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Monday, January 21, 2013

Aging Backwards: A Life Changing Blog

Aging Backwards:  A Life Changing Blog

Those of you that have read this blog for long...know that I'm almost obsessed with anti aging books and stories and remedies.  Now I'm not a makeup buff...I like the LOOKS of some makeup that people wear..but it just doesn't feel right on ME...
I like a little lipstick when I can remember to put it on and my eye liner...and I try to remember to curl my lashes and put on a little mascara...but other than that..I just don't feel right in foundation and a lot of foo foo and I'd just as soon be shot at as to wear blue or green eye shadow...or bright blush on my cheeks..I mean..WHAT is NATURAL about THAT???  If you see me with rosy blood pressure is probably up...or I've just pinched them because someone told me I looked tired  :-/

Billy will be the first to tell you that as soon as I see a new wrinkle cream on the NOT get between me and the computer because I'm on my waaaaaaaaaaaaay....Now I'm not on my way to ORDER it...but to google it and check reviews...I'm getting to where I check reviews on MOST things before I order them...because the manufacturer ALWAYS thinks he has the best product around...I just recently fell for a fairly new product by Olay...a wrinkle serum that says most see a difference in just a few days....Not true for's been a week now and all I did was miss a week of using my Arbonne anti aging re9 body lotion..which I had run out of and that's why I thought this was a good time to try something new.....I keep do not need to FIX something...that isn't BROKEN....
What I learned WAS....when you own or are privy do not settle for chat....hahaha  There is just nothing that can beat that Arbonne re9 anti aging body least for meeeeee....Now it's high as a cats back...but I order it from ebay and save tons of money...but still yet...the bottle I just ordered, cost me $29 plus $4 shipping...But I'd rather spend $29 for something that makes a difference than to spend $10 for something that I couldn't even tell I was using....I have decided I will never run out of my Arbonne products again...I also love their re9 anti aging serum....
But with those 2 products...I CAN see a difference with one it's worth it to meeeeeeeeeeee...

But did you know...that aging or looking older goes much deeper than what kind of skin care you use...?
It's not so much what we put ON our bodies...but IN them..that makes the big difference...Do you remember the story of the man who bought the 25 pound bag of carrots at Golden Carrot...because he said his fiance swore the carrot juice gave her a face lift affect....and it WILL do that...If done often will give your wrinkles a lift and it will make your face have a dewie glow...ALSO people who eat 5 carrots a week (raw) or drink carrot juice a few times a week .. are 68% less likely to suffer a stroke...spinach has the same effect...but it makes you 40% less likely...

The rate at which we age is absolutely within our control 99% of the time.  AND we can slow down the aging process no matter how old we are. 
One day soon..we'll talk about free radicals and anti oxidants...because listen folks...THAT is the KEY...Giving our cells lots of antioxidants is like giving those cells a powerful youth potion..and that's the it and see for yourself....

I have all the best books on anti if I'd just take the time to read them  :-/  You just can't beat "Stop Aging Now" by Jean Carper...or "Aging Without Growing Old" by Judy Lindberg McFarland...or even "Aging Backwards" by Jackie Silver...and these books are all OLD but you can still find them on amazon for pennies...and no I'm not affiliated with amazon or these books in any way...I just like to share....One friend that reads my blog said her husband is just sure I'm making money off of Twin Labs Vitamin B Complex..because I talk of it so often....hahaha  But no...I'm not...I just like to share good things and good news....I can absolutely tell a difference when I don't take my B Complex...and now I've added Vit B 12 Sub lingual daily and I can tell even more difference....and that's because my body NEEDS those B vitamins in supplement form....
All 3 of these books are just packed to capacity with good information...but we can review each of them here one of these days if you want....

We can slow down the aging process by eating right and eating lots less and getting plenty of exercise and doing some deep breathing...I'm about to look into white tea that a friend told me about...and she said the Chinese doctor that told HER about it...said it needs to be loose tea to be really beneficial...and she's looking into Tai Chi and Qigong and I'm going to look into those things too...because they help with stress and help make us more limber and make our balance better...I just think at my's time to be thinking about me more...I've never really taken time for me...and I want to start doing that....

I'm going to get off here and do my dailies and speed clean the house and then I think I'll tackle that scrap book nook.....pray for me.....hahaha 
I'll post some good info below that may interest some and not I'm putting it separate from the blog...If I get too technical...folks email and say "I like it better when you just tell your stories" and if I only tell stories...someone will email and say "Every thing's all about YOU...isn't it?"  hahahahaha   WHAT?????   hahahahaha     Oooooooooooooooooohhhhh meeeeeeeeeeee....

Below is a excerpt from a book put out by the editor's of Good Housekeeping and there's some really good stuff here...IF you're really interested in turning back the clock...and I don't care who knows it...I AM....I don't want to be primpy....or look phony with a lot of makeup and jewelry...but I want to have energy and flexibility and good skin, hair and nails....and that's my can make your own choices   :-)

Peace and love from the canyon and I love you all gobs and thanks so much...for stopping by...This has been a bird's eye view of the katydid and until next are loved..

Below -  table of contents from the book "7 Years Younger"

Chapter One
Age Eraser 1:

Reclaim Your Beautiful Skin

Top 7 Strategies for Younger-Looking Skin

Youth Booster #1: Develop Your Natural Dewiness
Youth Booster #2: Even Out Complexion Color
Youth Booster #3: Radiate a Healthy Glow
Youth Booster #4: Firm and Tighten Facial Skin
Youth Booster #5: Smooth Your Skin's Surface
Youth Booster #6: Improve Skin's Suppleness

The Body Parts That Make You Look Younger

The Younger-Skin Food Guide

Chapter Two
Age Eraser 2:

Your Makeup Makeover

7 Essentials for Your 7 Years Younger Makeup Kit

Youth Booster #1: A Freshening Foundation
Youth Booster #2: A Sheer Concealer
Youth Booster #3: A Radiant Blush
Youth Booster #4: The Right Brow Tools
Youth Booster #5: Eye-Enhancing Products
Youth Booster #6: Implements for Full, Attractive Lips
Youth Booster #7: Dazzling-Smile Do's

Chapter 3
Age Eraser 3:

Your Hair---Recapture It's Gloss, Bounce, and Body

7 Top Steps for Younger-Looking Hair

Youth Booster #1: Lather Right
Youth Booster #2: Maximize Softness and Manageability
Youth Booster #3: Recapture Brightness
Youth Booster #4: Maintain Lustrous Silky Shine
Youth Booster #5: Update Your Style
Youth Booster #6: Build Boundless Body and Bounce
Youth Booster #7: Bolster Thickness

Chapter Four
Age Eraser 4:

Rejuvenate Your Diet (and Your Looks)

Your 7 Years Younger Blueprint for a Better Body

Youth Booster #1: Enjoy foods that Fight Wrinkles
Youth Booster #2: Enjoy More Fat-Burning Foods
Youth Booster #3: Enjoy Foods that Ease Inflammation
Youth Booster #4: Enjoy Foods That Brighten and Smooth Your Skin
Youth Booster #5: Enjoy Foods That Make You Taller and Thinner
Youth Booster #6: Drink to a Healthier Fuller Life
Youth Booster #7: Enjoy Healthy Snacks That Flatten Your Belly

Stick-To-It Strategy #1: KISS Away Failure
Stick-To-It Strategy #2: Work Up Your Willpower
Stick-To-It Strategy #3: Line Up Support From Family and Friends
Stick-To-It Strategy #4: Schedule Your Calories
Stick-To-It Strategy #5: Outsmart Your Cravings and Hunger
Stick-To-It Strategy #6: Enjoy Food for the Right Reasons
Stick-To-It Strategy #7: Dine Out Wisely

Chapter 5
Age Eraser 5:

Fitness That Feels Good

7 Top anti-Aging Fitness Moves

Youth Booster #1: Keep It Moving!
Youth Booster #2: Get Strong
Youth Booster #3: Get Yourself Going with Cardio

Walking Workout #1: Fat-Blasting Interval Training
Walking Workout #2: Walk-and-Tone Circuit Training
Walking Workout #3: Mood-Boosting, Stress-Busting Cross-Training

Youth Booster #4: Find the Core of Your Fitness
Youth Booster #5: Discover How Feeling Flexible Feels Fantastic
Youth Booster #6: Make Your Mind-Body Connection
Youth Booster #7: Find the Fun in Fitness

Chapter Six
Age Eraser 6:

Your Brain---Only Better

7 Top Moves to Train Your Brain Younger

Brain Booster #1: Find Your Focus
Brain Booster #2: Be Deliberate About Making Memories That Last
Brain Booster #3: Find It Before You Lose It!
Brain Booster #4: Help Yourself Remember by Staying Calm
Brain Booster #5: Use It or Lose It
Brain Booster #6: Live a Brain-Healthy Lifestyle
Brain Booster #7: Eat Smart for Your Brain

Chapter Seven
Age Eraser 7:

Say Goodbye to Stress

Stress-Buster #1: Get Your Beauty Sleep Every Night
Stress-Buster #2: Take a Deep Breath
Stress-Buster #3: Make Time for Meditation
Stress-Buster #4: Repeat the words That Mean the Most to You Stress-Buster #5: Remember to Look on the Bright Side
Stress-Buster #6: Surround Yourself With Friends

Chapter Eight
Age Eraser 8:

7 Days to a Younger You!


Anti-Aging Eating

Jumpstart Meal Plan

Jumpstart and 7-Week Plan Supplies Checklist

Chapter Nine
The Road Map to the Rest of Your Life

The 7-Week Plan

Week 1: Commit to Consistency

Skin Care
Hair Care
Weight-Loss Meal Plan
Brain Fitness

You get Tester's Tips all through these sections in each of the above categories!

Week 2: Keep Building New Routines

Week 3: Beat Boredom

Week 4: Maximize Your Motivation

Week 5: Engineer Your Environment for Success

Week 6: Foil Setbacks

Week 7: Stay the Course

Chapter Ten
Eat to Lose Pounds and Turn Back the clock

Light and Delicious Recipes

Better-For-You Breakfast Recipes

Make-You-Leaner Recipes

Frozen-Entree Options

Slimming, Satisfying Snacks

Chapter Eleven
Look and Feel 7 Years Younger ... Forever

The Secrets to Change That Last

Prevent Slip-ups
Get Right Back on Track
Keep Moving Forward
Shift Into Maintenance: How to Keep the Pounds Off
Remember the Rewards of All Your Good Work

7 Years Younger on Good Housekeeping

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