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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Clutter: It Can Suffocate You AND Dr Oz's Smoothie Recipe

Clutter:  It Can Suffocate you AND Dr Oz's Smoothie Recipe

I'm studying feng shui a little bit...I've done that on and off since Kim's friend Amy was here for a visit a couple of years ago and was helping Kim to understand the importance of placing and doing...very simple things...I kind of laughed it off...but when Kim tried those things I was stunned to see that I could see a difference in "Kim".

There are so many little things, like the simple placement of the bed in the bedroom so as not to block the energy in the room. 

When Amy left..and Kim was telling me of some of the things Amy had her do and she was telling me how she actually felt differently...I sat down at the computer and amazon, as I often do when I hear of some new book or program and I ordered 2 of the books Amy had told Kim about...

The thing that has struck me the most about feng shui is the belief that we can make or break our actual lives with just the way...we keep house.  The one book said to "NEVER under estimate the effect of clutter on your life!  And that when clutter stagnates."  I believe that....feng shui...or no feng shui..If there's one thing I can't handle it's clutter and it doesn't matter if it's on OUR dining room table or I drop in to take Mrs Jones a covered plate lunch from our supper and SHE has clutter. 

In spite of having my own faults and having to work constantly to keep my own head above water, clutter anyone's home...bothers ME...I guess I come by that'd have to be pretty sneaky to go in moms house before she got down sick with cancer...and find any clutter..except maybe daddy's newspapers...She took pride in her home and it was obvious 24/7.  Folks all over town joked about how she would take the garden hose and go out and hose off the side street that ran beside their home...She didn't even want LEAF clutter...outSIDE....  :-)

They would come out here and she'd walk right in the door and head for the pillows on our couch and she'd fluff them and punch them...and straighten a throw rug that may be crooked by just an inch...Billy's mom was the same way...she'd MAKE reasons to look under the couch and chairs to see if there was clutter there...The kids all had a running joke when they'd see Billy's mom and dad pull in...and they'd make bets on how long Grandma Marie would be here before she'd drop a penny and say she thought it rolled under the couch and she'd be down on her knees looking for it...I told Billy once I was going to put a little sign under the couch and say "Hi Marie...You are without a doubt the nosiest mother-in-law I've ever had in my LIFE!" hahahahaha  Wish I HAD now....  :-)

Everything I've read says that folks that have a lot of clutter SAY that they'd love to clean UP that clutter...but they just don't ever seem to have the energy...Or they've just let it go so long they're overwhelmed and don't know where to start.  But clearing clutter actually releases huge HUGE amounts of energy and even makes you feel like you can breathe easier.  Clearing clutter..if you have it.. is said to be one of the most therapeutic things you can do to improve your life.

Let's say we're all clutter bugs...and we've been out and about....we LOVE it out and about...because the world is open and free...except for traffic...and there's no noticeable CLUTTER...But we pull back into our drive way and our yards are a mess...our porches are loaded down with this and that ..that we just left setting or laying and intended to put up 'in a minute' but it's all just kept waiting and accumulating...and we get to the door and unlock it and BAM...the living room is a mess and as we head on to the kitchen to put our bags down we're passing clutter here and clutter there and OH my GOODNESS......Our energy level is dropping the farther we walk THRU our home...our breathing is probably getting more shallow and maybe our chest is tightening up a bit...A normal body just can't FUNCTION PROPERLY in a lot of clutter......clutter will smother the life right out of you...

I used to love to watch The Hoarders Show...but I'm telling just almost makes me hyperventilate anymore...I just can't watch think that people really LIVE like that...OH my GOODNESS....They are shortening their life span by a long shot...each day they live in that chaos....

So you say..."Oh "I" don't HAVE much clutter in MY home...I may have a few pieces of clothing in the living room and a couple pairs of shoes and maybe the drink glasses and pop corn bowl from last night and a book I was thumbing thru.....well BREAKING NEWS!!!!! THAT IS CLUTTER!!!... It will take THREE minutes to put that clothing and those shoes where they go...out of sight ...and those drink glasses and that pop corn bowl can be carried to the kitchen and washed and dried and put away in 2 minutes....the book can be put away in 30 seconds and JUST LOOK...5 minutes or less and you have a tidy living room...

Do you have things stored or stashed under your bed?  And how about under the couch or behind the corner chair...or behind bedroom or other doors?  If you do ..find a place and put those things away..where they SHOULD go...You won't believe how much lighter you'll feel after you de-clutter...

If the look and feel of your home is important to you..just take a quick walk thru right now...and just see how many rooms you have with things that are cluttering the room.  Is it major clutter...or just a few things...if it's just a few things...put them away right now....If it's a LOT of clutter...can you give that room 15 minutes to work on the clutter and then come back to it for another 15 a little later today or even do 15 minutes a day.

Billy has always had 2 quotes he loves...."A place for everything and everything in it's place" AND "If you don't have time to do it right the first time...when are you ever going to have time to do it over?"    :-/

MY problem is books and paper...I MUST put in some more book cases...but we really don't even have a place for another book case...and paper...OH my GOODNESS....I collect sayings and poems and readings and I've printed off every single issue of this blog and there have been well over 1,000...well actually todays blog is number 1,203....and all of my past Encouragers and this and that and that and this....GoLLY geeeeeeeeeezzz... BUT I AM ON IT....Now these things aren't out where YOU would see them....I really do try to keep things neat and tidy....our dining room table is MY problem and I usually have 4 or 5 or 6 things stacked on the corner of it...and that is just unacceptable to me anymore....

You's crazy....We can leave our homes ..that have room for improvement and run to a neighbors and they'll have a litte clutter...and we'll think "OH my GOODNESS...THE CLUTTER!" And go back to our own homes and go right in and not think a thing...but we'll have that smothered feeling....

I'm just almost like Monk about some things...I like lamp shades straight...and clothing hung straight on the hanger...and liter put away....picture frames straight and pillows fluffed......We were at the funeral home about a year ago...and we were in the hall way just to the left after you go in when the line is long and runs thru several rooms....and there was a picture on the wall...a BIG picture...and it was crooked on the wal just a tad....I kept looking at that picture and wanting to straighten it...but Billy gets SO SO aggravated at me when I DO things like that out in public...SO I'd try to ignore it and then I'd catch myself looking back AT it...wishing he'd turn around to talk to someone behind him so I could fix it....Finally...I guess he saw me eyeing it and he said, "If you touch that picture frame I'm going to break your arm" hahahahahahaha   So I've wondered soooooooooooooo many times...if that picture frame was ever straightened...because it was only slightly crooked...but it was driving me crazy....hahahahaha

And I'm the same way about the car....I want an empty car...clean and spiffy and even the floor boards clean.  I've recently put in a little black bag that stays open like a paper sack..but it's about 6 inches deep and about 14 inches wide and about 14 inches high...and I have paper towels and a couple bottles of water in there...mints/gum...pen and notepad..kleenex...I've been going to put a map in there but just haven't yet...THIS sets right behind the drivers seat and anything we may IN that bag..all neat and tidy....And I hose my car off about 2 times a week...because I like it pretty clean.  Billy is always saying "You're wasting your time...that hose isn't going to clean your car..." And "I" say "IF I COULDN"T TELL A DIFFERENCE...I WOULDN"T TAKE THE TIME TO DO IT.....DUH!!!!!"

You's just like we've all heard a hundred times....we ARE what we surround ourselves with....I heard Phyllis Diller say once that she didn't believe in maids...and she couldn't do it she had to decide if she wanted clean closets and drawers or surface clean....she said "I see the SURFACE.....ALL THE TIME...and I want THAT clean...when and if I can get to the rest...I will"  And I thought...."Well that's ME....and if it's good enough for Phyllis's good enough for ME" 

Those of us who love our homes and take pride in your homes...should want it clean and tidy to the best of our ability...and warm and fuzzy....Everybody should want a home that wraps its arms around us in a big tight hug...And no matter what kind of home we have....we can make that a reality....

Peace and Love from the canyon...I love you all gobs and thanks so much for stopping by....this has been a bird's eye view of the katydid and until next are loved!

So many have asked about the Dr Oz Smoothie recipe on Dateline NBC Sunday night...and No I missed that...but Brenda sent me the here it is....Now listen...Dr Oz said use one whole bunch of Parsley and I think he's wrong on that....Parsley can mess up the nervous system if you use too much of it's I'd use 1/2 the bunch or even less....we sometimes juice parsley in with our juice...but I only use a few's SO SO good for the kidneys...but a little will go a long's the recipe:

2C Spinach..GOOD alkalizer/very healing..good for tummy..anti-viral..make you strong like Popeye
2C Cukes..good for skin, hair and nails..good diuretic..
1 head Celery..good for nervous system...calming and good for insomnia if used at night
1/2 inch ginger root (that's so good for tummy problems and reflux)
1 bunch parsley....OR LESS..good diuretic
2 apples...very healing...anti-viral...loaded with good nutrients
juice of a lime..Good for liver...good diuretic..we should all have juice of a lime daily
juice of 1/2 lemon...same as lime..

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