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Saturday, September 14, 2013

My First Date With a Broken Leg's been a busy week at Bird's Eye View...we've solved some of the worlds biggest problems...or at least tried to.  We've talked about some serious things like our feelings about this and that and about which people and seasons we love the most.  We've shared home remedies and tried to decide what we need to make us happy.   So today, I thought  we'd just chit chat a bit and I'd just tell you about our date last night...Our first date since our accident and my broken leg.

It's been a rough 5 weeks.  I've said over and over...who ever heard of complications from a broken leg...But BOY did I have them...It really wasn't from the broken leg...but complications from the surgery and meds that followed the broken leg. 

Geezer managed to save us both in a harrowing experience between us and a car coming through an intersection that almost hit us broad side...and then he managed to get us off the pavement before we went down on our Valkyrie and we went down in soft mud because we had had heavy rains the week before....
But is my and my 130 pounds was trying to help him hold UP that thousand pound bike and not LET it go down...and I got my leg hung under my step pedal and broke my leg when we DID go down...SOOOOOOOOOO then it was a week to wait on surgery because my blood was too thin from my daily aspirin and my leg was also swelled to beat the band by the time I was transferred from the hospital an hour up the line where the accident happened...back to our local hospital...and the doctor said it was just too swelled for it was a week on the couch...just waiting.

Then came surgery...which was supposed to be a piece of cake and done as an out patient...but OH well...if you've been know what happened...It has been a nightmare....With the doc saying I couldn't be up and about for 4 to 6 weeks...because of several pins and one that was long and could break and also a plate...Everything needed to heal and heal good before I was up and about he said.  SOOOOOO another 4 weeks of laying...sitting...doing a bunch of nothing. AND NOW...he's made it 5 weeks instead of 4.  And if you've ever been a really hyper/active person you can imagine what that is like...And then I had some serious complications because of the meds they had me on and ended up spending the afternoon in the ER one day....

SOOOOOOOO earlier this week...geezer was able to get out and get my ramp built to help get me in and out of the house and off the porch to the car...And he said 'Now you say the word and we'll take a ride and go by somewhere and bring supper home any time you're ready."  So that was last Tuesday and I said "Well let's do it Friday if nothing else happens."
So yesterday afternoon...we loaded me in my seat walker that geezer has to push me in...and we headed for Kevil, a little drive up kind of 'sani serve' a friend had told me about and it's simply called the "Burger Bar".  If you live in the's 10 minutes from the Kohl's/Olivet Church Road stop light going west and it's on the left just as you come into Kevil.  It's a little 'hut' seating inside...but they have picnic tables outside.  You order at the window and either eat at the tables or take your food home...WE brought ours home.  They have steaks, burgers, fried fish and chicken, fried oysters and shrimp and frog legs.....WE WERE SO SHOCKED!!! 

We ordered 2 seafood platters....fried oysters, shrimp, frog legs and fish...all fried  :-)  and it came with fries and slaw...$11.99   AND OUT OF THIS WORLD...The best oysters we've this none.   We were SO glad our friend had told us about this little hole in the road.  So we brought it all back home and had a picnic in front of the tv.....30 minutes from our drive way and worth every mile of the drive ... absolutely

BY THE WAY:  While I'm thinking about it...before the accident...most of my email would start out saying how much someone loved the blog and maybe that they found it by accident.  Some would say they feel like they know me after reading some of my blogs  :-)  WHAT a COMPLIMENT!!!  Several have said they wished they lived next door to us  :-)   But the problem I'm having right now IS...I'm getting some email notifications and they're so complimentary....I can see them in my email but have to go to the BLOG they posted reply....AND when I go to the blog it won't let me reply TO you.....SO I just wanted to let all of you know...I answer every single email myself...and always have....even if it takes an hour or two out of my day...But right now...for some reason...I'm having a problem...and Kim has her hands full with a cat with a broken leg and all of her new responsibilities...she just hasn't had time to look into it. 

The cards are still coming in and I'm telling you the truth...I am absolutely overwhelmed at the way many of you have responded to my broken leg.  There are so many people so SO much worse off than I am....but I appreciate those cards and letters and this and that SO SO much!   I got one yesterday from a friend here in town and it just brought tears to my eyes...because of the long note inside....Thank you all soooooooooooo much!

I'm going to get back to the love seat...I've already been up longer than I'm supposed to be right now...We'll all meet back here tomorrow...

Peace and love from the canyon and thanks so much for stopping by...I love you all gobs and gobs....

OH WOW!!!   I could eat every single one of these oysters and then beg for more  :-)  LOVE fried oysters......


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