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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I've Finally Made The BIG Time

Well....I've finally made the big time...but no, I haven't heard from those 2 movie producers that read my blog.  Oh I had an email from one of them way back there...and I check every few days to see if they're still reading and they are....."HI GUYS!!!  Hope you're having a great DAY!"  :-)
But what I've done is made the pages of TOPIX in the Metropolis forum.   YAHHHH MEEEEEE!!!

I've always thought there were 3 kinds of people in this old world....Ok well maybe there are more kinds of people than 3...but this is a blog and I'm swamped and you're swamped and we don't have time to go into all of them.  But I believe there are people that watch things happen...people that make things happen...and people that set there with a look on their faces like a deer in the headlights and say "Well uuuhh....what just HAPPENED there?" 

And I don't know about YOU....but "I" want to MAKE things happen!  I believe we are all here for a reason...I believe each and every one of us...has a purpose for being on this earth. 
I want to do like Mother Theresa said to do...I want to leave everything and everybody a little better and a little happier than I found them.  Now I don't always DOOO that...because there are times I'm a little under the clouds myself and "I" need lifted up...and guess what?  There's never any one having a light bulb moment that notices and comes to my I struggle along and pray my way through whatever it is that's worrying me and then I'm back on track...doin' my dailies and waiting for my next mercy mission to drop from the sky................"Oh HELLOOO Mercy Mission....MEEEEE BUSY???  Well of course not....let me put my 60 quarts of strawberries and 24 gallon of blueberries in the frig and I'll set those 3 bushels of corn on the cob under a cool shade tree for later...and what can I do to help YOU today?"
But you know....if you were given a heart full of love and was put there for a reason...and you don't need it to work up those strawberries, blueberries and corn on the just need endless energy...

There may be 3 or more kinds of people in this old world....but there are only about 2 kinds that make waves or make the news....The Low in real scum and serial killers and the like and then there are the movers and the shakers.

Now Paula Deen and Ed Snowden and I...we're all 3 havin' a kinda rough year...and we're all 3 needin' your prayers if you don't mind...shall we pray...

We learned I had made the pages of TOPIX at our great grand sons birthday party last Saturday.  We had no CLUE because we don't stoop to the depths of reading that kind of trash.  Kim came over to me at the party and she looked like she had seen a ghost....and she said "Mom...I've just been told you're on TOPIX....we'll get home and see what was said...and then I'll take your whole topic don't worry."  I said "Well now WAIT!!!  That's retarded people that post on topix ...what do WE care what they have to say about me?"  (Now's where I kinda differ from other 'christians'....Things are either black or white...right or wrong to ME...and I call 'em like I see 'em....If there were educated people posting on topix and I some how knew about it...I'd sure nuff tell you about it so YOU would know...But it is NOT say "Oh dear me...there are some smart folks posting on topix and if they say I'm crazy...geeeeeeeeeezzz I must BE'd better take me to 2 North."  Noooooooooooooo THAT would be a LIE and to 'lie' is not being a christian....So I tell everything like I see it...and go with the flow...take it or leave it....but THERE ARE no educated people posting or reading I have to acknowledge that and let them talk.   And the local traffic I have gained FROM that has been tremendous....and here we thought everybody local was already reading.....go figure...

I'm not a person that wants to stand out in a crowd.  Most all of my clothes are shades of brown, black and white because I just don't like 'loud and flashy' for me.  And this is ME and I have to be 'me' because everybody else is already know it?

I don't have a prejudice bone in my body...and I couldn't care less what color a persons skin is or how many toes they have...I want to know what's in their hearts and minds.

You know gang....this is life.  You win some and you lose some....I came into this old world as a little wrinkled wallflower...bashful and quiet as a church mouse and I have been a plain little wallflower all my life. But I got over my bashfulness a loooong time ago...and  I HAVE decided in my later years that instead of wishing 'others' would spread some sunshine and do some good deeds...I'd just quit wishin' and waitin' and go ahead and do that myself. So Kim came up with me my very own blog which is now read around the world.  If you like my blog....that is super duper grand and groovy...and if you don't...then just don't read it...that's all I can tell you.  When Kim made my blogger account in November of 2009 I HAD NOT EARTHLY IDEA anyone would read my stories but Kim and my geezer.  But Rachel and Sharon started reading and they're good friends of mine...and then others started in just a few days...and it has just grown and grown and grown until now....I think it's read in just about every country in the world.  I just had a new web link today from another country and I can't read a word on their website...but Praise GOD!!!  
When I learned I was reaching so many people..."I" decided this was a good way to try to make a difference in any small way I can.....just little old Kay Anderson Comer....and do day at a time....and try to spread peace and love and laughter all the way around the world....WHO would have ever thunk it....hahaha

I'm so SO sorry those  delightful people on Topix don't like my blog....Poop happens! 

Peace and love.....this has been a bird's eye view of the katydid and until next are loved!

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