Monday, December 16, 2013

Profiling People in Public...Part 2

I wrote about this once before... and received a lot of feedback and a lot of reads... I LOVE LOVE LOVE to watch people when we're out and about in public...

Last week...we had 4 doctors appointments between us and my goodness gracious, I was in hog heaven...watching people!

The most fun I had was in the 2nd waiting room of Dr broken leg doctor.  His office is just like many

other doctor's offices these days....they have 4 of 5 waiting room and you graduate from one to the other...I think by doing that...they think they're making US think...we're making headway...but they don't fool us.

But we were in waiting room #2 and a couple came in and the woman was in a wheel chair...she had slipped on ice and fallen and broken her ankle too.  They were probably in their early 70's...But I'm not a really good judge of age. 

They were so jolly...just talking to everybody in the waiting room and talking over each other and finishing each others sentences. In spite of their age...they just seemed like a very happy couple.  And I'll bet they both talk each others arms off...even when they're home alone... And then this other couple came in and they appeared to be about the same age...early 70's...but they were tall and lanky and they were heading for the firing squad and they were going to be the targets.  Never cracked a smile and I doubt that they even HAD smiled in the last umpteen years at LEAST.  They looked very unhappy with life...with each other.  That poor man looked like he was thinking "I've lived 58 years with this woman and WHAT was I THINKING 58 YEARS ago"  She would moan and put her head down and lean out and onto her cane...he never looked her way and she never looked his.  AND I don't think they ever said a word to each other the whole 30 or 40 minutes we all set there.

We got into waiting room #3 and I said to Geezer....I LOVE waiting rooms like that last one.  I LOVE reading people and trying to profile them.

Geezer said, "NOT MEEEEEEEEEEEE!  That blabbing couple was about to drive me up the WALL"  :-)

I said "Well they weren't nearly as bad as the old somber fuddy duddies that looked like they were plotting a massacre ...If I had to spend a whole day with either couple...I'd pick the friendly/blabby couple in a heart beat"

He said "Well I guess you're right"  I said "I don't know what the physical problem IS of the tall woman that set down across from us...but her husband is paying for it big time and she's playing it to the hilt"  :-(

We were out to eat one day and I was watching a couple and I said "DO YOU KNOW...that couple over there has not said one single word to each other and we've all been here 15 minutes"  Geezer said "Well WE'RE not talking a lot...what do you think they're saying about US"  hahahahaha  I said "But we KNOW we're fine....we've hauled 12 loads of wood today...I've cleaned house and you've cleaned up your 4 wheeler and all your chopping tools and we're tired and just out to eat because we had to run an errand"

Geezer said "But we don't know what their story is...maybe they've had a rough day too"

I said "Well it's looking like they need to be doing something to put some spark back in their life if you ask me"  Geezer lovingly said "Nobody asked you"   hahahahaha

And I'm typing this....I'm thinking about how "I" act out in public.  With the geezer or alone...We DON'T go out to eat just for fun very often....and when we do go's because we had other things to do and just stopped to eat while we're out.  So we're tired and just grabbing a bite and we often sit quietly and talk about what we're out doing and where we're going or what's next for today or tomorrow....

And if I'm the car...the'm sure I'm often wearing my 'thinking face'. I'm always pondering SOMETHING.  And I'm rarely laughing or acting slap happy when I'm out and about alone.
ALTHOUGH....seems like the funniest thoughts...come to me at the piano in church....right in the middle of a song service  :-0  I'm sure at that piano...I'm somber looking most of the time...but then I'll think of something funny....and I'll just have to hold back my laugh or go ahead and laugh and play piano....One day we got to the end of a song and a friend, "Barbara said (from the congregation) "Excuse me...but Kay what are you laughing at when you laugh while playing the piano"  hahahahaha   
I said "Well TODAY it was something goofy Billy said to me as I was going out the door and it just popped back into my mind without warning." 

SOOOOOOOOO as I'm out profiling people in public...In El Chico's or Texas Steak House or Golden Coral or Big Johns or Walmart....I wonder how many people are profiling meeeeeeeeeeeeee.....or US?  hahahahaha  And saying "I wonder if something is going on in their relationship...because she just looks sad today"  hahahahaha

I'm basically a very slap happy and hyper person.  I even heard Geezer tell 2 or 3 or more people over the phone while I was down on the love seat for all those weeks...and someone would call to ask how I was doing...and he'd say "Well you know....she's basically a very happy/hyper person...but I'll have to admit...this has knocked the life out of her for now."  :-(

Well....I've beat this dead horse even let's wrap it up for today....I've got a home to tidy and calendars to make and a looooooooooooooooong list to check and see just how far behind I AM.

Peace and love from the canyon...I love you all gobs and thanks so much...for stopping by.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder....and yes, love can last forever...if you really want it to...But there's no magic wand and no magic takes 'give and take' and lots of work...but the reward in the out of this world!