Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Growing Up Back In MY Day


I feel sorry for the kids and young people of today...don't you, really?  They've grown up in a world that is so far out in left field nobody even knows what the game is anymore.  How absolutely sad!

But even before I married this prince charming almost 50 years ago, that gave me this storybook life in LaLa Land...I was born and raised into a storybook life. 
Oooh, I didn't know it at the time I was growing up...that I was living a storybook life way back then.  I knew life was

good.  But I had absolutely no idea was kind of world was brewing...just around the corner not too very far away into the future.

Life in the 1940's and 50's and 60's was absolutely heavenly.  We were all absolutely living...in heaven on earth and we had no clue.  If we could just go back today and savor just a few of those precious/priceless moments of that simpler time.

Oh we were all fairly poor...us and most of our friends and neighbors.  Most everybody had what we needed back then, but few could live spend thrift/frivolous lives.  In fact...few even knew what a frivolous life even was way back then.  Everybody was busy working and working hard for a living and after work came family and home and togetherness. 
Aaahhh "togetherness" ... you never hear that word anymore... do you?   As a general rule...folks of today think life is all about 'them'...but "togetherness"? .... When donkey's fly..
But back when I was a little girl growing up,  nobody had to want for anything because we raised our own chickens and cows and hogs and we grew gardens that would make some of these gardens in these fancy garden magazines of today look like Ned in the first reader. 

We milked our cows for our milk and churned our cream on our milk to make our butter...and made all our foods for all of our meals from scratch.  And televisions with 253 channels and all in color?  Well we did good if we could get ONE channel and forget color...unless you had those colored cellophane sheets...and then you had to either watch 'red tv'...or 'yellow tv'....or blue....because those colored sheets covered the whole screen...one at a time.   And Coca Cola's every day and fast food drive thru's were unheard of...myyyyyyyyyyy...how did we LIVE?

We'd have eggs from the chickens and fried chicken when we wanted it...or chicken and dumplins. 
I can remember a many a time...going out in the back yard of 1004 East 3rd Street where 4 families lived under one roof.  Extended families they call them these days...but back then...we were all just 'family' under one roof.  It was the family 'homestead'.  The women cooked and cleaned and did laundry by hand every day while the men worked at the farm, in the fields....

But Granny would take me out in the back yard with her and let me help her catch a couple chickens...and she'd have a big old black cast iron kettle of water boiling in the back yard over a little fire pit and we'd run those chickens down and Granny would wring their necks and then she'd clean them and we'd start plucking.  The kettle of boiling water was to dunk the chickens in to give them a good scalding as we worked and it helped the feathers to pluck easier.

It was Grandpa and Granny Anderson's house...and Uncle Harry and his wife lived there and Uncle John and his wife and then daddy and mom and my sisters and I. 
It was a small house, but we didn't feel crowded...because we were a family and a loving family.  OH OH OH how I long for THOSE times...where family was family no matter what and NO riff was big enough to come between anyone in the family. 

Kim was telling me yesterday I should write a little bit this week about the Christmases of my day.  Because so many people love the stories from the 1950's era.  And I started out to do that this morning...but just like God takes over a preacher's mind just as he steps up to the pulpit and sends him on a whole other path that he hasn't even studied or researched for, for that day....that's what's happened to me this morning. 
I started out with a blank draft page and I inserted a photo of Santa from 1950...and a 1950's family around a Christmas tree and then next thing I knew I was in the back yard with granny in 1949...plucking chickens  :-)
But that's how this old mind of mine works....and this is why I have a blog that's read around the world and most of you don't.....hahahahahahaha

But we are going to be talking in the next few days, just a little bit about Christmas in my day.  But boy, times have sure changed.  If on next Wednesday morning...Christmas 2013....in the homes across America....kids would wake up to and receive some of the gifts WE received as kids back in the 1940's and 50's...there would be young serial killers cropping up in every neighborhood in the country.  Because kids of today...just wouldn't tolerate and couldn't function mentally or emotionally....with the kinds of toys WE grew up with and were so absolutely thrilled to get. 

Well...maybe someone really needed a wakeup call this morning...so God put these thoughts into my head instead of the ones I was going to share...and nothing will open our eyes any faster than comparing the time we baby boomers grew up in... to the world we are all living in today and how fast those very negative changes came about...

We're going to be having more than one blog a day for the next few days....lots of requests coming in....questions needing answers right away and I thought we'd just do them as short blogs instead of "Let's Talk" blogs....So later today I'm going to be telling you how ANYONE can make perfect DIVINITY.....and someone is wanting to know why Solomon Wickey recommended BUTTER instead of Margarine so I looked that up and it was such a good story I though we ALL needed to hear it....so we'll do a couple of short blogs with these things over the next few days...so they'll be easier to find if you want to refer back to them later....

I hope you all have an absolutely super duper ... grand and groovy...fantabulous day today....Let's all get dressed and go out into our own little worlds today and make this one of the best days we've ever had....

Peace and love from the canyon...I love you all gobs and thanks so much...for stopping by......

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