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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Getting Older..Growing Wiser

Growing Older...Growing Wiser

I've mentioned before this little set of books I have..and I've been collecting those little books since I guess the late 80's or early 90..I'm not even sure.  But I used to get this little catalog from Abbey Press...and now, that was back in the day of real catalogs, mind you...when you could actually set down with a paper catalog and ponder over an item and even turn the page down or stick a bookmark in it to go back to it later.  But I loved my little Abbey Press catalogs and was always so anxious to look them over when they'd come. 

One day a new catalog came and in the back of that catalog I noticed these little books called "Elf Help Books" and they were neutral in color all over...Kind of a dark ivory book cover with black print and on the cover of each of these little books that were about 3 inches wide and 5 inches tall...would be at least one little elf in overall shorts with goofy fluffy boots on and a floppy hat that came to a curly point on top and a candle was always stuck in the top of that hat in that curly point...I IMMEDIATELY...fell in love with those books.

At that time, I think they were $1 each or maybe slightly under $1..but the more you ordered..the lower the price got on each one. 
Weeeeeeeeeeeellllll I had already come down with this giving obsession and I just knew I could give 200 of those books I shot off an order for 200 little Elf Help books..which ended up costing me about 50 cents each and I was on cloud 9.  As soon as they came...I was putting them in gift bags and leaving one for the mailman and pretty much anyone I thought may want or need one...I gave everybody at church one for Mother's Day..even the dads...and I was off and running on my mission to make the world a better place with my little Elf Help books.

They were just adorable and had such warm Living From Your Soul...Keep Life Simple Therapy...Be Good To Yourself Therapy...Keeping Up Your Spirits Therapy...Growing Older..Getting Wiser...Slow Down Therapy..Be Good To Your Marriage Therapy..and....GOODNESS...I could go on and on...I'll bet there were about 50 titles in these little books...I wish you could have seen me trying to pick out the titles I was going to order and decide how many of each one...

Those books are now out of print...You can get a little bit thicker Elf Help book that's still 3x5...but adding the least to me, Old Plain Jane...just somehow...took away from the power behind that little book.  AND it's now $4.95 and sometimes a little higher.  I still have a stash of each of the book titles I used to give away and they are displayed in a little stack in the living room..that's just how much they mean to me...

YOU WOULD NOT many calls I've had after I'd give one of these little books...and even when they were given in a gift comment was made on the gift in the bag...but EVERYBODY wanted to know "WHERE can I GET some of these little BOOKS?"

I continued ordering the books 100 at a time and one day I got a letter in the mail from Abbey Press President....and he said he noticed that I had bought hundreds of those little books and they really appreciated my business and the PLAIN Elf Help books were about to go out of print and if I wanted to buy a really big quantity...he'd give me a great deal...I was shaking in my boots when I took that letter to Billy...because I wanted those books and BILLY was President of MY ...."YOU ARE NOT HERE TO SAVE THE WORLD" club....but he looked the letter over and looked back and forth at me...and I said, "But I NEVER spend money on CLOTHES and I'd LOVE to have those BOOKS!"  He said, 'Ok...go ahead and order's not like you're going to be wanting to do this all the time..since they're going out of print...
My order came and it was in 2 big boxes....So I carried the boxes upstairs and set down in the floor and opened them and just dumped those books out all around me and it was like I was setting in a pile of MONEY....hahahahaha   I WAS DELIRIOUSLY HAPPY!!!  hahahahaha  SO I wrapped them in bunches in plastic so they wouldn't turn yellow...since I had so many...and I was on a mission to give away as many little Elf Help Books as I could....

But they were and are...such profound little books...Just tiny little books with about 35-40 pages and so SO full of thought provoking 'thoughts'...and I still buy them on ebay and amazon 'used' and in flea markets and antique malls...

Getting Older/Growing Wiser says that each and every day, we open a mysterious door into a world of wonder.  and every day presents new opportunities...And each day when we step out into this big old world we are stepping into a place we have never seen before...and that place is TODAY...Yesterday is's history....and tomorrow, it may never come for some of  us...So we have to grasp each day like it's gold and treasure it like it's the last day we're ever going to spend on this earth..because it may very well be. 
It says if we step into each day with the same vision we had yesterday, we'll probably be seeing the same old things we saw then...but if we'll just look...we'll find priceless wonder in each day.....
It says that we can accumulate years as each day turns into weeks and months and years or we can accumulate momentum and that we must keep moving onward and upward to gain power, physical, mental and emotional. 
It says that Our passage of years has piled on many experiences in our life time and that the blessing of those years is believing that nothing that has happened to us...was for nothing.  And it closes by saying "It's no accident that this part of our life is described as 'growing old'.  We can focus on growing ..which is active change....OR we can focus on "OLD" which is what happens to us when growing stops."   ISN"T THAT PROFOUND?????

We'll talk about another of these little books soon....I've never ever regretted for one minute...the money I've spent on these little books...And I KNOW they've made a difference in many lives...They just LOOK...warm and fuzzy  :-)

Peace and Love from the canyon...I love you all gobs and thanks so SO much...for stopping by.  If you enjoy this blog...won't you please share it with your own friends....If it lifts YOU up...wouldn't you like to be responsible for that happening to someone else...close to YOU? 

This has been a bird's eye view of the katydid...and until next are loved......

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