Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I'm Sharing a Bit of My Christmas Day With You...WHERE Did the Spirit of the Holidays GO?

I'm not at my best at bout you?  I wish I was...I want to BE...but what you're going to find at Bird's Eye View is the honest truth as only I can tell it  :-(   ...It may not be something you want to read...but it's going to be my honest thoughts and observations whether anyone else likes it or lumps it. 

I don't know if I can do plate is pretty full already...but I hope to start my Encourager Newsletter back up in January.  But this reading below, I've used in that newsletter 2 or 3 times at Christmas in years past...AND I can't even remember where I found it...or if I wrote some of it...I just remember finding the question one day "Where Did the Spirit of the Holidays Go?"  And I was off...
MAYBE I didn't write ANY of all honesty...I just can't tell you....SOOO I can't give credit to anyone else...or even myself  ..hahahaha   But it is packed with wisdom and I'm going to share it with you now.....

"At some point in most every persons life, the question arises...Where did the magic of the holidays go?  When was the child like wonder replaced by anxiety and apathy?  How did the spirit of the most wonderful holiday of the year escape our once expectant heart?  The answer is simple.  With the passing of years, the magic of the holidays is crowded out by the all too real world of worries.  Child like wonder is pushed beneath a blanket of self induced stress.  The expectant heart is smothered by a vast array of responsibilities, squeezed into too little time.  The result is that our faith in the God of wonder is doused with the cold water of simple human haste. 
Can the magic of the holidays be restored in our hearts?  Most certainly and quite simply.  Take some time to enjoy the crisp winter air and the sparkle of the holiday season.  Reserve a quiet evening to sit by the fire with loved ones so you can feast on each others treasured thoughts.  Write down everything you're thankful for over a 3 day period and then read the list in prayer to God.

Renew your amazement at the most wonderful event in history by reading the account of the birth of Christ.  And when you make your Christmas list, right at the top, write, "LOOK FOR JESUS EVERY WHERE!"  You can see Him in the hospital volunteers handing out gifts to seriously ill children.  And there He is again in the smiles of those same children as they receive their gifts.

Once you start noticing, you'll be amazed at all the shapes and forms He takes.  His spirit is there in the bell ringers, soup kitchen servers, carolers, and helpers of the homeless.  He's right there in the bright smile of an expectant child, the tears of a proud mother and the embrace between longing parents and a prodigal son or daughter. 

And when you look into a mirror, don't be surprised if you see the sparkle of His spirit staring back at YOU!  And if you really want to restore the magic of the holidays, require yourself to slow down, look up and ask God to re-ignite the light of this beautiful holiday season in your heart.  You can be assured He'll do it.  No one loves to surprise His children more than the creator of Christmas!"

Gee... I wish I had re-read this earlier...because I could have sure used some Christmas spirit this year and for all the years since 2003 when we lost mom.  But maybe I'll remember it next year...I sure hope so. 

You know...really we should print those few short paragraphs off and put them on our frig so we can read them often.  Because our hearts really should be filled with love and the spirit of Christmas ALL YEAR know it?  So I think I'll do that myself....

I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful and peaceful day today.  Peace and love from the canyon....I love you all gobs and gobs and thanks so much...for stopping by.

An Old-Fashioned Christmas

I’d like to push the Calendar back fifty years or so
And celebrate my Christmas as they did so long ago.
A tree of green would grace my room with candles shining bright,
And popcorn strings, and homemade things would fill me with delight.

I’d make a gift or two for each one in my family
And hide them until Christmas when I’d place them ‘neath the tree.
The snow that fell upon the ground would last all winter long.
I’d ride a one-horse open sleigh and sing a Christmas song.

The family would go to church through snow on Christmas morn
And listen to the story of when Jesus Christ was born.
They didn’t have the worries of a shopping tour each day
To outdo one another with their gifts on Christmas Day.

Christmas many years ago was a splendid thing.
It was the day to celebrate the birthday of our King!
~ Patricia Mongeau