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My Heart Belongs to Only You - Bobby Vinton - 1964 - Thanks For The Memories: Songs Of yesteryear

Thanks For The Memories: 
Songs Of yesteryear

My Heart Belongs to Only You - Bobby Vinton - 1964

"My Heart Belongs To Only You" was written in the 1940's by Arbee Stidham and was made a hit in June of 1948.  Stidham never really became a big music success...In fact, this was his only hit.  But this song was kind of like a really good marriage....some things you just can't top.  One website said that this is one of those

songs that matter how hard you just can't out do it...And that it's the kind of song that could never grow old.

This song.....OH my GOODNESS...This song just almost says it all.  I haven't been on the computer hardly at all for the last 3 or 4 days....but I saw a post just as we were turning in last night that a friend had made and she just asked the simple question...."What is LOVE to YOU?"   And she ended with...Please post your answer...

At first....being little Mighty Mouse...out to be everybody's everything and trying to save the first thought was to answer that question FOR her...and then I thought...You know...You almost CAN'T answer that question.  TRUE LOVE is just and those of you blessed enough to have experienced true love....KNOW that....

All I can say is that...IF you really love would just literally die for them....literally take their bullet...if necessary.  And even though I'm thought of as "Little Suzie Homemaker Goody Two Shoes" as some people call me in their emails as they tell me their eyes will never set foot on my blog again because I'm such a phony....hahahahaha   YUP...even though I absolutely DO ...LOVE ...helping the less fortunate and just doing so many random acts of kindness...there are few people...I would take a bullet for....I'm just not that so sorry...But there ARE a very few  :-)

I can remember worrying...when I was younger...that I wouldn't know WHEN I was in love.  Love just seemed like such a mysterious and unreachable thing to me...Now this was WAY before the geezer came into my life.  But I can remember asking mom...."Well what IS love and how do you know when you're really IN love?"  She'd just say "When it happens and you fall in'll know won't have to worry about that"

And boy, boy, couldn't have been more right. 

Now I'm going to HAVE to tell you THIS part....because I can't explain love...without talking about the if you're just getting sick and tired of hearing geezer love stories...just hold your ears...because this particular blog IS...a LOVE SONG we're only going to be talking 'love'  and 'warm and fuzzy' tell you the truth...about a quarter of my emails now...are about or TOO...the geezer....hahahahaha  People tell me every day how they love the geezer stories and some think they're falling in love with the geezer TOO...hahaha   I told him when he got one just this past week or so and the lady said she thought SHE was falling in love with The Geezer...I said "I think I'm going to get you a t-shirt that says..."I'm The Geezer"  :-)

But when the geezer and I started dating...he immediately 'fell in love' with me.  OR what HE and the rest of that baby boomer generation considered "Love" ....AND ...HE wanted me to say I loved HIM...TOO....
He had no earthly idea at this point...that I was on a forever after mission...and this was not a passing fancy to me....I was NOT going to tell HIM that I loved HIM today...and tell John SMITH that I loved HIM on a date that went really week.....I had plans to say that to ONE and only one that romantic my whole life...and I wasn't about to jump the gun......I knew about perfection... WAY before I married the King of Perfection.....and I had prayed him into my life...but now I had to be sure...this was going to work and be real.....

So finally after just a few weeks....I was realizing that the geezer had "set a flame within me burning and it was a flame that was going to stay within me yearning...and it was only for him that I wanted to live and it was only to him that I wanted my give...I was ready to be his slave for umpteen decades to come because he was a song within my soul and a melody that wasn't going to grow old...And I knew then...just as I know now...that my heart has and always will...belong to only the geezer."
Noooooooooo 2nd marriage or even one date for me if he goes first...He IS my life...for eternity....If that were to happen....and I still have my health I'll be the most active volunteer Massac Memorial Hospital and the 2 local nursing homes has ever seen and I will die myself...the widow of the most loved geezer in the world  :-) 
But now...the GEEZER?   He likes to tell stories and he may need a 2nd ear to come in and be his listening board....if HE'S the one left holding down the fort...And would I want him to be totally alone.....nooooooooooooooo...but oh my think that someone could come in and be his 'everything after me'.........let's change the subject   :-)

So what is love? It's something so special and priceless and it just can't hardly be explained.  It has absolutely nothing to do...with what goes on behind closed doors or under the sheets....but it has EVERYTHING to do...with what goes on between 2 hearts.....

I love you geezer....and my heart has and always will...belong to only you...!   Now about that barn...

This is just an absolutely beautiful song....and if this doesn't light a romantic fire within your own heart....your woods all wet...

My heart belongs to only you
I've never loved as I love you
You've set a flame within me burning
A flame to stay within me yearning
It's just for you I want to live
It's just to you my heart I give
I'll always be your slave my darling
Through the coming years

There were sometimes when I was doubtful
Of this new love affair
But now my mind is no more doubtful
I've found my heaven with the help of a prayer

You are the song within my soul
A melody that can't grow old
I've known for long
My heart belongs to ...only you

You are the song within my soul
A melody that can't grow old
I've known for long
My heart belongs to only you


Thanks For The Memories:  Songs Of yesteryear
Will be posted before the blog some, many or most mornings.  I can't get more honest than that.  But here's the kicker... no matter what I talk about in my blog each morning... By posting a daily love song from yesteryear and talking a little about it... There will always be a little love  coming daily from you.  

The very best love stories just have no ending And I'm just so very blessed to be living one of those love stories.