Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Chrissy Williams of Shawneetown is Missing!

If you were to look up "Amateur Sleuth" in the dictionary, you very well likely...may find a picture of me there....heavenly day.   So let's start off today with "What IS an Amateur Sleuth?"'s just a nosey person that likes or has the ability to follow clues that often lead to an answer to a crime or mystery.

A professional investigator will go by the books and the laws to try to solve a crime, while an amateur sleuth just runs with

their heart and gut feelings. Almost ALWAYS the best way to do ANYTHING!  BOOKS DO NOT...know EVERYTHING...But the heart and gut are usually pretty accurate!

So I've been an amateur sleuth for as long as I can remember. 
When Kim was in her teens, we were known as Starsky and Hutch around Massac County...because we were 'always' on a case.  For years, we joked about putting those names on our license plates. 
I made my first citizens arrest when I was either 22 or 23, I can't remember exactly.  But the boys were either 1 and 3 or 2 and 4 at that time.  And the man I citizens arrested was a wanted criminal and was sentenced.  I got a letter of commendation from the police department for my bravery and I was off and running....Move OVER Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, Charlie's Angels, Jessica Fletcher and Jonathan and Jennifer Hart...The KATYDID is on the case....

Chrissy Williams age 39, was last seen leaving a friends house about 9pm on December 2nd 2013...or so the story goes.  She had supposedly spent the evening visiting this friend in Rosiclaire and was heading home to her own home in Shawneetown just a few miles away.  She never arrived at her own home and has not been seen since.

Two days before she disappeared, she tx'd a friend and told her she was in danger and that if anything was to happen to her..."So and So" was to blame.  "So and So" has been investigated and questioned as have 2 or 3 other 'persons of interest'...including the 'friend' she was last seen with.

I'm a very suspicious person by nature.  So a lot of things perked my ears when I was first getting details of this story.  Chrissy had changed her facebook profile picture about 5 times just in the 5 days before she disappeared. ALL the photo's were taken in her car and appeared to be 'selfie's'...just like the ones above...they ALL had that same little sideways tweak to the head.  She was in really neat outfits in all photos.  And she looked gorgeous and happy in all photos....
Please come home soon!
First reports, which have now been denied, I THINK...(But I read them myself at that time) Said that her car was seen on an outside bank video camera leaving Rosiclaire about 7:52pm the night she disappeared.  There supposedly were 2 people in the car at that time.  AND it was seen coming back into town about an hour later. That first report said it appeared there was only one person in the car when it came back into town...The car has also been missing since Chrissy disappeared.

It is said that the 'friend' she was with the night she disappeared is being fairly unco-operative with law enforcement and has now deleted Chrissy and some of her friends from her facebook friends list. 

There are so many things that I've been privileged to learn over especially the last 2 weeks that I can't share right now...but let me just jump to where I became involved.

We were just doing our thing in the Canyon about noon on Monday, December 30th when Geezer said "Get your shoes on and let's take a country drive and get out of the house for a little bit."  Well OK I said...and here we went.

He turned right....when he got to the top of our lane and we headed North.  To my surprise, he headed over to Hwy 145 and headed on North again.  And I said "Now if you're taking me to Barnett's to look at couches....That's a HUGE decision and I'm not ready to make that yet"  But he said "No we're not going to Barnett's today"  And he kept on going.  We got to the Dixon Springs turn off and he headed East and I gasped and I said "YOU'RE TAKING ME TO ROSICLAIRE...AREN'T YOU?"  He said "Now I'm NOT taking you there to INVESTIGATE...but we just needed to get out for a little while and this is all you talk about lately and you've had a really rough few months and I know you'd love to just go up there and drive through Rosiclaire"  So we headed to Rosiclaire.....

It's a really neat little town....with a beautiful river bank and picnic park....And when we got there I said "Well while we're here I have to see the Iron Furnace area..."  Because there had been some suspicions that Chrissy may have been taken to the old Iron Furnace area....So here we went. 

We got to the Iron Furnace...which was waaaaaaaaaaaay back in the boonies and I said "I want to get out and walk around a sit right here and keep the getaway truck running"  He said "Don't you DARE go out of my sight...I should never have brought you up here"
So I walked over to the Iron Furnace from the parking lot and I started on back towards the woods which was waaaaaaaay back there and I had no intention of going very far...but I went about a city block back behind the iron furnace and I noticed some pressed down grass and got to looking and there were TIRE TRACKS  :-)  in the grass AND dirt....I followed those tire tracks for about another 1/2 block and could see they went way on back as far as I could see. 

Now being married to an avid deer hunter/tracker/scouter and being privileged to go with him scouting on occasion...I could just tell those tracks were not new and they were not 'really old'...they literally appeared to be about 3-4 weeks old.....I WAS SO EXCITED!!!  I had been in contact with Chrissy's family and I knew they had been to the Iron Furnace but had not found any clues....So I hobbled back to the truck as fast as I could on a healing/broken leg...and I was telling Geezer what I saw.......

There had been mention by 2 from Australia if you can believe that....that had both contacted the family with their 'visions'....but there had been mention of a small wooden bridge and a rope swing hanging from a tree....SO I said...let's just drive in the truck right here and let's look for a little wooden bridge with a rope swing beside it....And I had no more than got that out of my mouth and I'll be giggers....THERE was a little wooden bridge with an old rope swing hanging from a tree right beside it. 

I said, "OH MY GOSH!!! WERE THE PEOPLE BLIND....that searched this area? Drive me back to that bridge!!!"   I was ESCTATIC!!!

So we came home and I emailed the family and told them what I had found....They were in awe that I had found tire tracks behind the iron furnace...because several had been up there looking.  So they checked it themselves and yup...sure nuff....tire tracks that looked to be 3-4 weeks old going way back.  So they emailed me back and said "HOW did you FIND those TRACKS...we've been up there 20 times?"  So they called the sheriff, who followed those tracks which really did appear to be 3-4 weeks old and they went to an old grown up farm pond way back behind the Iron Furnace.  The sheriff was going to get permission to have that pond searched as soon as he can get the equipment up there.  WHAT is the HOLD UP???  Geeeeeeezzz

I'm not saying I believe in daddy would have a calf if he knew I was even talking about a psychic ....but when you have someone contacting you from AUSTRALIA that you don't even know....and saying "We were in our Psychics Circle last night and we were hearing a song "Down By the Banks of the Old Ohio" and we sensed that someone was missing in the area of a cave near the Ohio River...and several of us were sensing something about a tower rock and a small wooden bridge.  So we looked on a map and did some research and know you're looking for a loved one and you may possibly find her in this area. 

OOOOOOOOOOOOOKKK....Good enough info for ME!!!   Where's my HAT, Sherlock?  Geezer....take me back to Rosiclaire and I need to go on up past Elizabethtown now...and check the area around Tower Rock.  But he's saying "Not NO but POOPTY DOOO NOOOOOOOOOO....I should never have taken you to Rosiclaire in the first place...and until this woman is found...I will be driving you MYSELF on any errands because the next thing "I" know I'll be getting a call from the Hardin County Sheriff that they have you and I need to come and GET you"  :-0  Well....where's the love?  

The Iron Furnace ... about 4-5 miles outside of Rosiclaire towards Karber's Ridge

And this is Tower most of you know me and water...there isn't much chance I'd wander out towards that rock...but I'd sure love to go back up there and look around....There's got to be a little wooden bridge and possibly an old rope swing hanging from a tree up there close to this rock....

More as I can share it.....there is SO SO much I'd love to tell you...About suspects and things that have happened....and maybe I can soon...but for now....that's all she wrote ... or could write...for today...
Peace and love from the Canyon...I love you all gobs and thanks so SO much...for stopping by..
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