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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Day Dreaming of a Short Florida Vacation...Coming Soon...Maybe


I'm dreaming of a short Florida vacation that may be coming soon...But our luck isn't going too awfully peachy at the moment...or for the last year for that shall we pray.

Geezer says that when we get his cataract surgeries behind us...we're going to watch for a good weather window of about 7 days, give or take and head to Florida.  We don't want to go through real bad weather to GET anywhere and we sure don't want to leave our home and kids and grandkids if there will be icy conditions HERE.  Ok "I" don't want to do that...But I am the 2nd half of this geezer couple and we try to be reasonable and very fair to each other...I ALSO try to be very fair and reasonable about my weird quirks...and he KNOWS this works for us...

Geezer's wanting to go down the Gulf Coast and just explore little towns along that coast...only stopping for a day as we find one and then moving on to see what else we can find that suits us.  "I'd" just as soon head for Shoreline Cabana Cottages in Daytona Beach and settle in and do our running from there. So we can eat supper every night at Boston's Fish House in New Smyrna Beach...because they have just about the best oysters in the world....

HOWEVER....this old geezer treated me like he was a highly paid servant and I was the Queen of Sheba while I was down for 13 if he wants to explore the Gulf Coast...or eat bologna sandwiches on our motel patio...that's exactly what we're going to do if we get to head that way.  Can you exploring vacation for 2 people that can't walk good?  Oh this WILL be an adventure...

We stayed at Cabana Cottages in South Daytona last April for about 4 days and we had one of the most heavenly vacations we've had since the kids have been grown.  Now these little cottages may not suit YOU...but they fit us like a glove.
We're not the kind of people that do things for show....or to make a big 'look at me splash'...WE do things that suit US and make US feel comfy and warm and fuzzy and these little cottages do just that.

The cottage in the photo above is the one he's wanting to stay in if we go to Daytona this time. It is in the front line of cottages and faces the ocean.   He wanted to stay in it the last time but the porch light was broken and they couldn't get it to work...and I was just leary because they didn't have much outside lighting at all.  If we're only one thing...we ARE very cautious.  But we stayed in a little cottage back behind this one and it was absolutely heavenly.

Now for those of you that like fancy schmancy...These little cottages wouldn't work for you.  They smell of the ocean and they're very tiny inside and the furniture and construction is all very vintage.  They were built in 1952 I believe it was...and they are pretty much they were at that time.
But they are SO SO 'us'.  We have no desire stay in a big fancy resort or condominium.  That just wouldn't work for us. 

It's been my dream for years to take all the kids and grandkids to Florida.  A day or two on the beach and a big flea market or two and a day at Disney World...OH my GOODNESS.  And I'm dreaming of possibly making that offer later this year.  But OH my GOODNESS...what a chore it would be to co-ordinate THAT.  But we'll see.  Evan is really wanting to do that...and Evan is one of my main knights in shining as far as "I" am concerned...Whatever Evan wants...Evan should GET.  :-)    Gotta heal his vision first and do another thing or two...and then we'll give that some serious thought....

Well...I got sidetracked with something else and now it's 8am and I've got to get this posted and do my dailies and get ready for church.  If you live close and don't have a church home I'd love to see you at Weaver Creek in Metropolis this morning.  You will leave there walking on air...I absolutely guarantee you...
AND if you've done much traveling along the gulf side of Florida....What is YOUR favorite SMALL/clean town with good places to eat and things to explore?   And have any of you been to Mexico Beach in recent years and if so...what do you think about Mexico Beach as a place to spend a day or two?

Peace and love from the canyon...I love you all gobs and thanks so SO much...for stopping by.

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