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Friday, July 5, 2013


There's a blog I'd love to write...but I never ever will...because that would put me right in the same category as the ones I'd like to tell you about, but won't...because I have no intention of stooping that low.
I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to call names...tell you specific people...and tell you stories of things they've said and done...but I won't ever do that...because it's not the right thing to do..."When in doubt...DON'T" as mom always said...and I try to live by that.  No matter how much...I'd love to do something...if there's even a little 'doubt' about whether I should or not...I just don't....

It takes a lot to get Kim's feathers ruffled.  She's been through so much in her adult life...and now is so good for her.  She's living in her own storybook life in LaLa Land with the absolute love of HER life...and just like with me and the geezer....EVERY OTHER WORD out of that girls"EVAN EVAN EVAN..."   hahaha  And Evan is the same way saying "KIM..KIM..KIM" 
When I tell people Kim has fallen head over heels in love and she's doing her best to become a domestic goddess  :-)... their mouths just drop open and they say..."Well HOW did THAT happen...I thought she wasn't ever going to DATE again?"  I just say "She wasn't....that's why I had to pray up a forever after soul mate with my mustard seed....and boy did I pray up one that's absolutely TOP OF THE LINE!!! 

But Kim's been through so much in her earlier adult life that she became a real toughie.  Our oldest son has always said if he can ever find HIS soul mate...he wants her to be the type of woman that can look like a princess at the drop of a hat but then if they run into 4 big bad guys when they're out to dinner...'he can take the 2 on the left and she can take the 2 on the right'  And that's Kim...she actually fought off 2 attackers in Brazil and was able to get away...AFTER they had her on the ground...
But life has changed drastically for Kim for the better and it's not that common these days for Kim to get her dander up.  She's too busy working in she and Evans beautiful home and gardening and this and that .. to worry about what other people say or do...she really couldn't care less....

But YESTERDAY...she called me about 9am and she was furious....she had run into a close family member....(and no it was none of her siblings or their don't you all call me or post on my page..27 paragraphs about what you think of me and my blog)  But this family member...for some SOME REASON...thinks she's so far above everybody else....OH my GOODNESS...and Kim ran into this woman and her husband in Walgreens and tried to strike up a conversation....but they just snubbed her viciously.  They were all in line at the register and the cashier was hearing all of this and after they left...she looked at Kim and roller her eyes and said "Weeeeeeeeeell..."  Kim said "Can you BELIEVE that..." and went on to tell the cashier a few things about this couple and then she ran to the car and called me fuming.....It made ME fume TOO because this same person had just called ME about a month ago...accusing ME of STEALING.....hahahahaha   "MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! The person that gives away to people I don't even KNOW....more than I buy for MYSELF"   I just hung up on her....I thought...."Hey girlie...all that time in front of the mirror may have made you a raving beauty on the outside...but GOODNESS GRACIOUS....what it has done to your HEART"  So I just hung up on her...Billy said "Who WAS that...did you say 'bye'" hahahahaha   I said "No it was so and so accusing me of stealing...I didn't feel she deserved a 'bye'"  :-/  LORDY MERCY HOW DO SOME PEOPLE GET WARPED BRAINS!!!!!

And then there's a friend on facebook and I really came to love this friend....beautiful kids....really sweet person, really...that loves to help others herself...and she's had a rough life and I've tried in a few small ways to help her....But now she's gone into this kind of narcissistic mode and every time I set down to the computer to do messages or work on the blog...there are pictures of her BOOBIES staring me in the face.....I DO NOT NOT NOT want to see ANY PRIVATE PARTS OF ANYONE'S BODY ON MY COMPUTER......OR anywhere ELSE for THAT matter.....And this is not just pics of her in low cut blouses...although there are WAY too many of those...even one would be too's just from her chin to just below her boobies which are hanging out all around her low cut top....I'm about to have to block her and gads I sure don't want to do that....WHY OH WHY do people DO things like this.....There are a few ladies on facebook that are ALWAYS changing their profile pics....and the pics are ALL close up pics of their FACES....hahahahaha  

Well...where am I going with this blog today?  I have no's turning into a rant....where's the love?  

I just think it's SO SO important...the image we put out there of ourselves...And 'putting on the dog' and trying to be or look like something you're NOT going to get anyone ANYWHERE....People take 6 minutes to sign their checks in the grocery because they want it to look perfect....and WHY? 
The bank called us one time...years ago...and this is the honest truth...and they said "Kay...we have a check here with your name on it....but you usually scribble your name and this is so neat and tidy...we just wanted to make sure it was YOU who SIGNED it"  hahahahaha  I said "I must have been sedated on sinus meds...yes that was me at Big Johns on that date"
I put on the dog for NO ONE....This is me...I can't be anyone else AND don't WANT to be....I'm a disorganized....rumpled wallflower...that runs in circles but I eventually get the jobs all done each day...I'm a wife and mom and grandma and great grandma...who loves her geezer and the rest of the family obsessively and I'm a Christian...but I don't pack a bible with me because I think we should walk the walk and not do so much talking....unless we're asked....

I just think that so often....these people that think they are higher and mightier than anyone else...forget sometimes...that they may be fooling some of the people some of the time...and all of the people some of the time....but they're never ever....fooling God....

I'm getting down off my soap box for today.....this was a bummer blog....but I was in a rare grumpy mood for the way my family treated Kim yesterday in Walgreens......These people forget...that they will ALSO have to face judgment some day...and oh my goodness...the tongue lashing they're going to get from the man upstairs......

"You Tell On Yourself "
You tell on yourself
By the friends you seek,
By the very manner in which you speak;
By the way you employ your leisure time,
By the use you make of every dollar or dime.

You tell what you are
By the things you wear,
By the spirit by which your burdens you bear;
By the kind of things at which you laugh,
By the records you play on your phonograph.

You can tell what you are
By the way you talk,
By the very manner in which you walk,
By the manner in which you bear defeat;
By so simple a thing as what you eat,

By the books you choose from a well-defined shelf.
In these ways and more, you tell on yourself.
So there is really not a particle of sense
In your efforts to keep up your false pretense
Author: Unknown