Sunday, January 13, 2013

In Spite Of Being A Brownie Scout..I Was Almost A Statistic

In Spite Of Being A Brownie Scout..I was Almost A Statistic..

I was a Brownie Scout when I was a little girl and then I went on to become a Girl Scout...Oh how I loved those Brownie and Girl Scout meetings.  Lessons on being prepared and doing this and that and that and this and making things..and the refreshments and of course..all the giggles.   How bout you, were you in Scouts when you were young?  AND do they even HAVE Scouts anymore? I'm not even sure...Probably not, because these newer generations and those that seem to be in charge of the world these days..seem to be trying to do away with everything that's good and warm and fuzzy..Too many people with tattoos all over their bodies and rings in their lips and eyebrows and high up places..and then there's the politicians..oh goodness..we won't even go there.

But I was on my way home from a Brownie Scout meeting at Karen Whalen's house..on that warm and breezy spring afternoon when that man pulled up in that old gray Studebaker and asked directions to somewhere and tried to get me to get in the car and show him where it was.  I was just past Steve Shepard's house..only across the street and I was walking to my own house just 2 more blocks away.
Mom was a Brownie leader with Karen's mom and she had been AT that meeting..but I wanted to stay a little while and play with Karen so mom said I could walk home and just be home by 5.

I don't know WHY I was afraid of that man that day....television sets were fairly new...kidnappings were literally unheard of..well of course..except for the Lindberg baby..and was that long ago..goodness I'm almost as old as dirt..aren't I?  :-/  
The Lindberg baby had been abducted from it's crib in February of 1932 I think it was..and this happened to me in the spring of about 1954.."I" probably hadn't even heard about the Lindberg baby myself..I was such a sheltered little girl..But I knew I didn't know that man and he probably didn't know meeeeeeeeeeee and he scared me to death and I ran all the way home.
Daddy called the police..which was probably Leonard Phillips way back then..and he probably came on his horse or motorcycle..hahahahaha  But of course..they couldn't find the man..
I can see that man to this day..leaning across the seat of that old Studebaker and rolling down the window and asking me where a place was.   He had on a grayish suit and like an old Sunday hat that men wore back in those days..with the wide brim..He LOOKED just like most of us..he wasn't dirty or scroungy looking at's just like they tell us now..he looked just like he could be "the man next door"..OH my GOODNESS....I guess I almost became a statistic..Thanks you LORD..for your blessings on meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Boy I was a scaredy cat when I was a little girl..who'd ever thought I would grow up to make citizens arrests and be an arm chair detective and write a blog and talk to all of you around the world each day. 

I guess it was the Brownie's that taught me to be so prepared though..when winter's coming on..Billy cuts our wood and I help and we stack it on the back porch and I always want to have more than enough so I'll be prepared if we have a really long and hard winter..and I gather kindling out of the woods in my big baskets just like Tasha Tudor and I stock batteries and candles.  And when we hear ice storms or severe storms are possibly in our near future I make sure we're stocked with necessities in the kitchen so we don't have to get out and get something.  If a snow storm is forecast I like to have my wood corner in the living room stacked to my shoulders so I don't have to run in and out to the back porch and get it.  So maybe I learned more than crafting in Brownie Scouts..

Oh well..It's a warm and fuzzy..grand and groovy..zippity doo dah ding dong day in the canyon today..and I've got to get our lunch going in the crock pot...I think we're having scrumptious tacos today with shredded lettuce and cheese piled on top..what are YOU having?
And I worked in my cabinets yesterday and made tons of headway..I've got the tops done..and one of the big lower corner sections where I keep things I don't know what to do with..I still couldn't decide I just threw them away.  All of these books I've read on organizing and feng shui SAYS if you haven't used it in the last 6 months...throw it I DID.
I know I said that Saturdays were going to be our fun day..but Billy still isn't up to doing much..he's weak as a cat from that flu.. I'm munching on kiwi and drinking juices and hoping not to get it. So he watched the History Channel yesterday and I did something I needed to do and that was fun for ME..I cleaned cabinets...I may do more of that this afternoon..we'll see.  The thing about cleaning and even deep cleaning for me is...once I get going..I don't want to stop..I LOVE TO CLEAN HOUSE!!! It's just the getting myself out of park and putting myself in I'm excited..

I've thrown in the towel on trying to read the bible online on that website with the translation that's so easy to understand and I've ordered the actual bible from Amazon...and it was back ordered and I won't get it for another week or two...that's the first thing I've ordered in all of this time from amazon that I didn't get in just a day or two...wouldn't you just know..But with the actual bible..I can set in the living room while Billy is watching a documentary on how ants build their hills...and read my readings for each day..I'm a little behind but I'll get caught up and get it done...

I'm going to get will be time for church before I know it...I hope you all have a super duper day...peace and love from the canyon and I love you all gobs...thanks so much..for stopping by..this has been a bird's eye view of the world of the katydid...and until next are loved!