Friday, April 26, 2013

Good/Simple Fat Fighters With Ayurvedic...Dr Oz Yesterday

Good/Simple Fat Fighters With Ayurvedic...Dr Oz Yesterday

I guess I'm going to have to start recording Dr Oz and watching it during my slumber parties.  I never think of that show when it's on during the day because that's during my unorganized workday.  But Billy was a little under the weather yesterday and I was plopped down with him and he was dozing so I turned it on.  I really don't put a whole lot of faith in some of the things Dr Oz says and many things he says, I totally disagree with.  But yesterday was soooooooooooooo good and I took notes and just couldn't write fast enough.  Today's show sounds good too, so if we're busy I'm going to record it.  And NEXT week, it's all about detoxing and that should be a super week.

Yesterdays show revolved around Ayurvedic and I've always wanted to study that subject but just never took the time.  But I may do that in the next few days and talk about it next week. I do know that Ayurveda is the ancient way of healing in India.  And they really lean on healing with herbs and spices and they're big on meditation and other simple things and ways, so how can that be bad? 

I've never even been able to pronounce the word, much less know what it means, but I'm going to get on that, and soon.

But yesterday, Dr Oz had Dr Kulreet Chaundhary on the show and boy did she know her stuff.  I immediately went to amazon to see if she had a book on the subject, but I didn't find one.  Maybe she has a website, I'll check that out today. 

She says that it is so easy to stay healthy and of normal size if we use the Ayurvedic methods of using herbs and that they are completely safe and we can drop weight just by doing a few very simple things.  

Dr Chaundhary said we should have our biggest meal of the day at noon.  She said 25% of our calories should be used on our breakfast and supper and 50% of them used at noon.  She says that digestion is strongest at mid day and that if we eat after 7pm, we may as well just grab a heap of fat and glue it on our tummies.

She also said that just adding 2 Triphala capsules at bedtime to our diet and eating a reasonable/normal diet, will make us shed 10 pounds in 12 weeks without going to any goofy extreme.  And the goofy thing about that is, all these years I've been carrying around this extra 20 pounds, I've had Triphala in my cabinet.  I'm sure it's too old to have any punch left, but I'm going to toss that bottle and get another one asap.
When I was at the Golden Carrot to study for that year, Delores had me studying Triphala because she swore by it.  But I need to brush up on it's benefits today...I should have done that before I blogged, shouldn't I? 
But I DO REMEMBER that it has so SO many super great health benefits and that it removes toxins from the body and it's a great colon cleanser but if you just take it according to the bottle it just works naturally, nothing you'd have to worry about if you were out and about.  It just works to get things moving over the course of a few days 'naturally' because it helps with digestion.  I remember she talked about how good it was to improve circulation and who couldn't use that?  And it's supposed to help thin out plaque in the arteries. 
You know, any of us that are overweight...even me...we have stagnant livers and intestines.  We have congested livers and be very blunt about it.  AND if we want to turn our health around or just be healthier...we just have to remedy that situation. And it's SAID to ward off colon cancer.  So one new bottle of Triphala, coming up!

Another solution was to take 1/2 tsp cucumin, 1/2 tsp coriander, and 1/2 tsp fennel and boil it in about 4-5 cups of water and put it in a thermos and sip on it all day.  It must be kept hot.  Now I have no idea what this would taste like, but I'm probably going to find out. 

The people of India almost always add curry powder to each meal in some way.  I missed how she said that helps and that is crucial to know that, but I'll check on that in a bit and you can too if you have time.  I'm just going to type it in and do a search.   But when was the last time you saw a person from India that was over weight?

 She also talked about massaging the body with what she called "raw silk gloves".  She told of how it increases circulation and Billy had woke up and was making fun of the show and I missed all she said about this 'raw silk massage' but I'm going to try to get time to look into that today too.  She said you just put on these 'raw silk gloves' and you can even do it to yourself...and you just massage your arms and legs and tummy...just every where you can reach and she told of the benefits but again I'll have to look into that, but wanted to let you know so you could look into it too.  I don't fall for everything I see and hear.  In fact, I'm a very suspicious person.  I ALWAYS do my own research, even if I go to our own family doctor and he tells me something...I come home and research it myself and then "I" decide what's good or bad or right or wrong...I was not born on a turkey farm and I am not good at following a leader....
It was just a very informative show yesterday and it's rare that I take any body's word for anything.  I always do my own research.  But this gave me things to look into.  Dr Kulreet Chaundhary was just a walking encyclopedia about simple ways of healing and easy weight loss.

Then he had on Michael Pollan and Michael does have a few books out.  But Michael says we are getting way too far away from the family kitchen.  He hates microwaves and you couldn't give him a box or can of processed anything.  He 'did say' that canned tomatoes and tomato sauce were the only 2 things he would buy that's 'processed' and I've heard Dr Oz say that before too...that even canned/processed...tomatoes keep their health benefits.

He said it's a sad day when you can buy frozen Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches at the grocery.  He says if you buy a loaf of bread and it doesn't go stale within 2 days, throw the rest out and don't ever buy it again because it isn't real bread.  He says all you need to make a loaf of bread is flour, water, salt and yeast and if you add sugar and egg to that recipe you have my famous homemade bread recipe, but just leaving off the sugar would make all the difference in the world in taste.  :-/

Michael said to get back to nature!  To water, air, earth and fire!   He said "If you're going to eat bread, eat real bread!"  He said, "Eat from the earth daily!"  And he said meals should be all about family and/or community and to throw out the microwave and start cooking again.

He said it's time to do away with secondary eating and that's eating while doing other things like watching television and driving and to get back to primary eating which is what we used to call 'meals'

It was just a very good show yesterday, and made me want to record it every day if I can't work it in, which at 4pm would be almost an impossibility. 

am going to try the 3 herbs and I'm going to replace my Triphala and get started on that.  And I'll let you know what happens.

Well I've got a mother-in-law feeling a little poorly and on edge at the nursing home and an old geezer that is not having 2 of his best days.  So I'd better get off here and get busy.  I hope you all have a super duper grand and groovy day today and we'll talk again tomorrow.  I think tomorrow we're going to answer on the blog some of the questions that have come in and that I've answered in private.  Things like information about Mesothelioma and acid reflux, oil swishing and tooth whitening, someone wanted to know more about low magnesium causing heart attacks and other problems and we'll just talk about a lot of important things tomorrow but we'll be brief on each one and just hit the highlights so we can get them all in. 

I also get a lot of questions about specific ways to make our homes warm and fuzzy and a couple of readers wanted more info on how to make a very inexpensive garden room or sitting area on your porch or patio and we'll probably just do those questions next week because that's an entirely different subject and needs it's own day.  I didn't get mine done this week because the weather didn't cooperate and I just can't work outside unless it's really warm...but I'll get it done as soon as the weather allows it and I'll post before and after pics...

Peace and love from the canyon...I love you all gobs and thanks so much, for stopping by.  This has been a bird's eye view of the world of the katydid and until next are loved