Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Virtuous Woman...JANE Update and More

A Virtuous Woman...JANE Update and More
On this Mother's Day of 2013, I thought we'd just talk a little bit about women/wives/moms bout it? 
It really isn't easy being a woman!  It wasn't 200 years ago or 100 years ago and it still isn't today.  And I guess the hardest thing about being a woman, at least in my own that there is never ever a moment in any given day when there isn't something that needs to be done.  That's why I love to travel so much, because when we're traveling I can just relax and "BE" with no chores waiting around the corner every time I try to sit down for 30 seconds...But we rarely get to travel much these days...too many responsibilities and the old geezer and I can't get all of our parts in good working order at the same time lately TO take off and go on many trips. 
Right now, the geezer is down...confined to his recliner with a busted ankle and we see a Ortho Surgeon tomorrow...ooooooooooohhh good.  And here we have my huge Springfield Extravaganza Flea Market coming up in 5 days and he has his big race the next weekend...and right now he's so crippled I'm leery of leaving him to run to the grocery store...

But on this Mother's Day...let's talk about virtuous women for just a minute.  The dictionary says that a virtuous woman is a woman having and showing strong moral goodness and righteousness.  It's a woman showing moral excellence.  A woman who shows goodness in her behavior and the golden rule is her foundation of virtuous behavior.  Now doesn't that sound super duper, warm and fuzzy...grand and groovy?

We talked in Sunday School a few years ago about virtuous women and we were asked to name the strongest Christian woman in our past or even around us today...that we could think of.  Most of the people in my Sunday School class couldn't even think of anyone to name.  I'm sure the lady teaching the class that day was thinking some of us would say 'her'  :-)  But noooooooo, sadly I wouldn't even put her in my list of my top 5 if I could even come up with FIVE women I thought were virtuous women.

I named Rose Blevins from the old Macedonia Baptist Church.  She is the woman that really and truly molded me into what I am today...I truly believe.  And I sure don't mean that in a snooty way...I'm nothing to compare to the woman Rose Blevins was...I don't know if we could even find women like Rose Blevins in todays world.  But the main way she molded ME was in her old fashioned ways...her kindness and loving and caring ways and I LOVED her apron and her kerosene lanterns  :-)   But you could not pull a sentence of gossip from that woman's lips if you had tied the gossip to a truck and tried to pull it out of her mouth with a rope.
She was the kindest and sweetest and most caring and giving woman I guess I ever met in my life.  And old Mr and Mrs Blevins didn't even have electricity.  They used kerosene lanterns in their home and pumped their water from an old well.
Daddy was their pastor and they'd have us over for a meal and Mrs Blevins didn't even start cooking until we got there and she'd take me out in the barnyard with her and get a couple of chickens and ring their necks and let me help pluck the feathers and scald those old chickens...and she worked with such patience and good'd think she and we....had all day....which back then...we did  :-)
I've talked about Mrs Blevins all my much so...that one night we were our riding around just a few years ago and Billy said "Do you think you can tell me how to get to the old Blevins farm and we'll drive out there and see if that old house you've always talked about is still there."  We found the spot where the farm was...but the old homestead was gone........

The bible even talks about being a virtuous woman and it says "her price is far above rubies.  The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her.  She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.  She riseth also while it is yet night and giveth meat to her household.  Her candle goeth not out by night.  She stretcheth out her hand to the poor, yea, she reacheth forth her hands to the needy. She openeth her mouth with wisdom and in her tongue is the law of kindness."  
Well there's a lot more to it...I just skimmed bits and pieces.  But wouldn't this old world be a much better place if each home housed a virtuous woman/wife/mom?  I'd love to think I'm a virtuous woman...I'd rather be a virtuous woman than any other thing I could name...but I'm afraid we all fall so SO short these days...

We've got another full day morning and evening and family here for lunch with the geezer's mom and some of our kids.  I hope you all have a super duper grand and groovy Mother's Day today...And if there's no one to pamper YOU....then try to find someone YOU can PAMPER...I don't know how your mind works...but nothing lifts me higher or faster than knowing I'm pleasing my geezer or our kids or even someone that just needs a little helping hand....

I'll update JANE real quick:  I talked to her yesterday and she was so upbeat...much more yesterday than other days this week.  I asked her if she'd let me take her to get something for her nerves the first of this week and at first she said no she was fine...but I said "Well now's normal for women to need to take a little something to calm their nerves the week they get married and your wedding date is next weekend"  She said "Oh REALLY?"  I said "Yes...and it would be'd only have to have something for a short while" So she said "Ok well THANKS...I'll think about it and we may do that"  :-)  So it may be easier to get her in to see someone than we thought ... IF they can get her in early this week...I shutter to think what's going to happen when May 19th comes if she isn't on medication...but I'll keep you posted.....And listen gang...thanks so SO much for all the emails and private messages...People are concerned about JANE all the way around the world and people right here in her own town are praying and calling and asking if they can help...So between the Lord and all of YOU guys...Jane is going to mess around and come out of this OK  :-)

Peace and love from the canyon...I love you all gobs and thanks so SO much...for stopping by.  This has been a bird's eye view of the world of the katydid and until next are loved!

Sadly...a truly virtuous woman is a very rare find these days