Friday, February 1, 2013

Put Your Big Rocks In First: How To Be The Best YOU

Put Your Big Rocks In First..How To Be The Best YOU I'm so often prone to do...I've switched tracks for today's blog.  This blog idea came to me in the wee hours this morning of another of my one woman slumber parties and it won't leave me so I'm thinking I'm supposed to write about THIS today.  Sooooooooooo here we go...

Years ago, mom and daddy were very close to this couple and they were dear friends and even lived close to

them.  One day, about mid morning, mom was working away in OUR kitchen..and we were all still young and at home then I think, but at school...and daddy got a call that the husband in this couple had been killed in a work accident. 
Well mom and daddy jumped in the car and headed for their home...daddy was consoling immediate family that was already there, as best he could in such a situation and mom was seeing to the wife.  I can't remember why, but for some reason the wife sent mom to the kitchen for something and mom said her heart just sank when she walked in that kitchen. 
She said there was cereal bowls still on the table from that mornings breakfast, with now dried oatmeal in them..and the cabinet counter tops were in disarray..It wasn't horrible..but mom said you could just tell they had had a really hectic morning and everybody had to leave for school and work without time to tidy the kitchen.
So mom just quickly did that FOR her friend because she knew a lot of people would be coming and going soon. 

That simple story...made such an impression on mom.  And she talked about it so SO often to us...and she was always telling my sisters and I that we need to always be on our toes and always keep things tidy because you just never ever know...when you're going to be caught off guard...

Thru the years, once in a while, mom would still mention how bad she felt for her friend.. that people had come in and found her home in disarray because mom knew she was normally a good housekeeper and very proud of her home...but these things just happen, sometimes.

I've thought of that so often through the years myself.  And I'm not a perfectionist by any stretch of the imagination...but I DO LIKE...neat and tidy.  Leave it to ME to get down in my BACK with our upstairs den in such disarray from trying to organize my scrapbook nook and putting all of that stock on and around the pool table...AND it's been there for quite a while now...because first I got the dizzy ear/nerve virus and couldn't keep my balance for 4 weeks...THEN, Billy had the flu and was literally down for 3 weeks and didn't want noise or commotion and THEN I pull my back out of whack and I can't get up or down for 2 weeks...for the love of PETE...

I was laying on the love seat last night and I was thinking..IF I EVER get back on my FEET...I WILL NEVER EVER leave a mess ANYWHERE..again..Because I deal with low enough self esteem on a daily basis...without having a messy house or even one make me feel worse.
Sooooooooo as soon as I can..I'm cleaning the Den and organizing my book nooks and all of my paper accumulations EVERYWHERE and it's going to STAY that way.

A couple of years ago, I put a story on the back of my Encourager Newsletter and it was called "Put Your Big Rocks In First"..meaning the things that are REALLY important..get done FIRST..
Let me explain how this was explained to a Stephen Covey class on organization:

A teacher got in front of his class and had a gallon wide mouth jar on the table.  He put in several really big rocks to the rim and asked the class, "Is this jar full?"  They all said, "YES!!!!!"  He said, ' it isn't"  And he took some gravel and poured that in to the rim and asked again, "Is this jar FULL?"  "YES!!!!!!" they all said..."Noooooooooooo it still isn't full" So he poured in some sand and the tiny grains of sand filtered down around the big rocks and gravel and he asked "Is this jar full NOW?"  Someone in the class said, "You would THINK IT WAS..but knowing probably isn't."   So the teacher said, "You're RIGHT"  And he picked up a pitcher of water and started pouring in the water and the water finally filled the jar to the rim.
Now, said the teacher..."IF I HAD STARTED with the smaller things..there's NO WAY I could have gotten all of this stuff in this jar..because the BIG ROCKS..which are the most IMPORTANT things in your life..would not go in once the jar was filled with the gravel and fact, none of them would have gone in.

The big things in our life are or should BE...our spouse or significant other..our kids..our homes..our health.  The big rocks are the things we really NEED and LOVE and WANT..the little things are the things that may sound good at the time..but they are definitely things we can usually do without..or at least..put on the back burner until we can get TO them..we never EVER want to put our spouse or kids or home or health..on the back burner..because do you know what..we are not...NOT...promised tomorrow.

I've had so SO much time to think since I first got the dizzy wizzies around the holidays..and then Billy got so sick with the flu and now I can't get up and down..I took our health and even our relationship for granted..I mean gads..WHO would DO THAT..especially ME...a hopeless romantic HEALTH nut?  Gooooooooooodness gracious sakes aLIVE!!!

A few years ago, our daughter-in-law, Pam..made me an outfit..And she was trying to help me fix up a bit at my request...hahaha   And she made me the most beautiful skirt and top and it even had a kind of long sash that went around the neck and just hung down..Kind of like those scarves Kim wears a lot with jeans and things..And I'm telling you I LOVED that outfit..AND wore it so much..I wore it OUT..Probably the first outfit I've ever WORN out...hahahahaha  But I wore it to church so much I'm sure the people in the congregation were wishing they could put it on a bonfire somewhere..But do you know what..I wore it out and did I take time to get another one or have her make me another one?  Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo...and do you know WHY?   Because I was buuuuuuuuuuuuuusy......PULLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEE too busy to have another outfit made that made me feel BETTER about myself?  

I am not only the President of the Wall Flower Girls of America Club...I'm also the President of the Procrastinators club..and I'm going to get this back lined out if it kills me and I'm going to get organized and start putting all of my big rocks in first.....I hope if you don't already do'll join me...If we don't already...we need to ORGANIZE, PRIORITIZE and then just DO IT!!!

We've all heard that saying "Life is not about waiting for the storm to's about learning to dance in the rain."  There will ALWAYS ALWAYS way too much on our the trick to a good and happy life with a good priority going to BE knowing what's at the top of that priority list and taking care of that...first.

Peace and love from the canyon....I love you all and thanks so much for stopping by....this has been a bird's eye view of the katydid and until next are loved.....

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