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Do We Have A Serial Killer In Southern Illinois? (updated 11am w/ links on the case and video)

From Our House To Yours...It's A Bird's Eye View

 Do we have a serial killer in Southern Illinois?  Well now, don't panic, because "I" don't THINK so.  But that's the question some people are beginning to bring up on the page for Shawneetown, Ill woman, Chrissy Williams missing since December 2, 2013.

Yesterday, as I was foo fooing around the house and heading to the utility room...I glanced at my computer screen as I always do when passing, to see if I have any messages I need to stop and answer...and I saw "BREAKING NEWS:  Woman's Body Found in

Makanda, Ill".  SO being an arm chair detective and thinking I may have another case on my hands even before I can get to the bottom of Chrissy Williams missing..I sat down really quick to read the story.

It was said that Joe Moon, who lives and works in the Makanda area saw something a little strange along side the road when he passed by about 9am but it didn't perk his interest enough to make him stop.  He went on to run his errands or this and that and when he came back by about 9:40am Ethan Hall, a friend and neighbor was out of his car and talking on his cell in that exact same spot.
 Hall told Moon that there was a body on the side of the road and he had just called 911.

Hall said he drives that route daily to his home...from his work place, I suppose.  And he was talking to his mom on the phone when he passed this particular area.  He said to his mom "That looked like a body, I've got to get out and check this out"  And sure enough, he found the body of a 40 year old woman.  She had on a pink jacket, jeans and white tennis shoes. 

Can you IMAGINE being his mom on the other end of the phone...I'll bet he couldn't get her back on the line for 3 hours because she was calling everybody she knew to tell them what Ethan had run across. 

I immediately thought of Chrissy Williams.  Geezer was working in the workshop so I went out and asked  "Is it possible a body could stay in tact  for 5-6 weeks...(the amount of time Chrissy has been missing)  He said "Well I'm not sure but since we've had all the extreme cold and snow and ice, that's entirely possible" 

Ethan said there were tire tracks coming from the body back up on the road and it appeared she had been dumped over night or in the early morning hours.  How very sad!  He said she was on her back and her knees were propped upward....just like we'd do if we laid down in the floor on our backs to relax a minute....

It wasn't long, maybe a couple hours...and we learned that it wasn't Chrissy...but they are not releasing a name or cause of death until later today after the autopsy.  Well we KNOW the cause of death...she was murdered!!!  So was she shot or beaten or stabbed?  HOW was she murdered? 

Sooooooooooooo this is the reason for the talk last night of a possible serial killer.  Because this is the 4th woman to be murdered and/or go missing in extreme Southern Illinois in the last few weeks.

 I was just asking Geezer before I saw what THEY were saying...if he remembered a woman's body being found just outside Carbondale or near Anna about 2-3 months ago...Of course he said "No"...but I do remember that and can't find it on the internet anywhere.  But it did happen and in this same area.

There was also a woman found in a reservoir back in December and she was from Christopher and was 35 years old.  And at the time, we were having bad weather and I thought she just ran off the road...but stories I'm finding about that death, point to police being suspicious.  AND her death is under investigation. 

SO we DO HAVE the woman in the reservoir and the woman on the side of the road 2-3 months ago in that area between Carbondale and Anna I think it was...and we have the 40ish year old woman found yesterday and Chrissy, age 39...missing since Dec 2nd.  So it DOES make a person sit up and take notice.  But it doesn't point to a serial killer to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

What I'd like to know is ... and this is hang on to your britches...I'm about to put on my fruit inspector uniform to weigh the yah's and nah's....What "I" would like to know IS...were all these women bar hoppers? 
WHAT is WRONG with these 30 and 40 something year old women who can't grow up and they're looking for love in all the wrong places.  DON'T THEY KNOW they will never find a Mr the wrong place?  SOOO what would they have if they FOUND a tall, dark and handsome dream boat in a bar?  They would have found themselves a guy who hangs out in bars looking for women...DUH?  They'd better go with door THREE...and head to the fresh fruits and veggie's aisle at the local THERE they could possibly find a keeper...a man who cooks and takes care of himself and thinks healthy food....but never EVER in a BAR for goodness sakes alive.....
Surely everybody knows...that if you live a life conducive to trouble...sooner or later you're going to run into trouble.  

And then YESTERDAY I was told of a man trying to force his way into a car with a woman near Huck's in the corner of 10th and Ferry.  She had her doors locked...but he was trying to force his way in and she had to drive off to get away.  He had on a hoodie.  This same thing happened, I'm told in a pm from a reader on Chrissy's Missing a woman in Harrisburg on Monday....AND that very same thing happened to a woman in Herrin about 8 weeks ago.  SO LADIES...KEEP YOUR CAR DOORS LOCKED!!! 

Geezer made Kim and I a 'Billy Club" to carry in our cars years ago...I still have mine right where I can grab it in a heart beat...and I'll be checking today to make sure Kim still has hers....

We just can't be too careful these days.  There are more warped minds in this old world right now...than there has been in an accumulation of any 20 year span in the history of the world....

You'll find more links related to the case below...

Peace and love from the canyon...I love you all gobs and thanks so much...for stopping by.

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