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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Things That Go Bump In The Night: Country Living

Everybody that knows me ...knows I absolutely worship the ground my geezer walks on...and I had always told him I would follow him to the ends of the earth....but I had never ever said a doggone word...about following him to the country.  But in about February of 1974...he walked in the door of our home in town and asked me to take a ride with him.

We drove out North Avenue and pulled over on a hill and a curve and he took me by the hand and led me up that embankment and we looked over the fence and he said "How would you like to build a home down there?"  I said "WHAT??? It's a FIELD and it doesn't even have a ROAD"  He said, "I've just talked to the man that owns that field and I can put us a road in and I think we can build us a really nice place down there to raise our little family"  He said "I've already checked into Jefferson School and it's said to be the best in Massac County"  I said "Well Ooooooooh geeeeeezzz I guess I could give it a year and see how I like the country...and then if I can't adjust...could we sell it and move back to town?"  He said "You betcha"  So on or about March 1st...we broke ground on Round Knob Canyon. 

Billy would work 8 hours at the plant and then come out here and work another 8 hours.  Many days I'd be out here...even without a phone...with the boys...all day long...painting and staining and this and that...and then work with Billy when he got here.  The boys...even at 4 and 6 years old...helped the building of our home.  Then late at night we'd lay on the ground and look at the moon and stars with the boys...It was absolutely heavenly and I immediately fell in love with the country.  Kim was born in June of that year and I took 2 weeks off from the construction...and then I was back at it with the geezer....We just brought a bassinet out here and KIM began over-seeing the finishing of our little 'home in the valley'. 

Billy is a "do it it right and get 'er done" kinda guy.  I've thought so many times since the church fell just up the road from us...and as I'd pass ...I'd think....Billy would have surveyed the destruction for the rest of that first day that it fell and then he AND I would have been down there ...even if we were the only 2 to day break the next morning putting it back up....It would already be back up and well on it's way to completion again...if Billy was doing that job.  He is NOT a 'wait around for backup' kinda guy....
SO on September 1...6 months and 1 day after we broke ground...we moved in.  And as we carried each and every stick of furniture and box, etc in the door ... it immediately went right where it was going to stay.  When we set down on that first night in our new looked like we had lived here forever...Curtains were up...every piece of everything was neat and tidy and in place.....But that didn't surprise me because that's the way the geezer does things....He's a SUPER DUPER Foreman and he works right alongside his crew....which was Kev, Brian and me...with Kim watching from her bassinet  :-)

My only problem with living in the country was that there were no close neighbors at that time.  In town if I had a prowler and Billy was working nights...all I'd have had to do was open a window and scream for help and at least 10 people could have heard me.  But in the country it was us and the old screech owls at night....
So mom talked daddy into buying us one of those big old iron bells that people used to ring in the old days when they had neighbors from far away would hear it and come running...I think the Amish still use those bells. 
Mom said, "Put this bell close to your back door so if you have trouble and Billy isn't can ring this bell for a neighbor to come running."  I said, "MOOOOOOM THIS IS 1974....nobody's going to know why I'm ringing that bell....they're just going to say "I wonder why that crazy city slicker woman down the road is ringing that doggone BELL"   :-/
That bell still stands on the big post in the cottage garden....Thanks mom  :-)

But as soon as we moved in...Billy took me to the back yard and gave me my very own pistol.  And we worked at it until I could hit the bulls eye 5 out of 5 times.  THEN he gave me some kind of big old gun and he said "I have purposely arranged this house so if you have a  prowler and I'm working can call the sheriff and sit in the stairwell landing with this gun and see the front AND the kitchen door...and you'll be safe until the sheriff arrives...DO NOT pull the trigger unless the prowler is opening the door because this is a powerful gun and it will take out the whole door and wall around it if you pull the trigger.  :-0  Geeeeeeeeeeeeezzz  waaaaaaaaaaay too much confidence in this old dingbat....but that's my geezer.....

Well...that was 39 years ago....and we HAVE had lots of prowlers.  I even held a gun on one until the sheriff got here one night when the geezer was on evening shift...but that's another story for another day.  I'll tell some of our best prowler stories one day next week....we've had some doozies... But I have grown to absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE country life.

I've got to get back down to church and work on bible school decorations in a bit....I'll bet Kim will be glad when this project is done...and then I have a full day of working at Kev's coming up soon....I HAVE LOST TOTAL CONTROL OF MY SUMMER.   We were going to Cobden today to get blueberries..but I think we'll do that tomorrow morning...I just have too much going on today.   Kim will take pics today of our jungle theme for bible school and we'll have those tomorrow...we've had SO SO much fun putting it together...Kim has such a creative mind...I couldn't have done a job like we've done...without her.....

Peace and love  and thanks so much for stopping by....this has been a bird's eye view of the katydid and until next are loved....


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