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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Profiling People At The Races and Even Profiling JANE :-)

Profiling People

Most of you know I LOVE to profile people.   Now some would say that's being judgmental...but say what you's just a hobby and I'm not going to walk up to any of them and give them unsolicited advice...well, not usually.  :-/ 

Lord help me if someone were to profile ME when I'm out and about and running errands.  I can't even begin to imagine what they'd say.  But it wouldn't be complimentary, I'm sure.  I saw my friend Janet in Walmart back in the winter....I was heading down an aisle to head to the check out and she was crossing at the end of the aisle going towards the back and goodness she looked so neat and put together...even had a little sweater tied around her shoulders over the top she had on...She's about my height and size and I was thinking..."Why don't "I" know how to put myself together like that"  I told her once I was going to hire her as my personal shopper and she said she'd be glad to..that she actually has worked as a personal maybe someday.  She always looks so neat no matter when you see her.  But I've got this motto and if there's one thing I'm good at it sticking to my motto and it goes like this..."Me LAST"  :-/   WHEN AND IF I'd ever get everything caught up at once...I'd work on me...but so far...that hasn't happened.

But we were in Springfield at the races on Friday night.  And Friday night was the only night they even HAD races because the rest were rained out.  But we were sitting there gabbing and watching and I had watched this couple come up and sit down just 2 rows in front of us and just to the left side a bit and they were gabbing too and as soon as they set down he put his arm around her and drew her close...and I just went "Aaaaaaawww"  :-) 

They looked to be our age or there abouts and for this story we'll call them Rocky and Wanda. 

Rocky had snow white hair and had it in a long pony tail and he carried a toothpick in his mouth which he chewed on constantly.  He had on a black leather jacket and biker boots...I could see him hanging out or riding with a biker gang...but he seemed as friendly as can be.

Wanda had dishwater blonde hair and was a little more than pleasingly plump...I'd call that size...Un-pleasingly plump, myself...and she TOO had a ponytail, wore a black leather jacket and had on zero makeup. Now "I" ALSO had on zero makeup...but I had on my magic skin cream from Florida and my signature eyeliner and just that little bit...can make a huge difference. 
I'd say...looking at Wanda...she TOO had a motto "Me LAST" or even a motto "Take me or leave me...I just don't care and I can rip your liver out before you know what's happened and don't you dare say anything negative about ME"  But she TOO was friendly and laughing and gabbing with Rocky constantly.

Rocky and Wanda seemed to have life on a silver platter as silver platters for bikers and biker babes go and they were laughing and gabbing and just seemed very close.  So I grabbed my Pilot Fine Line Pen and my big black/thick 5 Star notebook which both go everywhere "I" go in case of a writing emergency...and I started to write as fast as I could.  The geezer leaned over to me and he said "Are you profiling that couple?"  I said "'em down pat"  The geezer said, "Well what do YOU see?"  And I told him for the story I'm calling them Rocky and Wanda and I saw a biker couple that seemed very close and that would even be a very easy couple to get to know.  The geezer laughed really big and he said "Well ROCKY is from Nashville and in all of our 17 years of going to the races...he's the only person in all of these years that's ever tried to pick a fight with me.  It was in the Comfort Suites parking lot and he was mad because I had parked my Valkyrie too close to his group of Harley's"  hahahahahahaha  That SOUNDS like a many of them go around with an attitude like they've had a roll of barbed wire and a bottle of extra hot Tabasco for lunch...hahahaha So I threw my notebook down on the bleachers and I said, " win some and you lose some"

And then we were at Golden Corral and a couple came in with the elderly mother of one of them.  The couple was huffing and puffing and the wife was rolling her eyes at the elderly mom walking so slow.  When they got to the all old grandmas will do...she started tidying the salt and pepper and moving her big purse here and there trying to get it in just the right location on the table and the wife pulled out a chair and plopped herself down and she said "I've had it...she's all yours...go help her fix a plate"   Well I just wanted to SOB!!! And I wanted to go to the old woman and say "Granny ... come on over to our table and tell us some stories about the good old days and let's see if we can't help you have a fun and leisurely lunch"  Neither of them talked to her during lunch that "I" saw.  It was just a very sad situation.  I was thinking..."WHY BE SO CRUEL??? If you didn't want to spend time with her...and let her enjoy a lunch should have left her at home"  I DO NOT want to ever EVER be a burden to Billy or our kids....that was just so sad.

We saw the same thing when we went down to Massac Kountry Kitchen a couple weeks ago.  There was a young couple with kids and an elderly couple which I took to be the young wife's mom because of the way they were carrying on...and one elderly lady which I assume was the dads mom and I'm telling you the truth...I was ready to make a scene by the time we left.  Neither the young mom or dad was talking to the elderly lady alone and she'd try to talk to them and they wouldn't even reply...just turn their heads and keep talking and eating like she was invisible.  Now I DID see the other elderly mom talk to the single elderly mom a few times...but that single elderly mom alone...just seemed like she KNEW she was being shunned...she seemed very uncomfortable...I just don't want to EVER be in that position AND I WOULDN'T...I'd stay home and have a TV dinner before I'd put myself in that situation......

Sooooooooooo if you think people watching is nosey or judgmental...don't knock it until you've tried it...You'll be surprised at what you see...

I can't hardly really profile JANE because I know her too well.  But let me tell you just a bit about JANE.   I knew JANE when we were kids...she and her mom and dad went to the first church my daddy pastored.  And I had lost contact with her through the years but daddy remained friends with her dad all of this time.  So when her mom and dad passed away just about 5-6 months apart several years ago...and JANE had never married and had lived with them all her life...I called JANE and I said "Listen JANE...I know you all have gone to one of the bigger churches in town for years but your mom and dad are gone now and I'd love for you to come to Weaver Creek and just give us a try....We're a small church and we're all very close and you're so quiet and reserved I just don't see you fitting IN at the big church now that your mom and dad are gone...and I'd sure love for you to come and see if you'd like my church.  WE could be your family now...and we have fun fellowship nights and you can jump right in and work right along side of meeeeeeeeee"  She said "Well OK thanks...I think I'll come and check Weaver Creek out"  She did...loved it and she's been faithful ever since.
Each year on her birthday I've taken her out for lunch.  And on every holiday I made sure JANE had a gift from me...even if it was Mother's Day...In fact, her Mother's Day gift is still here because things went bye bye before I could get it to her.....And I DID that because she just had no one to do pampering things FOR her....

On her birthday...she wanted to go to Ryan's so we did and we were eating lunch and she asked me about this 'blog' I write, what I write about and who reads it.  I told her a little bit about it and that it's all kinds of things, natural healing, gardening, cooking and even adventures I go on.  So she asked if I ever wrote about adventures she and I went on and I said "No"  She seemed shocked and offended and asked why and I said "Well because you're such a reclusive and private person...I didn't want to DO that" She said "Well go ahead and write about some of our adventures and when you get them written, can you print them off so I can read them"  :-(   Little did she know that just 2 months later..the biggest adventure she and I had ever been on...would put her in a mental institution.  And that's REALLY why I started telling JANE'S story initially.  Because she's always been reserved and eccentric but this happened SO SOOO SOOOOOOOOOOOOO fast to her...Hopefully we'll learn more where she is and where her dog is...and if we can get her moved to Harrisburg and what happens next...TWO people have told us they think this is MEDICAL and she needs a thorough physical immediately....but try telling that to the people who HAVE her....OH my word....

Well I've gotta get busy...I finally got our flower beds started yesterday and going to work out there several hours again today....have to tidy the house and run to Schmidt Farms and just all kinds of things....

Peace and love from the canyon...I love you all gobs and thanks so much...for stopping by.  This has been a bird's eye view of the katydid and until next are loved

Let's profile meeeeeeeeeeee   :-)
I'm a hopeless romantic that LOVES living a simple life...I was raised down to earth...I love being a seeker and keeper of old things...I love walking dusty lanes and woodland paths...I want to set hearts yearning for innocent pleasures and simpler times....It really IS a gift to be simple and a gift to be free...and it's a gift to come down where I ought to BE.  And when "I" find MYSELF in the place that's just's always in the valley of love and delight....

This is my dream home   :-)

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