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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Our First Date, October 17th, 1964

Our First Date, Oct 17th, 1964

Well...nothing like reminiscing to make a person feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  That is...if your past was anything like mine was.

I've talked so many times about being born in the best of times in many ways...and then growing up in a storybook family and then marrying a young rascal that gave me even more of a storybook life in LaLa Land than I ever dreamed I could have... and the beat goes on.....

Today, October 17th, is the anniversary of our first date.  And I've told this story so many times, but let me tell part of it again because we have so many new readers.

I spotted Billy Ray Comer in the hall of MCHS and I didn't even know that rascal...but when I spotted him...I just knew...we were meant to be a forever after item.  Problem WAS...I was the oldest daughter of a Baptist preacher and I wasn't allowed to even DATE until I graduated high school...and that was still a couple years away and Billy?  Weeeeeeeeeeeelllllll let me just say that Billy...although I didn't know it at the time....was 'the guy' to get the date with.  And he dated pretty much every pretty little girl in Massac County...if he happened to miss sure wasn't his fault. 

SOOO when Jill (the friend that was with me when I saw him) told me of his popularity with the girls...I knew I was going to have to work some real magic to make him mine...because I was then and am still "President of the Wall Flower Women's Club of America".  SO I did what I knew to do best..... I took my problem to the Lord and left it there....

That weekend, when mom took my sisters and I for our weekly jaunt to Penny's Department store in Paducah, I bought a mustard seed necklace and I prayed over that rascal before I put it on and I didn't take it off for 2 years...until it...and the Lord and I... had all worked our miracle.

Every day...I'd take hold of that little mustard seed ball and I'd pray...holding onto the ball and I'd ask the Lord to please see fit to give me Billy...if it could be His will...BECAUSE I HAD HEARD MY DADDY SAY...over and over from the pulpit...we should never just ask for things or miracles...we must always say when we ask the Lord for something...."IF IT COULD BE YOUR WILL"  :-) 

I'd talk about my future with Massac County's most eligible bachelor and friends and family would laugh at me and act like they pitied me for being so sure of something so ridiculous and days ran into weeks and weeks into months and one day I was with Frankie DuFour and Linda Tucker at my home on the main street of Metropolis. 
It was now the summer after I graduated...but daddy was very over protective and I still wasn't allowed to get far from the house...but friends would gather and we'd sit on the front porch and watch all the 'loose kids' run up and down the street in their cars...hahaha

On this particular evening....of October 16th, 1964....Frankie and Linda and I were sitting in the front porch swing and Frankie asked if we wanted to go to Charlie's Sani Serve just 2 blocks down the street and get a coke.  I said daddy probably wouldn't let me go....but Frankie asked him and to all of our surprise...daddy said "Yes"...that I could go there and take one simple/slow ride up 5th Street to the 4 way stop and then we had to come back home to the front porch.  
We had bought our cokes and were making our slow...but OH so EXCITING ride....up 5th the 4 way stop just less than a mile from my home....when Billy and his friend Alan honked Frankie over at Clark School and Billy asked me if I'd like to go to the movies the next night....Frankie and Linda were just FLABBERGASTED...but I had been waiting for this moment for 2 years and I was ready with my "YES!!!"

NOW....To understand the miracle that had just taken place on that miraculous have to remember that Billy did not know ME...."I" didn't really know HIM..except I knew I was in the process of praying him into my life since I spotted him in the hall at school 2 years before... and we had never spoken and up until that moment...I wasn't even aware that the Lord had now intervened and we were now in the middle of "The Mustard Seed MIRACLE"

Frankie, Linda and I went right back to my house...just like we had been told to do...because back in 'the day' DID that...they minded their parents and did what was expected of them... and I ran in and told mom and daddy, who were in the kitchen having cake and coffee...that Billy had stopped us and asked me out.  Daddy said "Well I guess it will be ok...he's got to be a good boy...he's Barney Comer's son" 
I excitedly said "OH YOU KNOW HIS DAD...YOU never told me THAT?"  Daddy said "Well SURE....Barney owns the motorcycle shop up town"  I said "WHAT???????"  BILLY IS A MOTORCYCLE GUY??????   WHY IN ALL OF THESE TWO YEARS DID YOU NOT TELL ME THIS??????"  I said "I'll have to call him and tell him I can't go...I'm not going out with a motorcycle guy"  Daddy said "Now yes you made a commitment and you're going to keep it...what you do after tomorrow night...will be up to you"  Well I WAS HORRIFIED...I had never even DATED and here my first real date was going to be with a BIKER  :-0  WHAT was daddy THINKING?????
AND...WHERE WAS THE LORD who had GRANTED this miracle to a na├»ve little girl...didn't even the LORD KNOW...that Billy was a biker and here I was ...a bashful little wall flower preacher's kid????????  The Lord of all people...would KNOW...that didn't sound good like a good match...

SOOOOOOO Billy went home and told HIS parents he had asked me out and his dad said "OOOHH that must be Don Anderson's daughter....he's a Baptist preacher...I'll bet she's a really nice girl"  Billy said "WHAT???????  I"M NOT going out with a PREACHERS kid...I'll just call and cancel the date"  His dad said "Now no you're've asked the little girl out and you're going to KEEP that date....what you do after tomorrow up to you" 

Sooooooooooo the next day I was as nervous as a huge elephant in a tiny china shop.  Mom got me ready and fixed my hair.....something moms just 'did' in those days'...and I nervously watched the clock as 7pm grew closer and closer.  And at 7pm on the dot...with a perfect promptness that he holds to... to this very day...there was a knock at the door and mom said "Well it's for YOU....go answer it"  So I was so nervous I couldn't hardly make it to the door...I was weak as a cat and shaking like a leaf...that I was about to go out with a BIKER...But when I opened that door and there he stood in that little light print shirt that had been starched and ironed to perfection (another secret from the old days) and I saw those eyes and that smile...and I just absolutely melted....

We got in the car and he just started asking me about me and my family and I asked things about him and his family....We decided to go to a movie and we went to see "Spencer's Mountain".   I was so bashful and quiet back in those days....I CANNOT BELIEVE...after going with all the worldly girls that HE dated....he would want to go with ME again 'in spit of my mustard seed prayers'...but at the end of the evening...he asked me out for the next night...and we've been thick as mud ever since.....

I get emails all the time...asking for advice on someone's relationship....and it's so hard to advise anyone...because there are 2 sides to every story and everybody always think THEY are the one that's RIGHT.....
All I can tell you is that a good relationship is a work in progress from the time you meet...until the coffin is closed on one of you...if you are lucky enough to make it that far.  And I wouldn't take the ups and downs we've had as a couple...for all the gold and silver in this old world.  Because some thing...are just priceless...and that's exactly what the connection between us IS...priceless...

There is so much more to life than having everything....and the very best love stories have no

Peace and love from the canyon.....I love you all gobs and thanks so SO much...for stopping by