Monday, March 11, 2013

Blog #1 Remembering JD Holley And #2 Blog: The EASY Weight Loss Program That WORKS

We lost a very VERY dear friend last night...JD Holley. He rode with our geezer group for many years and boy was he a prince.  He was the kind of guy where we'd have to say "The Lord broke the mold after he made JD. 
I'm just not one to be real comfy around men...I've been a homemaker for most of my life and just always stayed around here in the canyon most of the time and I've never been around many men one on I've never been real good at mingling with men one on one. But I was so SO comfortable talking with JD when we'd be out and about...He was so funny... and he'd make us laugh until our sides hurt...
In his last few years...he started showing signs of Alzheimers and he eventually had to park his motorcycle and hang up his hat...And that was as sad a day for us as it was for him. He may have always drug up the rear on our rides, but he was like the Daddy Rabbit of The Geezer Gang.

I remember on one occasion..after he started having trouble with focusing and remembering...and we were on a ride down in Kentucky and he always wanted to drag up the rear even after he started having problems...but we kept a close eye on him to be sure he was ok and still following us..One day we were on an afternoon ride and there was about 8 or 10 couples and we came to a stop sign and we all turned right...But when JD came up to that stop sign HE turned LEFT...we were all hollering and motioning to each other that JD was in his dream world and had literally turned left..right behind all the bikes that turned right...So we pulled off and a couple of the men went to get him and it took them about 20 minutes to find him. He thought that was sooooo funny once he realized what had happened..and it WAS funny..but we always worried about him and kept a close eye on him...

JD was always ready with a story and it didn't matter how serious the story started the time he got to the end of it..he had us belly laughing until we couldn't hardly breathe.

He had lost his wife Shirley many years ago...and he mainly rode alone, but on occasion he'd bring a lady friend with him to ride with us. JD was as handsome as they come, right down to the end and he loved to think of himself as a ladies man. He meant nothing by it..he would have cut off both legs if that would have brought Shirley back. But he was a jokester and a storyteller and he loved to make people laugh and feel good. And he'd flirt with every single solitary woman that came within ear shot...even if she was green and had horns and weighed 500 pounds. JD loved and lived life to the absolute fullest and he was one of those kinds of people that it's going to put a smile on our faces..just hearing his name even years on down the road if 'we' are blessed to last that long.

But it didn't matter where we were or who he had with him..he always had some sweet comment to make about Shirley on every single ride and his eyes would fill with tears and he'd chuckle and shake it off. That's the kind of love we should all want..the kind that lasts forever and doesn't die no matter what...and he and Shirley sure had that love.
They're waking up together in Heaven this morning...and JD probably has Shirley by the hand and they're on the way to talk to the Lord because JD is not LIKING all those streets of gold and all of that glitz and glitter and he's on the way to talk to the Lord to see if they can't get just a little cabin...way back in the corner of Gloryland...

Blog #2
The EASY Weight Loss Program That WORKS

A very discouragerd 300 pound man went to his pastor and he said, "Bro Dan, I'd appreciate it if you would be praying for me...I just can't seem to lose weight, I can't get a life is passing me by...I just need help and I don't know where to turn." 
Pastor Dan said "Well listen son, losing weight is just like dealing with any other have to pray and have faith and then take action..But if you're serious about losing weight and if you'll pray and have faith.. I'll help you.
The young man was estatic..he had looked up to Pastor Dan for he agreed.  Pastor Dan said, "Be ready to run at 8am tomorrow!"
The young man was skeptical, he was so overweight and had led such a sedentary life he wasn't even sure he could run..but he was so glad to have Pastor Dan as his coach and he eagerly awaited his running hour of 8am.
He was pacing the floor the next morning when his doorbell rang and he opened it to see this beautiful brunette standing in the door.  She said "Pastor Dan said for me to tell you that if you can catch me...I'm yours for life"  And with that she turned and started running..The young man was absolutely ELATED and he ran after her as fast as he could...He chased with all his might, but just couldn't come close to catching this beautiful young woman. 
The next morning and every morning for the next 6 months..this beautiful young woman would knock on the young mans door and here they'd go..SHE running as fast as she could and him trying his best to catch her.  
He had lost a lot of weight in that 6 months and he was getting muscular and fit and knew he was getting close to his goal..and he was beginning to dream and he thought to himself..I'm losing tons of weight and I'm getting faster and faster and soon..I'll be able to catch this beautiful woman and she'll be mine for life.
One morning at 8am at the 6 month mark...the door bell rang and he opened the door to see a very overweight 300 pound woman standing at the door..and she said "Your Pastor said to tell you "What goes around...comes around and if I can catch're mine."  :-)

Isn't it funny how we get our priorities in such a mess..Well, NO..I guess that isn't really funny at all...because our priorities can make us or break us and it's so important that we HAVE just the right order.

I do the very same I'm just as guilty as the next person..when it comes to "meaning to juice daily" and doing healthy things..and trying to lose a little weight..I'll watch these weight loss programs and I'll think "Oh THAT sounds easy".."OH NO WAIT...THAT ONE sounds BETTER"  When really it IS very simple to lose weight..all we have to do is eat less and eat healthy..and WALK..It's really that simple.  But we're all looking for the magic pill...and it just isn't out there...What is it we hear..."If something is worth's worth working for"

Billy had some critically important movie on the other his upteenth viewing of Lonesome Dove or something like that..and I had already overdosed on cowboys for I went into the bedroom to watch tv.  That's something I rarely ever do beCAUSE our evenings are precious to me..and I like us to spend them together just watching we can talk if we want to...Some day..there will only be one of us sitting there watching that TV and 'wishing' the other one was there to gab with..And I'm really big on togetherness and savoring moments.
But on this particular night..I was antsy and needed to occupy MY mind..So I was clicking thru the channels on the bedroom TV and saw this show about people who weighed over 600 pounds and the program followed their weight loss..
NOW HOW IN THE WORLD does someone get to BE 600 pounds???  Are they not aware when they get up to about 400 pounds ...that 'HEY..things are out of control, here...RED ALERT...TAKE ACTION"   But noooooooooooooo these people waited until they got SO SO HUGE that not only could they not even get out of bed..they were too big for clothes of any kind and had to just sit in bed all day with a sheet over them and eat MORE and watch tv...WHAT a LIFE...GADS!!!

There's an infomercial on TV and it's a new diet by a JJ Virgin..she is also doing one of those 2 hour programs on KET promoting her books...which are about $150 on KET..but about $8 on amazon :-/  But she says there are 7 foods that if we leave off this week...we'll lose 7 pounds in 7 days...Now I forget what they all are..but I CAN tell you this...if you just start today...and leave off all sugar and sugary foods...all dairy..and all will lose 5 pounds in about 3 days....Now that isn't FAT...and neither is her 7 pounds in 7's FLUID..because sugar and dairy both make us hold fluids..She named a few other things...artificial sweetner..which is deadly and should be banned anyway...and she named soy products and corn...and I can't remember what else..

We don't have to BE a rocket scientist to know how to lose's just so SO less and move more...All we willpower.
AND it shouldn't take another person to entice us to DO that...We should do it just because WE want to be healthy and fit...So WE can feel good about ourSELVES...I know I sure want that....and I see these people on some of these infomercials and they drop 50 and 80 and 120 pounds and I think "GADS....I"M SO LAZY...all I need to do is lose 20 pounds..WHY don't I just DO it?"'s 6am on Monday...March 11th...and I think I'm going to start a new diet today...All I've had is coffee so sugar..but coffeemate in it...And I'll see what I can do.  I stay around 130...but that's about 20 pounds too heavy for my small 5 foot what I know for a FACT about this IS..that if I really try...I can do it...we'll see where I go from here...shall we pray

Peace and love from the canyon....thanks so much for stopping by and this has been a bird's eye view of the katydid and until next are loved