Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's Time For A New Beginning


It's January 1st and the year is 2014.  That sounds almost unreal...doesn't it?  It sure does to me!  You younger readers won't get that...but you baby boomer's all will.

I'm late checking in with you all this morning but that isn't because we were out partying last night...we're not party people.  It's just because I decided to change my facebook profile and cover photo's and didn't know what I was doing and I got sidetracked and lost all track of time.  Kim is going to be SOOOOOOO surprised when she see's that this morning....YAAAHHH MEEEEE!

But it's ok to run late today, because we're not going to try to save the world on this page on this New Years day....And we're not going to talk about getting healthier or organizing our closets or kitchen cabinets.  And we're not going to talk about home remedies...We're just going to talk just a bit so you know I'm ok and I know you're ok and we'll get this year off to a really good start with sharing and learning in a day or two. 

I'm not even making one single New Year's resolution this year.  I made about 8 last year and I did good just to survive the year....SO this is my plan for THIS year...just to take one day at a time...make each day the very best it can be.  I hope to accomplish a little something good each day and savor a few moments each day.  And I want to make a difference in what ever way I can.

Many of you know about my little gift station and how I leave little gift bags with our tips in restaurants and motels when we travel.  And there's a little poem that I always try to keep a supply of on a little vintage looking tag that I make and we're going to close with that poem today and it goes like this:

I'd Like To Make A Difference
God has given me a place on earth
to be here for a while.
I hope that as I'm passing through
I will make somebody smile!
I want to make life easier
for all the folks I meet.
I ask God for His blessings
for the strangers on the street.
I hope I'll never fail a friend,
if I can help somehow.
I want to be as generous
as my resources will allow.
And when my life on earth is done,
it will be my final plea...
Let someone, somewhere think or say,
"She made a difference to me"

Now listen gang...tomorrow is Geezer's cataract surgery and we have to be there very early.  But I have a really neat surprise for you and you'll find it right here when you log in ... in the morning.  So be sure and check back and we'll try to be totally back on track by Friday. 

Bird's Eye View of the Katydid is a daily blog where we talk about natural healing/living, home remedies, de-cluttering and getting organized, improving our relationships, making our homes warm and fuzzy.  Some days we just share stories from the news or talk about the 'good old days' when life was so much more simple.  But every single day...we try to talk about 'something' that will help us all to live our best!  So I hope you will share this blog any time something strikes a good chord in you and in doing that you will be helping to spread the idea of daily peace and love and laughter all the way around the day at a time.   We must BE THE CHANGE we want to see in this old world....I'm doing MY best and I hope you'll join me in 2014 to do the same.....

Peace and love from the canyon...I love you all gobs and thanks so SO much...for stopping by.  This has been a bird's eye view of the Katydid and until next are loved....