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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Mystery Woman From Texas

A mysterious death of an even more mysterious..but beautiful woman in Texas.. has caused many to scratch their heads and ask many questions.

Joe Velling just calls her Jane Doe!  Joe is a private investigator in Seattle, Washington and he's one of the best.  He's worked for the Social Security Identity Theft Bureau for decades and he knows the ropes.

When he was first given this case, he thought it would be a piece of cake, but he's stumped and going to the news media now to see if anyone can help solve this almost unsolvable mystery.

Here's what we know for sure:  Blake Ruff...son of a Texas oil boom family...met "Lori Kennedy" at the Northwest Bible Church in Dallas and they married about a year later in a very private ceremony outside of Dallas and the only person in attendance beside Blake and Lori...was the preacher.  

When the Ruff's...a very close knit family...first met Lori...they saw many red flags.  She was not able or answer any personal questions about herself or her past.  She said her parents were deceased and she had no brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles or grandparents....Hardly un-likely Blake's sharp and on the ball mom thought...I would have thought the same thing! 

Lori was quiet...had a fascination with her hands for some reason.  She was always holding her hands out and looking at them.  She'd turn them over and look at the other side for quite some time as if she was thinking of something or 'studying' her hands. 

She loved animals and going out for 'tea' and from the time they married she was obsessed with having a baby. about 2008, she gave birth to a little girl.

Lori had always been so reclusive...didn't like leaving the house or going out in public much and when they announced to Blake's parents that they were going to get married.....Blake's mom wanted to put a picture in the local paper with an engagement announcement...but Lori wouldn't allow it. 

Lori had told Blake early on in their marriage that there was a strongbox in the closet and it was locked and he was never ever to open it...and like most men would do...he forgot all about the strongbox as soon as the conversation was over.
Now a WOMAN would have been in that closet the first time the HUSBAND left the house...figuring a way to OPEN that strongbox in a way that she could do it and lock it back without her husband ever knowing it had been opened....but we're talking about husbands here and Blake did just what most other husbands would have done...he forgot about it.

Lori just had a mysterious aura about her and she just never really fit in anywhere.  She was a vegetarian in Texas.  She was as pretty as a picture but dressed very matronly...And one year for Christmas....she asked for...of all things...a child's Easy Bake Oven. :-/

Blake's mom asked Lori once if she had any photos of her deceased family but Lori said she had destroyed all of her photos in a fire years ago because she had had such a sad/bad life.

After Blake and Lori married...Lori didn't want to live close to Blake's they bought a house on 2 acres outside a tiny town in Texas called Leonard...population 1,900.  It was 125 miles from Blake's parents in Longview, Texas.

Blake was friendly when he'd run into a neighbor and say hi and make chit chat...but no one ever got close enough to Lori to talk to her at all....Neighbors could see here evenings walking the perimeter of their 2 acres...but she never even made eye contact when a car would pass. 

Neighbors said in the 6 years Blake and Lori lived on the little acreage...they lived a very quiet and private life...almost in their own cocoon...

After Lori gave said it was obvious she had never been around children because she didn't even now how to hold a baby properly...but she'd fuss over her daughter and dress the baby up and she and the baby would go out for 'afternoon tea' of the few things Lori loved to do.

Things just got worse and worse and Blake and Lori just couldn't seem to connect.  Finally Blake had had enough and he moved back to Longview and in with his parents.

On Christmas Day in 2010...I think it was...Blake's dad went outside to get the paper and Lori's car was in the driveway with the motor running...when he went to the car...he found that Lori had committed suicide in his driveway.  Blake was inconsolable...

After Lori's death...Blake didn't even want to go back to the house...but she had been so mysterious for years...Blake's dad and brothers decided to make the drive and just check the house out to see if they could find any clues to why Lori was so mysterious.
Before they left...Blake told them about the strongbox that he was never to touch in the closet of their home in Leonard.  Blake's dad and brothers couldn't get to that strongbox fast enough....
When they opened it...they found that the mystery only grew bigger.  There was a birth certificate for a girl in Fife...and I don't know if that's Fife Texas or Fife Washington...because she was also connected to Oregon and Washington State....There was a newspaper headline about a fire that killed 3 kids in 1971 and she would have been about 2 years old at this THAT is a major clue in my book...if they can just run the details of that fire down...There was an Idaho ID card...pages from an Arizona phone book...scraps of paper and scribbled notes that didn't make sense...the name of an attorney and a note that read 402 months.
That attorney has been contacted and he's never heard of Lori.  The ID card said she wasn't "Lori Kennedy" but that she was Betty Sue Turner....but a thorough investigation found that she wasn't Betty Sue Turner either...and Betty Sue had died years ago and her parents were contacted and showed a pic of Lori and they said they'd never seen her before...

JANE DOE has ties to California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona and Texas for sure...but no one seems to know who she was as a child or young adult.  WHY was she afraid to go out in public...Why was she so secretive and reclusive?   She was afraid of something or she was running/hiding from something or someone...but what...or who? 

Lori/Jane Doe was about 41 when she died...but no one even knows her age for sure....Everything about her is a total mystery.

AND looking at the's so sad because she was a really beautiful woman who looks like she would have such a good personality....She looks so sweet and kind...just like the 'girl next door'...

If you know the woman in the picture below....You can contact Joe Velling by calling Maureen O'Hagan the investigative reporter with  that's helping  206-464-2562 ..or you can email or message me in any way and let's see if we can't help Joe solve the mystery of Lori/Betty Sue/Jane Doe.......

PLEASE PLEASE if you never ever share a blog...share this one.  This blog has so many readers in the west and northwest...maybe just maybe...someone will recognize her.....

Peace and love from the canyon....this has been a bird's eye view of the katydid and until next are loved....

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