Friday, June 14, 2013

Everybody Has Two Sides

Everybody Has Two Sides...

A little boy came to his grandpa to ask advice because a so called friend in school had done him wrong.
The wise old grandpa said, "Well son, let me tell you a story.  I too, find myself feeling bad towards people that occasionally do me wrong.  I always feel like I have given so much and taken so little in life and then someone comes along and stabs me in the back with no thought or sorrow for what they have said or done.  It's hard to believe people could be that way, isn't it? But unfortunately ... they're out there!"
"But let me tell you something son" grandpa went on.  "Hate wears a person down...and it just destroys the person filled with the hate.  It's like taking poison and wishing your enemy would die."  "And as bad as I hate to tell you this, your grandpa is guilty of those very feelings too.  It's like I have 2 wolves inside of me.  One is good and does no harm.  He lives in harmony with all around him and doesn't take offense when no offense is intended.  He will only fight when it's the right thing to do and only in the right way.  But that other old big bad wolf?  He is full of anger.  The littlest things will set him off and send him into a fit of temper.  He will fight those closest to him for no reason and he makes it to where he can't even think things through because his own anger and hate are so great.  But anger is bad and helps nothing. It's like a fireman going out to fight a fire and hooking his fire hose to a gasoline tank instead of a water spout."
"It's hard living with 2 wolves inside of us....even for me, son." Grandpa said.   "Because both of them try to dominate my spirit."
The little boy looked intently into his grandpas eyes and said, "Well which one wins, grandpa?"  The wise old grandpa smiled and quietly said...."The one I feed, son....the one I feed."

So are there 2 sides to YOU?  I can honestly say...and I think my family would all agree...I only have one side...this is it...take me or leave me.  The thing I'm best being a door mat.  I give and give and give without hesitation...only to be stomped into the ground at every twist and turn. 

It's funny...or maybe it isn' 2 people can see or read the very same thing and take totally different views from it.  I've received 2 letters in the mail this week...nothing unusual these days...I get mail just addressed to my name and town...nothing else now.  One just praised me to the high heavens for being so uplifting...and the other one said "WHAT A PHONY!!!  You may have some people fooled girlie but you don't have ME fooled" My first thought was "Oh NO she doesn't LIKE me!  I WONDER WHY?  WHAT DID I DO OR SAY???  CAN I TURN THIS AROUND AND MAKE FRIENDS WITH THIS WOMAN?
But I've decided I've just about had it with the queens of pessimism and to HER I've decided to say "WELL YOU OLD FOOL...If you don't like me....why do you keep your life that pathetic that you just torture your own self daily for no good reason?"  Geeeeeeeeeeeeezzz it REALLY NECESSARY to candy coat trash laying in the gutter...just kick it out of the way and go on...   Goodness gracious...

I was just telling someone a couple days ago....I can get 24 emails in one day that just praise this blog beyond measure and they tell me how they start their day with me...and they sit and watch for my blog to post...and just go on and on about how awesome and unique it is and blah blah blah.....but their praises are all good...and then I'll get ONE LITTLE MEASLY EMAIL  that says they hate my blog and who do I think I am talking about living in LaLa Land..and blah blah blah...and I'm telling you the truth...those 24 praising emails just fly right out the window and that one negative email just eats at me all day....

Well....I'm sure I only have one could be holding a gun on me and I'd probably say "Oh you poor dear...I'll bet you've had a bad childhood that's caused built up resentment...that's so sad and I'm so sorry....would you like some cookies and milk or maybe some fried chicken..and let's talk about what it is that is making you feel such anger..?"    Now THAT is PATHETIC in ME....if someone is holding a gun on ME..."I" should be looking for something close BY to behead them before they can do ME in...but no...I'd be trying to save their soul....or make them feel warm and fuzzy about life.....RIDICULOUS....that's what "I" am.....

I believe abusive people are narcissistic.  They think life owes them life on a silver platter and they're always right and everybody else is always wrong....But that's just not true....what you make of you life depends on your attitude in general....period.  And you can be giving and loving just as easily as you can be anything's all up to YOU! 

Sooooooooooooooo what are YOU?   What kind of attitude do YOU have?

It seems of the husbands and wives that we know...It's the narcissistic/abusive ones that are put on pedestals.  We have men AND women friends who just treat their spouses like dirt..always needing something new and shiny...always needing to go somewhere or do something...but those mistreated spouses just have their abusive spouses on pedestals and pamper them like they're in some big competition with a big lottery prize...Now why IS that?

Okie dokie ....... WHERE are we GOING with this BLOG?   NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWHERE!!!

That little story was just on my mind about the grandpa and grandson and I just decided to blog around it....and it seems we've hit a brick wall....So let's wrap it up and start fresh bout it? 

Peace and love from the canyon...this has been a bird's eye view of the katydid and until next are loved....