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Friday, August 23, 2013

HERE I am......


Well...last week was really different...THIS week has been even more different than last week.  It seems so much has temporarily changed...I've lost all control of our home and this goofy gander geezer of mine has taken over.  But boy he is doing a super duper...grand and groovy job.  You just can't beat this old geezer now I'm tellin' matter how far you go or how hard you look.

My closets are being organized and now he's working on the kitchen.  The frig and cabinets look like something you'd find in NASA...and I'm so happy to have them that way. 

He works at a quiet but steady pace, while dropping in a chore or two of his now and then.  And the changes that have come over our home 'behind closed doors' in the last couple days have been nothing short of remarkable.  All the while coming back and forth to the love seat to check on me and see if "I" need anything. 
Our home is open from the front door to the back...and it's one big long room.  Living room runs into dining area and on into the kitchen...with no walls in between.  So there has been more than one person come to the front door to see him standing on a chair, cleaning cabinets... in the kitchen...but that's ok.  I am LOVIN' this tender loving care and he has the organizational brain...and I don't. 

Now "I" have the 'no litter' brain...I can't stand things laying around where they don't belong.  So not only will I have clean and neat on the surface, I'll have clean closets and cabinets and other little nooks and crannies.  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh meeeeeeeeeee!!!

Things are running just about as smoothly as they possibly could BE.  I haven't watched TV at all in over 2 weeks now, because I just can't seem to stay focused and connect to the in the evenings we've kept the tv on low when I'm awake and just gab and then I'd doze again and he'd turn it back up and watch it until my next little 'awakening'.

Everything is just absolutely hunkie doorie....but mostly, I just miss the laughter.  Our home is usually just bursting with laughter on any given day.  Now I don't say that to sound corny...because we work and we work hard every single day.  And we go for a couple and on during a day.. with him working in his territory in the workshop or the gardens and I work inside or in my part of the gardens...but we take breaks together or this and that...and we just both have a really good sense of we just end up laughing and cutting up about this or I said, "We're easy laughers"  hahaha  ....And we really haven't laughed much at all in this last 2 weeks...a little chuckle or two here and there...but that's I've really missed the laughter.

I try to read most or all of my facebook messages and emails...but I'm getting so many more since the accident...I even had a reader/friend send a 2nd email...stating that I had not yet replied to the first...and I usually reply the same day.  Well yes I do USUALLY....but this isn't USUAL  :-)   ...I fight deep sleep all the time.
Now I think the sedation from surgery is finally all out of my system...because last week AND this week...I had a few minutes right around noon on about the 3rd day...when a heaviness just seemed to 'lift'...I can't explain it...but it happened over a period of about 30 seconds..give or take...and I just physically felt....more awake/alert...But I still have to take these medications until I go see the surgeon again on Monday and they make me pretty sleepy.  I'll often feel the geezer...or Kim when she's here...taking the laptop off my face...because I have literally dozed off reading your messages and it would just ease on down...

I have so many stories...If I don't forget them because of the sedation....So I'm just going to be posting willy nilly the next few days...until I can get back to the normal blog.  You may find something health related or relationship related...and I may post at 7am or 2pm or 10 pm...but they'll always be right here and I post ALL of them on my facebook profile can click that or "Bird's Eye View of the Katydid" has it's own page...or subscribe by email....if you want to DO any of those you catch all the stories....or just check the blog home page a couple times a day to see if anything has posted....just whatever...we'll be back to normal soon...we'll know more on that Monday...

It's day 13 and I'm still sleeping on the love seat and geezer is still sleeping on the he'll be sure and hear me if I need anything.  I don't know how soon we'll be able to crawl in the bed....I like old fashioned high beds and ours is 3 mattresses high...and I can't get up and down from there right now....but hopefully soon....

Geezer has found himself a brand new world too.  He's always thought the wife/homemaker had it so easy.  But now he's seeing what really goes on in a homemakers world.  He'll come in with iced tea and say he's going to take a break with me and about the time he sits down a timer will go off....hahahahahahahaha   But he's laughing about it

More later....either later this evening or probably early in the morning...more likely early in the morning.....luv u all gobs.....nite


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