Saturday, February 9, 2013

Natural Cure: Nature Has A Remedy..Part 2

Yesterday we talked about how most of us are just literally killing ourselves with our forks.  We're eating all the wrong things in all the wrong amounts at all the wrong times..But HEY...we KNOW that and TOMORROW FOR SURE..we are going to make some HUGE changes in our health and cut out the majority of the junk food and start eating a lot of raw fruits and veggies and maybe start juicing and for SURE we're going to cut out all processed foods in our diets. 
And yes...we know that means soft drinks and homemade bread...but's our health we're talking about and "WE CAN DO THIS!"  But we get up tomorrow and we didn't sleep well and we're really tired and feeling kind of grumpy from the get we tell ourselves, "You know "Self"..I had a bad night last night and I don't feel up to par today and this just isn't a good time to start a new 'get healthy' let's put that off to toMORROW...OH yes...Tomorrow will be MUCH better..we'll do it for SURE..tomorrow...but we get up tomorrow and we don't feel that great and we go through the same old vicious cycle we went through the morning before and by doing that 'our tomorrow for a fresh new start never comes' and one of these days we find ourselves running OUT of tomorrow's and WHY???  BeCAUSE we were lazy when it comes to diet and getting healthier and now we're rolling downhill at a rapid speed and we just don't have it in us to turn it around now...And do you know what?  I'm just as doggone guilty of all of this as the rest of you.

Some people have it made in the shade, I guess..or at least they think they do.  They're into an easier lifestyle and they get up and go out to breakfast and maybe run and grab a sandwich for lunch and then later in the evening they go out to they have menu's right in front of them all day and the chance of making a healthy selection for each meal is so much easier....Now Billy and I..we work at something almost every day...I very often just go in the kitchen and throw something together to make it easy on ME because the rest of my day is swamped and then we end our day with a good old fashioned homecooked meal....that's WHAT, gang?  YUP...FRIED and topped with homemade bread and gravy and ladened with ACID...

I was sooooooooooooo hoping Billy and I could get away to Florida for about 5 to 7 days and I was planning another SPA Week.  We had a Spa Week the last time we went to Florida alone and boy did we have a blast....I think we each lost about 6 or 8 pounds...compared to when we usually go on vacation and gain TEN...But we went to the Farmer's Markets down there and we'd buy fresh fruits mainly...and we'd munch on those on and off until evening and then go out and have a healthy supper.  SOME days we didn't even go out for SUPPER...we'd throw a pallet picnic in front of the TV and open our balcony door to hear the ocean waves and we'd continue our healthy munching right on through the day.  Once or twice we had a Hawaiian Luau on our balcony with our fresh foods and oh my GOODNESS was that a heavenly vacation...And we'd walk on the beach several times a day to walk off whatever we HAD eaten...AND I haven't given up hope of that Spa Week vacation, alone with my geezer yet...just have to be able to walk first  :-/  But Dr Lange has increased my visits to 3 times a week instead of 2 because we seemed to be going backwards and THAT'S not good..So I'm hopeful once again...

But let's talk about a fresh new start and getting healthy.  To BE have to have a good PH balance in your body.  And a PH balance is the most crucial balance system in the whole body.  P stands for potential and H for hydrogen.  And PH is the amount of hydrogen in a particular solution. The more ions..the more acidic you are...and the fewer ions the more alkaline.  PH is measured on a scale of 0-14 and zero is more acidic and 14 is way to alkaline.

A PH that is too acidic or too alkaline is very corrosive to the that tells you right there now crucial it IS to have a good PH balance.  And the best PH balance is 7.4.  But even a slight change one way or the other..can be very bad.  It's a constant battle to keep our PH balance in good standing...but it is so SO very crucial...And after all...we're not supposed to be living to eat..we're supposed to be eating to LIVE...

Acid is produced by the foods we eat and can also be produced by stress...oh dear meeee  :-/  Our diet needs to be 75% alkaline producing foods but the standard American diet is actually more like 80% acid forming foods.  ALL processed foods are extremely acidic...even soft drinks and coffee, KIM  :-0

Some acidic foods are:
soft drinks
It's pretty much just like anything about a diet...if it's good...spit it out because if it's really's acidic  :-/

Some alkaline foods are:
raw veggies
bean sprouts
bean sprouts
Now the list for both of these categories...acidic and alkaline...are very VERY long..I'm just giving you a few examples here...The crazy things IS...or one of that most nuts are acidic..but munching on almonds during the day will make your body more alkaline and help to balance out the acid...AND those walnuts we're supposed to munch on for our arteries....they're ACIDIC...FOR THE LOVE OF's a never ending battle...isn't it?

When I first started studying PH balance...and that was about 12 or more years ago...I got the little package of PH strips at the Golden Carrot...and most places those little strips cost about $7 and I went around checking the PH balance of everybody that would open their mouth in front of me.  You just tear off a little strip from the roll about 1-2 inches long...draw some saliva up in your mouth and touch the tip of that strip to the will start out bright yellow..the whole PH strip roll will and within seconds of touching that will start to change colors if you're lucky...and the darker it gets..the better off you ARE...but you need to be out of the yellow and well into the darker...and I'll post a chart below for you to see.

I highly recommend that everybody get those strips and test their saliva...don't eat or drink anything for one hour before you do your test....and then SEE where you are and go from there....Get on the internet and read up on PH balance and get more information. 

It really is true...we are what we surround ourselves with...and we ARE what we eat...and most of us are killing ourselves with our forks...absolutely

Ok that's it for today...Today is the Herb Fest in Mt Vernon...we were going to go but I just can't get around that good we're going to have to pass....There's also a store in Mt Vernon ..called the Homestead or something...that I'm told is really ask around to get directions to that if you get up there...I hope you all have fun...and I'll be thinking about what I'm missing today...but these things happen...
Today is actually a very special day for us in the canyon...and it has to do with my 2nd Mustard Seed Miracle...well my 2nd MAJOR MAJOR mustard seed miracle...and I'll tell you about that just as soon as I'm given the go ahead...I can tell you ONE thing for a doggone fact...I'm going to stock up on mustard seed charms for ME before I TELL that story..because once THIS mustard seed story is told there is going to be a run on mustard seed charms like there has never been in the history of the world....GADS!!!  I wish I could tell you today....but hang on...that story is coming very soon to the goofy gander blog at bird's eye view...

And listen...I've gotten behind in my messages because I just can't sit in this computer chair that long right if you've emailed and I haven't answered..I WILL as soon as I can...I've always answered all messages within 24 hours of them coming in..but it just isn't happening right now and I'm getting more and more emails and I just haven't been able to keep up...But keep those emails coming because I DO love to hear from you...But Dr Lange says he knows what he's doing and if I'll just listen to him and take it easier and come 3 times a week instead of 2...I'll be up and going strong in no time...this is making me feel SO SO old..because really...I FEEL good..but I can't hardly sit down from a standing position and once I'm down I can't get back UP...and then when I manage to GET up...I walk humped over for about the first 1 or 2 minutes....oooooooooooooh geeeeeeeeeeezzz....shall we pray....

And I have 2 prayer requests this cousin..who lives in the Villages in Orlando..went in for a simple gallbladder surgery yesterday and the surgeon accidently snipped something and the bleeding was uncontrollable and they couldn't get it under control.....she was critical and was moved to another hospital a couple of hours north of please be praying for her...
And someone in our immediate family had surgery this week..and I won't say who because most of my family doesn't like to be talked about in my blogs  :-)  But this family member is in a lot of pain and is going to try and go back to work next please lift them up in prayer...God knows who we're talking about...this is just very dangerous going back so soon...for many reasons...and especially just the act of GETTING to work in the condition they are in...but with the work situation the way it is all over the country...they just feel like they need to get back as soon as tons of prayer needed there too...And while we're praying...let's just pray for all who read this blog...that God will lead, guide and direct us in everything we say or in and day out...shall we pray...

Peace and love from the canyon...I love you all gobs...and if the good Lord's willin' and the creek don't rise...I'll talk to you tomorrow.....