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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Amalaki...It CAN Change Your Life

How many times have we heard the saying "Everything old ...will soon be new again"?  OR if you'll just keep that old blouse long enough and in good will one day be back in style.
Well that's exactly what's happening in the world of natural healing.  Ayurvedic Medicine...and I HATE that Ayurvedic word....I can't even begin to pronounce it...but it's the ancient art of natural healing and that healing comes about by using specific natural herbs.
I've always said that God gave us all bodies that would heal themselves if we'd just give our bodies the nutrients it needs to do just that. 
Generations ago...our ancestors didn't die of diabetes or heart disease or cancer.  They died because they were attacked by lions or tigers or bears....oh myyyyyyyyy.   And they didn't have to worry about things like terminal diseases... because their diet was light and natural. 
They didn't make a fire pit and beat out a big rock to make a pan and then slaughter a boar to get some fat to fry their pet chicken in.....They ate off the land and mostly raw...because that was 'their way' and the only way they knew....and even in those crude times...their bodies were healthier than our bodies are today...
It was only later when we became civilized and places like McDonald's and KFC and other places started popping up with horrific unhealthy but delicious food...that we started killing ourselves with our forks...
Well I could story tell all day...but I'm late today so let's cut to the chase.
About 3 weeks ago...Dr Lange's wife Jackie invited me to an introductory meeting for Zrii Products that they were going to be offering at their Chiropractic office.  At first I wasn't even going to go...I'm just not a shower/party woman myself...If I can come UP with a little free time...I'd rather spend it with the geezer...but I researched the Zrii products that day just to see exactly what they were and found that one of their products....Amalaki...was a super anti inflammatory.
Well now if you've been reading the blog know that the geezer has been on crutches 3 times in the last year and was getting very discouraged because he's a very hard worker and very very active for his 67 years....and he was having inflammation right and left in his right foot that would swell up so huge and get so painful he just couldn't hardly move around enough to get on the crutches to go to the potty  :-/  SOOO when I saw one of their products was an anti inflammatory...I thought I just HAD to go to Jackie's meeting to see what this was all about.
I ended up buying one bottle of the Amalaki for the geezer to try...and he was having problems at that time.   And I'm telling you the absolute 3 days his swelling was gone and he was pain free except for a twinge now and then...which has also left now.  NO one was more surprised than the geezer....He trusts my quackery and he said he'd gladly try it...but he said if 3 doctors couldn't line him out...a little glass of juice a day sure wasn't going to do it but he'd try it........ooooooooooooooh REALLY???
So what IS this miracle of a juice they call Amalaki? 

Amalaki Juice is a combination of fruits from China and India.  These fruits and herbs and leaves are all common in the world of Ayuvderic Medicine. 
The amalaki fruit is one of the strongest foundations of Ayurveda....and the main ingredient in this juice.
The ingredients in the amalaki juice are:  Amalaki, Haritaki fruit, Tulse leaf, Tumeric, Shizanda, Jujube fruit, and ginger.
We both started on this juice ounce twice a day.  You can have 3 ounces but we're always busy at noon and don't even stop for we were drinking 2 ounces a day. 
It is said that Amalaki will:  strengthen the liver, removes toxins from the blood and organs, lower cholesterol, improves digestion and circulation, purifies the blood, organs, bones, teeth and eyes. 
Amalaki detoxifies the whole body and the amalaki fruit is the main ingredient in Chyavanaprasha...India's most widely consumed tonic for promoting good health, rejuvenation and longevity. 
Amalaki is said to be a potent rejuvenator for the whole body.  And it's said it can even preserve eye sight, improves cataract problems, reduces intraocular tension in the eyes dramatically...meaning it could help drastically with macular degeneration...
Now listen....I don't know WHAT it will do for you...if anything...I'm making no promises here....But I'm telling you what it has done and is doing for US.
I went for my physical last Friday....My cholesterol 6 months ago was 290 on Crestor with a LDL (bad cholesterol) of 206....THIS WEEK my cholesterol is 228 with an LDL of 137 and that's on nothing but Amalaki.   I've lost 5 pounds without even trying...and that's because the amalaki helps with digestion and it makes your liver healthier so it can just process all that comes through I've lost a little bit already without a diet.
BILLY went for HIS physical yesterday with blood work...and we don't have his cholesterol numbers back yet....but HE had lost 8 pounds without trying....They were worried he was SICK and they maybe needed to investigate because he's weighed the same thing for years....And the amalaki has helped his 'tendonitis in his ankle' beyond dramatically.....he is singing the praises of Amalaki and his own personal quack doctor.
I just wanted to share this today...and I'm so sorry it's messy and unorganized...I'm so SO late this morning....But if you have health issues...and who doesn't...I hope you will do your own research on this and possibly give it a try....ONE WORD OF CAUTION!!!  IF YOU ARE ON MEDICATIONS have some blood work done about 2-3 weeks after you start the amalaki....because they found that my Lanoxin levels were too high in my blood and that's very dangerous for me...and that's because the amalaki is making my heart work better my body doesn't need as much medication....I'm going to have them monitor this now that we know....and heavenly day....after being on Lanoxin for 27 years...I may be able to go off of it....I'm just so SO thrilled with what amalaki has done for us already.
I gave a bottle to Kim to try and she says she is sleeping much better and brain fog has lifted...mine has too I forgot to mention that....and she's just feeling better in general.  They get up about 4am so she was so tired by afternoon she was having to take a nap...but she says she's still going like a house a fire when they settle down for the evening....NOW...let me add this....there is NOTHING in this juice to rev up your metabolism....I can't take any of those things...even if they're so called natural ingredients....because of my heart rhythm there is NOTHING in it to rev your feel better after a couple of days because your cells are just getting the nutrients they are so desperately needing.....there is NO surge of energy after drinking amalaki....Now with the Zrii Accell...there is and I won't go into that here and I don't recommend the Zrii Accell...I'll write about that later when I have time...but this Amalaki is worth it's weight in gold...if you want to be healthy....
Gail I believe this will help the meeting I heard testimonials from people who had gotten off their diabetic meds with the amalaki...but you'd need to let your doctor follow your progress...If you're interested you can message me and I can have Jackie get in touch with you....
I hope you'll look into this....You can contact Jackie Lange and you can get her number by calling 524-7575 (their office) and she will be glad to talk with you.  She's also on facebook in my friends list....
That's it for today....sorry I'm so late with the blog and sooo sorry this is such a messy blog today....
Peace and love....this has been a bird's eye view of the katydid and until next are loved!

It really REALLY does....what it says it will do......

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