Friday, December 6, 2013

A Simple Winter Soup From The Kitchen In The Canyon

I know we have some readers...that sometimes email me and they'll say "I read your blog every single day...well except on the days you talk about healthy diets, that doesn't interest me."  :-) So I thought since we talked about the Solomon Wickey miracle healing diet this morning....I'd give you an absolutely scrumptious simple soup that we have in the canyon often...and the GOOD THIS probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen right this minute.

You know...going back to those people who don't like healing information...but love the blogs on making our homes warm and fuzzy,

or improving relationships, or getting organized....IF WE PLAN to do any of these things...we must first be alive and fairly healthy...right?  So I just don't get it....but whatever  :-)

One of our very favorite soups is what we call Turnip Soup....and the recipe was given to me years ago by an old geezer bachelor at Weaver Creek.  And he'd even bring us the Turnips in the fall to make this soup and they were so beautiful...I called them "Cartoon Turnips"  Because they looked absolutely perfect and clean and as shiny as a new penny.

But here's what you need:

Turnips...and I use about 10 because I mash half of mine up when cooked to give it a stronger flavor
Potatos...and I use about 10 of those and mash half of them up for the same reason.
1 medium onion diced
1/4 to 1/2 c. diced bacon (cooked)
salt, pepper, cayenne, bacon grease

I cook the diced turnips and potatos until they are soft...I take out about half of them and mash them and put them back into the pot with the remaining diced veggies.  I add salt, pepper, cayenne and bacon grease and simmer for 30-45 minutes  and I'm telling you the truth...this may not sound like much....but you have just never had a more delicious or filling soup.  If it's a little flat when you taste test...just add more of whatever you feel it needs.  We have it over cornbread.
ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS.....I hope you'll give it a try and let me know how you like it.

Ok that's it from the canyon...I'm going to rest for a bit...I've had a bout with my BP spiking this morning...right up to stroke level...So we've medicated me and I've done some earnest praying and I'm about as limber as a wet noodle and very draggy....But just knowing we're stranded makes me sooooooooooo nervous anymore....and I have another little issue at ding dong that has me upset so that hasn't helped my BP...But you know what we say...."This too shall pass"  :-)   No biggie...I'm just a very picky control freak and things aren't going my way on a couple issues....hahahahahahaha SO I was throwing myself a pity party during an ice storm and got my BP up....SURPRISE!!!!!  :-)

Peace and love from the canyon....It's snowing like CrAzY out here  :-)  talk to you all tomorrow if the good Lord's willing.......I love you all gobs

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