Saturday, August 10, 2013

May You Always...Lennons

Thanks For The Memories: 
Songs Of Yesteryear 

                                                The Lennon Sisters:  May You Always

"May You Always"....WOW I LOVE this's so warm and fuzzy.   It was published in 1959...was it?  By Larry Markes doing the lyrics and Dick Charles the music.  And it was first made famous by the McGuire Sisters...but I wanted to highlight the Lennon Sisters here because I almost feel I have a connection to them in a weird sort of way. 

I grew UP with the Lennon Sisters....we'd watch every single Saturday night just like clock work....The Lawrence Welk Show and the Lennon Sisters.  It was seeing the Lennon Sisters when they first appeared on Lawrence Welk that got my sisters and I wanting to sing like them...Mom told us that she heard they got their start by standing at the kitchen sink and washing dishes for their mom and learning to sing harmony as they washed dishes....SOOOOOOOO as soon as Lawrence Welk went off...we headed for the kitchen sink....pulled our little chairs up to the sink and started washing, drying, putting away...and singing...We got fairly good with our harmony...but never made it quite to the Lennons level....

Our first 'gig' was in the 1950's at a little church out on Unionville Road just outside of Brookport, Illinois.  It was a free will offering and there were about 10 people there and I think we made $3....daddy gave us each a dollar and we were thrilled.  Back in those days...a dollar was a lot of money for a little girl....But The Anderson Sisters...turned into Sweet Dedication...and then came records and a bus...and then years later... SPLAT...retirement.. :-(  We came back together in the early 2000's for a couple of occasions and oh my goodness...what a wonderful time that was...I absolutely loved singing with them again...but it's all history and water under the bridge now, I guess...even more sad than the retirement.

But I LOVE this song because it says SO SO much..."May you always...walk in sunshine...Slumber warm when night winds blow.  May you always live with laughter...for a smile becomes you sooooo.  May good fortune...find your doorway...May the bluebird sing your song...May no trouble travel your way...May no worry staaaaaaaaaay toooooooo long."  
Now isn't that a nice bunch of thoughts....And it says "May your heartaches be forgotten...may no tears be spilled  :-/   May old acquaintance be remembered and your cup of kindness filled....And may you always be a dreamer..may your wildest dream come true...may you find someone tooooooo much as I love yoouuuuu...." 

You just don't need a song....that says more than know it?

May you always walk in sunshine,
Slumber warm when night winds blow
May you always live with laughter
For a smile becomes you so

May good fortune find your doorway
May the bluebird sing your song
May no trouble travel your way
May no worry stay too long

May your heartaches be forgotten
May no tears be spilled
May old acquaintance be remembered
And your cup of kindness filled

And may you always be a dreamer
May your wildest dream come true
May you find someone to love
As much as I love you

May you find someone to love
As much as I love you

Thanks For The Memories:  Songs Of yesteryear 
will be posted before the blog some, many or most mornings.  I can't get more honest than that. But here's 
the matter what I talk about in my blog each morning...By posting a daily love song from yesteryear and talking a little about it...there will always be a little love coming daily from you!

The very best love stories just have no ending and I'm just so very blessed to be living one of those love stories.  BE THE CHANGE and LIVE AND LOVE WITH PASSION

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