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Sunday, November 17, 2013

IF No Blog Today...This Will Be WHY

                                                                                   I do NOT like clouds like THIS  :-(

Well....good zippity doo dah ding dong morning to you folks.....It's 5:30am in the canyon and we're having heavy rains and storms on and off to beat the band. 

I'm having trouble keeping my Hughes Net on this morning....and I have some work to do before I can do my blog....SO while I have internet service...I just wanted to give you a heads up and tell you that IF I don't have a blog posted by 9am's going to be because of storms and rain....that messes up my internet connection big time.  And by then it will be time to get ready for church IF I'm even going to venture out to go there....I don't get out in bad storms...except in an emergency...

But now LISTEN....I'm going to try my BEST to HAVE a blog this morning....just wasn't sure and wanted you to know case you don't find one later.

BUT NEXT WEEK!!!  You will find GOOD and INFORMATIVE reading at Bird's Eye View....I'm going to have the story early this next week of a reader/new friend that wrote to me while I was down with my broken leg...and she was telling me of her health problems....and said she found my blog by searching for information on juicing and looking for info on the "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead" program.
And I'll give you the details next week of just what she did...but she started juicing immediately...and in the last 40 days has lost 24 pounds and turned her health issues totally around.....She has an AMAZING story and it's SO SO uplifting and will encourage those of you who also are finding no hope for your ills and this and that. 
So her story is coming up next week....and there will be other good stories too....So be sure and check back...

I'm going to stop connection light keeps I may not even be able to post this when I'm done with it.....Keep an eye on the weather if you're in the heartland today....we've already had some big storms move through Southern Illinois....and they say we could even have some tornados later....YIKES!!!  

I'll try to stop back in later and talk to you a bit....peace and love....and thanks so much for being such faithful readers.....

I MUCH prefer skies like THIS  :-)