Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Power Of ONE...We CAN Change The World..(Pics and video..will load slow)

A teacher of an upper grade school class gave his class an assignment for the school year and they were to give a speech on this subject, with their ideas... at the end of the school year.  He asked them to come up with a plan that THEY thought...would turn the world around and make it a much better place...to "SAVE THE WORLD" from self destruction...so to speak.

At the end of the school year it was time for each to get up in front of the class and tell about the ideas they came up with.  Some had goofy ideas, like add more Dairy Queens, or get rid of school...but when one little boy was called on to give HIS idea...he got up and went to the chalk board and he drew one stick person...and he said, "This is me..."  And he drew 3 more stick people under his stick person...and he said "And I'm going to help 3 people"  And then he drew 3 stick people under each of 'his' 3 stick people...and he said "And these 3 people are each going to help 3 people and this would go on and on and on until it would finally reach around the world and everybody would be touched by someone who helped them...and everybody would HELP someone else...and slowly but surely...kindness and love would turn this world around."   That was the premise of the movie "Pay It Forward"...and as Billy and I sat watching that little boy and I heard him give his spiel in front of his class in the movie...I yelled "THAT would WORK!!!"  Billy said, "Maybe so...but few would do it...it isn't going to happen...calm down"  :-/

About 3 weeks ago, I was working around in the house and Bro Shawn called and he said "Sister Kay, I won't keep you but a minute but I just had to tell somebody what just happened to me and I knew not many would understand the magnitude of it but I knew you would"  He said, "I was out to breakfast with a couple of men from church and one of the men paid for my breakfast so I decided just on a whim to pay for the person behind me"....he said "the man was so overwhelmed and said "Well WHY in the world did you DO that?"  :-)  Bro Shawn said "I don't know...he paid for mine so I thought I'd just pay it forward and pay for YOURS"   Bro Shawn said he and this man talked a bit and it had meant so much to the man HE had bought breakfast for...that he left the guys and just went out driving to see who all he could find to do something nice for.. :-)  And he had called me just so excited about the feeling he got....by paying it forward......

 That movie is well worth your time and it's been on Direct TV in the last week or you can probably find it on one of these free internet movie thinga ma gigs..."Pay It Forward"

Today's blog is going to be short....because I know the video is going to slow it down and the video speaks volumes by itself.....SO if you will...just watch the video and then take it to heart....WE CAN change this old world IF WE WILL....and don't we owe it to our kids and grand kids and beyond to DO that?  
Wouldn't it be oh so HUGE....if each community would organize it's own group to get something like this going?  But we don't necessarily need a group....or meetings....we just need to learn to love and be kind to everybody...to make good things happen in all the ways we can each and every day....

Here's a little pic from the movie:

And this is the video, below....I hope it loads for you...it will take a minute but be patient...it's SO worth your time.....AND I hope you'll share todays blog AND yesterdays blog.....please and thanks

Peace and love.....Tomorrow we're going to talk about Profiling People and Homes.....doesn't that sound like fun? 
This has been a bird's eye view of the katydid and until next time...you are loved!