Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Note from the Back Office, Things to See and Coming Attractions...

Good morning cats and kittens!! This is KCoJax, daughter of the Katydid coming to you from the "Back Office"  I have a few things I want to share through Mom's blog regarding some of the other social networks she's on, other places she's writing and such so that if you would like to jump onto her band wagon in more than one location, you may...

I thought the most entertaining and delightful way for me to do this would be in the form of questions ... no one asked these questions specifically, I just thought them up for the purpose of this post ... you're welcome ....

If you're only here looking for the Katydid's daily post and don't give a rat's shiny fanny what I have to say, click here to read Asbestos..Mesothelioma and YOU..CRUCIAL Information

What's this Back Office business?    
The "back office" is pretty much anywhere "I" am (KCoJax).  I am the Katydid's editor, marketing department, design department and public relations department.  The Katydid writes and thinks and thinks and writes, then pops it into her blog.  As you might imagine, the management of her keywords and topics is sometimes a living nightmare, occasionally her PR is too. :)  Fortunately for both of us, I am a chameleon and we're very tight, so I can usually adapt to her thinking at the flip of a switch...  

What's happening in the Back Office concerning 
the Bird's Eye View of the Katydid?
When we're not fixing her excessive use of ... , the tasks at hand are working on keywords and such to ensure search engine traffic and doing "traffic" for the daily publish - which is a series of twitter, stumbleupon, facebook, tumblr, digg, pinterest, google+, pinging and sharing.

I've added quite a few new things to the Katydid's plate in the last few weeks and she's handling them with flying colors.  I'm most excited about Hubpages!  Just the other day I was chatting with my brother, Kev and I told him how impressed I am that Hubpages is teaching Mom to stay focused in one topic.

 I'm also currently working on a master list of the blog directories and such that she's associated with so that buttons for all of those can be added to the blog site and I want to look today for a few design pieces that I need to put on her blogspot.

For those of you who blog and monitor your traffic, you may or may not be interested to know that in my experience the greatest traffic via "other sites" is coming from HubPages and StumbleUpon.  Therefore I have the Katydid on an immediate plan to get her profiles updates on those sites and spend at least 15 minutes per day on each site just reading, sharing, commenting and communicating...

I'm anxious to start implementing video, my only delay being that Mom is camera shy... I'd like to do little video walks through the woods out around "the Canyon" and possibly some gardening tutorials.  We've shot a bit of footage and I'm hoping to really get that cranking once the weather breaks.

What's coming up at Bird's Eye View of the Katydid?
I'm anxious to implement several things that will bring Bird's Eye View of the Katydid to the next level.  Some of that will be through vlogging - this will heavily require the cooperation of the Katydid and her Geezer.  In addition to that I plan to spend the next few weeks getting things a little more "topic friendly".  For example, if you come over to the Katydid's blog looking for health goodies, we want you to be able to see a very specific directory of titles.  Much of that will be rectified as we begin to revamp keywords, so be sure to look for new menus, tables of contents, etc coming soon.

As I mentioned earlier, one of the things I'm most excited about is the Katydid's launch into HubPages!  As I edit her blogs I create Hubs to more specifically niche topics that she's written on.  I would describe HubPages as more "article-ish" than "blogg-ish".

Below are a few of the Hubs she's published thus far...

3 Things You Can Do Today to Save Your Life Tomorrow!

Juicing Basics by the Katydid

I LOVE LOVE, My Memories of Valentine's Days Past and Vintage Valentine Collecting

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead - A Review

Stories From Register 3 - The Button Story

Thank you SO much for reading along, be sure to follow the links above to follow the Katydid and her writing on other properties... More to come from the "Back Office" soon!
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Have a grand and Groovy Day!
Be Kind to One Another...
and Don't Text and Drive!