Sunday, December 23, 2012

Where Did The Magic Of The Holidays Go?

It's a grand and groovy...zippity doo dah...ding dong day in the canyon this morning but I'm getting just a LITTLE BIT antsy...about all this talk of SNOW on Christmas evening.  We're having our Christmas luncheon early just in case, so all can get back to where they need to be and we can be snuggled in and ready..Snow's beautiful, but the older I get, the more I hate that stuff.  Just give me a breezy spring day in the yard any old time and I'm happy as a lark..but winter and I..just don't go well together.

Boy I AM SICK OF bout you?   I just told Billy last night that I'd be SO SO glad when Wednesday got here so we can kind of fast for a while.  He said, "Well why wait for Wednesday, just stop eating?"  hahahahaha   Well, that's kind of hard when every time you look up, someone is pulling up with delicious foods.  We've been given a BOX of assorted Jams and homemade/wholesome egg nog, homemade cappuccino, a huge cookie from the cookie company, and just tons of good things to eat and then yesterday, just as we were pulling in from a huge meal at one of our sons homes a friend pulled in right behind us and she had a HUGE pecan pie from Sam's Club.  That rascal was so big I thought she was carrying a flying saucer.  But you talk about delicious.  Billy said, "I hate to tell you this because I know how you used to love baking pecan pies, but that's the best pecan pie I've ever had"  hahahahaha  AND IT WAS!!!  But GOODNESS that thing is HUGE...AND 540 CALORIES A SLICE!!!!!!!!!!!

I've got quite a bit to do before church this morning, so I'm just going to share a little reading that I put on the Encourager one year at Christmas and it just asks the question..."WHERE did the magic of the holidays go?"  And it was taken from "Hugs For The Holidays", By John William Smith.

"At some point in most every persons life, the question arises...Where did the magic of the holidays go?  When was the child like wonder replaced by anxiety and apathy?  How did the spirit of the most wonderful holiday of the year escape our once expectant heart?  The answer is simple.  With the passing of years, the magic of the holidays is crowded out by the all too real world of worries.  Child like wonder is pushed beneath a blanket of self induced stress.  The expectant heart is smothered by a vast array of responsibilities, squeezed into too little time.  The result is that our faith in the God of wonder is doused with the cold water of simple human haste. 

Can the magic of the holidays be restored in our hearts?  Most certainly and quite simply.  Take some time to enjoy the crisp winter air and the sparkle of the holiday season.  Reserve a quiet evening to sit by the fire with loved ones so you can feast on each others treasured thoughts.  Write down everything you're thankful for over a 3 day period and then read the list in prayer to God.

Renew your amazement at the most wonderful event in history by reading the account of the birth of Christ.  And when you make your Christmas list, right at the top, write, "LOOK FOR JESUS EVERY WHERE!"  You can see Him in the hospital volunteers handing out gifts to seriously ill children.  And there He is again in the smiles of those same children as they receive their gifts.

Once you start noticing, you'll be amazed at all the shapes and forms He takes.  His spirit is there in the bell ringers, soup kitchen servers, carolers, and helpers of the homeless.  He's right there in the bright smile of an expectant child, the tears of a proud mother and the embrace between longing parents and a prodigal son or daughter. 

And when you look into a mirror, don't be surprised if you see the sparkle of His spirit staring back at YOU!  And if you really want to restore the magic of the holidays, require yourself to slow down, look up and ask God to re-ignite the light of this beautiful holiday season in your heart.  You can be assured He'll do it.  No one loves to surprise His children more than the creator of Christmas!"

Well WOW....I wish I'd re-read this earlier.....I DO need to slow down and savor moments...I'm such a homebody...I'm not even OUT in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas rush...and I don't even HEAR the Christmas songs being played and sung on the radio and in stores any more....I've got our tree up and the lights are always on and the wreath is on the door and I'm giving and doing...but that's IT!   HO HO HO...

Well...I've got 48 hours to make amends...and I'm on it.......Peace and Love from the canyon...I love you all gobs...and thanks so much..for stopping by.  This has been a bird's eye view of the katydid..until next are loved!