I told you about and now I need to do my dailies.....We had a wonderful day yesterday...I hope you did.  I made a huge jalapeno/onion meatloaf, roast/carrots/gravy, whipped potatoes and creamed corn, dressing, and then I fried onion rings and fried jalapenos...And let's see...I think that's all...I was going to make homemade rolls...but forgot to set them to rise wasn't able to get to them....

Be sure and stay tuned for info on that website....this is MAJOR BREAKING NEWS...but I want to talk to the author and verify an update first......I'll share that info this week if I hear back from him...

Peace and love from the canyon...I love you all gobs...and thanks so much for stopping by.  This has been a bird's eye view of the katydid...and until next are loved!!!

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