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Friday, February 8, 2013

Natural Cure: Nature Has A Remedy

I've written many times about my vast array of books...most all of which are self help and the majority of those, are on healing the body naturally.  I've studied natural healing/living since 1977.

Now you may find this blog a bit humorous today...since I've just been through a round of about a 6 week bout with the dizzy wizzies and then Billy came down with that horrible flu that was sweeping the country and back put me flat on the couch for over a week and I'm STILL having a hard time getting up and down and I'm STILL walking humped over...GOODNESS!!! BUT I STILL STAND FIRM IN MY BELIEF that we all have bodies that will most always heal themselves IF we give our bodies the nutrients it needs to do just that.

I can tell you for a fact and I encourage you to do an experiment to prove it to YOURself..but how I feel TODAY is determined by what I ate..yesterday.

I can drink tons of water and UNsweet tea and eat very light and healthy today and tomorrow I will wake up..JUST THAT QUICK..feeling energetic..lighter..less brain fog..and with just a better outlook on life in general..and then do the same tomorrow and wake up on the 2nd day with almost a euphoric high that young people pay a FORTUNE to get..and I'm old enough to be their great granny but I got mine safely and naturally...right out of the frig.

We see the quote all over the internet..if we read about health and natural healing..that.."1/4 of what we eat keeps us alive and the other 3/4th keeps our doctors alive and working"  and that is SO SO true...

Now my favorite meal..or one of the whole wide world...IS Ribeye's cooked right here at home the way I cook them..and I'm not going into the recipe now..but you won't find a better ribeye in the finest restaurant...and with that ribeye...cooked just to perfection...I like a side dish of fried potatoes with lots of fried onions and fried jalapenos cooked right in with the potatoes and I LIKE those potatoes cooked to a light crisp..aaaaaaaaaaahhh makes my mouth water just thinking of that now..and we had that just night before last...
HOWEVER..that meal SHOULD be called.."Heart attack in a skillet"  beCAUSE it is saturated in the bad kind of grease and oils and the potatoes are going to turn to sugar on the way down my the onions and jalapenos are extremely healthy...but they need to be raw...

Another favorite meal is the Mixed Grill at El Chico's..I COULD LIVE ON THAT!!!  But do you know what?  THAT meal is laden with MSG and Billy and I can go to El Chicos and just have a blast and laugh and munch and just have a grand old time...but I know just as sure as I'm sitting here that when my eyes finally DO close that night..I'm going to have the most ridiculous dreams you ever heard of....AND I'll wake up the next morning just as sluggish as a thick mud pie, with a puffy face and eyes and just feeling like I'm trying to do my work by crawling around the house with a 2 year old on my back....

ANOTHER favorite meal is fried fish..and I like crispy fried catfish with no spices added to the batter..just plain and simple..crispy fried fish with a slice of lemon on the side...And if you've never eaten the fried fish sandwich at Cracker are missing a TREAT!!!  It is absolutely DELICIOUS..I could almost eat 6 of them..right now..hahaha

But all of these delicious foods cause changes in our bodies...depending on how they were prepared...and most often..those changes are negative and after a while we're getting so much more negative than positive and our immune system just goes kaput.

TO START a new 'get healthier routine' should ALWAYS start with PH strips to check your PH balance and then a good 1 to 3 day cleanse to get a good jump start.  Those PH strips will tell you for a fact...if your body is in good shape or not.  I'd say the majority of us are VERY acidic..and disease thrives in an acidic body. To be able to fight disease...our bodies need a good PH BALANCE..and that can easily be just adding some specific simple almonds...

We'll talk about PH Balance tomorrow and I'll tell you exactly what to do to get your PH balance where it should be....AND I'll tell you about the time I went on the PH BALANCE TOUR and I was checking the PH balance of everybody that would open their mouths in front of me....I found 3 people that read that they were in extreme danger and one was me  :-/  But I turned mine around on THAT occasion in just a few days..But then I don't stick with that EITHER.

So I hope you can check back tomorrow....lots of good and life changing info on healing your own body naturally and getting a good fresh new start...

Peace and love....I love you all gobs...and thanks for stopping by...This has been a bird's eye view of the katydid and until next are loved....

Here's just a little added info for those really interested....we'll talk more about excitotoxins soon...but I suggest doing your own research and see what YOU think....I know what MSG does to ME...and we'll be out to eat and I'll say "Ooooops....there's MSG and other excitotoxins in this food...I AM NOT responsible for what I say or do after we leave just FYI"  :-/    Read this little clip and then look at those pics....And more on improving our PH balance and starting over...tomorrow

Russell Blaylock - In his book, "Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills", Russell Blaylock, a neurosurgeon, suggests that everyday additives in food are anything but benign. Excitotoxins are substances that bind with the neurons in our brain allowing a build-up of calcium within cells leading to a destruction of the nervous system.
Additives such as monosodium glutamate, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, aspartame, and 'natural flavouring', which are far from natural, over-stimulate the nerve cells in our brains, an over-stimulation that excites them to death, causing brain damage of varying degrees!
But, the brain is a chemical factory, according to Doctor Blaylock. It depends on careful quality-control for its operation. The amount of these chemicals needed to transmit signals is infinitesimal.
This means that even small fluctuations could result in dramatic alteration of brain function, perhaps even the death of the cells. How scary is that?
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