Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Spread The LOVE Campaign

Let's start a "Spread The LOVE Campaign"....how bout it!!!  The kids learned in our bible school last week about how important unconditional love really IS and that if we don't HAVE love...we can't give LOVE away! 

LOVE is the only thing that can change this old world and make it a better place...you know it?  And when people see US...each and every single one of us...they should see and feel LOVE in everything we say and do.

We need love more than any other thing in this old world and we need to be spreading that love just as fast and as far as we can.

I ran really late getting wound down last night...I'm a real stickler about saving our evenings just for us.  I LOVE just sitting in the living room with my old geezer in the evenings and just clicking through the channels complaining back and forth to each other because there's nothing on worth watching...And I said to him just night before last...."Boy if Andrew and Thelma were still alive THEY wouldn't be having this problem tonight"....because Andrew would never allow a television in the house.  Thelma confided to us a time or two thru the years that she would have kind of liked to have a television...but Andrew said all a television was good for was to come between people and take time and attention away from the people we love most and give that time and attention to the television set.
Once or twice...family members would give them a television set but Andrew would make them take it back.  So I'm wondering....what in the world did they DO with their evenings after they had been together for 50 plus years....hahaha
By the end of OUR days...every single day...we're so tired from the day we've put IN...the last thing we want to do is GO somewhere...we just love to relax and gab and watch TV until bedtime.

But we had our carpets cleaned yesterday....and real quick for you locals...let me tell ya...we called Adam Forthman...1-270-832-0614 and he came out and did all but 2 rooms we rarely use...for $80...I WAS SHOCKED!!!  It would cost me almost that much by the time I rented the carpet shampooer and bought all the cleaning solutions that go with it.  And they were in and out in about 30 minutes...upstairs...downstairs...stairway...all of it.......and FRIENDLY....OH my GOODNESS...I thought that one young man was going to ask if he could move IN with us....hahaha  They were just SUPER....and they'l be doing our carpets regularly from now on, Lord willin'.
But back to where I was going with that...I ran so late last night with my own work and then I had some blog work to do and some messages to answer...so when I finally got plopped down...the geezer had COPS on....and there was this one young man on there that I just wanted to reach out to and hug so tight and say "Listen son...I can tell you haven't had a snowball's chance in the devils hometown since you were born....so let me put you through some kind of technical school and let them teach you a trade and let me help you get your life on track"
 He was just the saddest and most beat down young man...but still he was polite and you could tell he was sincere.  I told the geezer "Oh I just feel SO SO sorry for him"  I was having to fight back tears just watching him....and I've wondered about him already this morning....Did he have a good hot meal yesterday?  Where is he waking up this morning?  WHAT is he going to do today that's constructive to a better life for himself?  And the saddest part IS....He grew up in this kind of life and he's probably going to die in this kind of life....Without ever having had even a hint of a storybook SECOND in LaLa Land in his entire life....

HOW IN THE WORLD can people be so hard hearted that they don't care about people like this that don't have a chance in the world of having a good life.  WHERE is the LOVE???

Even though daddy was a Baptist preacher for over 6 decades I AM NOT what you would call a 'bible thumper'.  I think a person can do more harm packing a bible under their arm and quoting scripture everywhere they go...than just BEING what they're spouting about. 
You will change more lives walking the walk...than talking the talk...any old day.  Now if they WANT to hear scripture.....MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS....GO FOR IT!!!!! 
But I just try to live by the golden rule and "do unto others as I would hope they would do unto me and mine"

When I see these people that are so destitute I always think...."What if that was one of OUR kids or grandkids and I wasn't around and there was no one to help THEM...I'd sure hope someone would come along and give them the help they need.

We'll be out and about and pass a hitch hiker or one of these people with signs...and I'll say "Oh well now where in the world is HE going and what's HIS story?"  
I've given food to so SO many of these people...I used to carry a bag in the car with a pop top can of beans and wieners and plastic spoon and a screw top coke and some loose change and a note with names and phone numbers of homeless shelters....and when I'd give that bag away...I'd immediately go home and put together another one and put it in the back floorboard of our car to be ready for the next one...because they used to be EVERYWHERE.   For years Billy called me "The Phantom Feeder"...but then he made me stop that because it was getting so dangerous to stop and help these people. 

But I think it's time we start a "Spread The LOVE Campaign" and to spread love...we have to have love in our own hearts....so let's do as Mother Teresa said do and let's "Spread love...everywhere we go.  First of all in our own homes...let's give love to our spouse and our kids and then on out to our neighbors and people we meet on the street.  Let no one come unto us without leaving our presence happier and just a little better than we found them.  And by doing just this one simple thing...WE CAN...CHANGE THIS OLD WORLD...ONE PERSON...ONE DAY...AT A TIME!!!

Peace and love from the canyon....I love you all gobs and gobs and gobs and I'm so glad you stopped by today.  TOMORROW...we talk about the Mystery Woman from Texas...so let's share the fool out of todays blog and tomorrow's too....and let's start today to 'Make A Difference"

This has been a bird's eye view of the katydid and until next time...you are loved!