Tuesday, February 12, 2013

HOW Do I Get Organized: The Daily Blessing Of Our Homes

HOW Do I Get Organized:  The Daily Blessing Of Our Home

So what IS a daily blessing of our home?  Some may think it's having some woo woo person come in with smoking sage in a little pot and go from room to room running off the evil spirits and bringing in the good luck...but no, that's not what a daily blessing of our home is. 

I get so many emails wanting to know about living and creating the charmed life that I talk about so often and what the names of these books 'are' exactly and where to get them.  Creating A Charmed Life and Living A Charmed Life should both be available on amazon and probably ebay for pennies and they were both written by Victoria Moran. 
Victoria has written probably a dozen books on how to improve our lives and some may say "Well that's EASY for HER because she's an author and probably makes a lot of money...But nope, that's not the answer either...Money or clout has nothing to do..with creating or living a charmed life.  Creating and living a charmed life all boils down to 2 things...Do you WANT a charmed life?  AND..Are you willing to make it happen?  You can have a charmed life even if you live in a camping trailer or even a tent...it's all about attitude and priorities.

A BLESSING IS:  A special favor, mercy or benefit!  A thing conducive to happiness!

A CHARMED LIFE IS:  An extraordinary life that seems to be protected by a good luck spell.

I was born the oldest daughter of a Baptist preacher  ... waaaaaayyy back in 1946.  I was raised in one of the poorest of times.  But it was a time of family, priorities and simplicity.  In spite of being raised in such hard times, I had a storybook childhood. 
In the 1960's, I married the man I prayed into my life with a little mustard seed charm who didn't even know I existed (story in the archives) and we built another storybook life in LaLa Land on one income with me being a stay at home wife, mom and homemaker for 3 decades, until our youngest married and I went to work for just a few years until Billy retired.  But most of the money "I" made..I gave away to help this person or that..and I know you're not surprised about that if you've read for very long.  :-)

You only have to go as far as my pinterest pages to see that I AM what I appear to BE.  I'm not a person whose head is turned by anything expensive or fancy or sparkly.  In FACT...I would much prefer a walk down a woodland path with the geezer to an afternoon at the Mall Of America.  I may not have been a Mayor or an Administrative assistant, but I have a set of priorities that not many would want to compare theirs with.  Now I don't mean that to be snooty AT ALL...I'm just laying it on the line, here.

I created and am now living...a charmed storybook life in LaLa Land beCAUSE that was what I wanted for US.
Now that's not to say that we don't have burdens and simple worries just like all parents do.  But we have purposely built ourselves a life in paradise AND YOU CAN TOO!!!

A daily blessing of the home IS (and I found this idea on the Internet yesterday morning before I logged off) 7 things you do weekly that keeps your home neat and tidy and you do one thing each day to assure that you have what "I" call "Picture Perfect" at all times....and picture perfect simply means, if someone drops by unexpectedly...you appear to be the perfect housekeeper  ;-)

You can do them in the order you want...but here are 7 things..that if you do one daily, your home will be pretty neat and tidy:
1 Vacuum
2  Dust
3  Mop
4  Polish mirrors, lamps, light fixtures
5  Clear paper clutter.....eeeeeeeeeeeeeegads...my worst nightmare...but I DO keep it in one spot..
6  Change Sheets
7  Empty all trash cans

Now when I first read this list...I immediately thought..."Well goodness gracious...I do all of this each DAY except change sheets and polish lamp fixtures.  And I call it speed cleaning OR doing my dailies...
But this article said if we spend one hour daily on our homes, it should remain very presentable. 

So I didn't think this was the perfect list in my opinion...so I went on a search for more ideas and found THIS article which said:

It's EASY to make our homes look like showrooms....WHAT????  I DO NOT WANT my home to look like a showplace...I don't WANT our living room to look like the lobby setting area in an expensive hotel...I want our living room to do just what folks tell us it does...I want it to wrap it's arms around everyone that enters...in a warm and tight hug...

But this 2nd article had a list of 10 things and some of them sounded much better to ME and here they are:

1  Shine all sinks daily....Now believe it or not..I shine our sinks every time I use the faucets in any of the rooms with a sink and faucet...I even do that in women's restrooms all across the country.  :-/ If I go into a ladies room and the counter is flooded with water...I grab about 6 or 8 paper towels and do a quick clean up...at least it's good for the next few ladies...I have a thing about wet sinks or hair in the sink...YUCK!

2  Wash one load of laundry a day
3  Process all mail daily...Billy does this first thing when he plops down in his chair in the evening..without fail...
4  Create a command center...Now I was TOO GOOD at this...and my command center was the kitchen table...I'm trying my best to ditch that habit...and doing very well
5  Put all trash IN the trash as soon as you find it or open something new and the package needs thrown away
6  Create a cleaning schedule...and I have one...my daily schedule is:  Get up about 4am...check and reply to messages...do my blog stats which takes a good little while...check obits...blog...then I move on to us when Billy gets up about 7am..and I juice or get his breakfast...speed clean for a couple hours...run any errands if needed and that's my least favorite thing to do...then do a project or just do more chores in the house until Billy is about ready to quit his chores for the day and I start supper..After supper is our quiet time and OH how I cherish that time.  Just us and the TV and the clicker and blabbing about the price of rice in China or just being quiet if we've had a hard day.  I LOVE to clean house and foo foo around the house and gardens...so cleaning and foo fooing is not a problem for me if I can get to it...And it's such a great feeling to set down at night in front of a roaring fireplace with the house all neat and tidy and all my little lights on through out the house...I couldn't set there AT ALL if I had liter strewn about...it would drive me CRAZY  :-)
7  Straighten/speed clean each evening right after supper so you wake up next morning to neat and tidy
8  Become a minimalist...now this isn't going to happen to ME...I'm a collector of flea market finds and our home is full of doilies and little lamps and throw rugs and shabby chic pillows and vintage table clothes and roses and this and that and that and this...and 26 trophy buck mounts hanging on the walls in 2 rooms...BUT ... we have a place for everything and everything stays IN that place.
9  Do one project daily...even if you take 15 minutes and clean on one closet daily..15 minutes a day minimum to work on one big project you need to complete.  And keep a running list of projects that need to be done.  Billy has a list like this and it usually has 3 or 4 or 5 things on it...and sometimes I'll find that list by his recliner and I'll pencil in.."Hug Your Wife"  :-)   You HAVE to stay playful to keep that spark..
10 Have a junk drawer or junk closet where you can put things until you have time to deal with them..if it's something you don't know what to do with but can't deal with now.

Well...Why didn't I write a BOOK this morning...for goodness sakes alive..I used to read on these website when Kim first got me to blogging and it said the main problem people have is having something to write about or they can't blog very often because of writers block...MY problem is that I get started and can't find a place to STOP..hahaha

Ok...It's the week for LOVE at Bird's Eye View...and this morning I posted an old song from my day on my profile page..."Little Things Mean A Lot" and if it isn't the little things that mean the most to YOU...you're kidding yourself about your feelings FOR that person that you think is so special in your life....sorry to say....

Please share any blog that touches you in any way...because we're trying to spread love and laughter...warm and fuzzy...all the way around the world...one person...one day..at a time!

Peace and love from the canyon...I love you all gobs and thanks so SO much..for stopping by...this has been a bird's eye view of the katydid and until next time...you are loved

See...it doesn't have to be fancy at ALL...just neat and tidy/warm and fuzzy...

And this home below....I couldn't even visit here without getting hives   :-0