Unsolved Mysteries Are Mounting In Southern Illinois With Obvious Coverups…WHY?

Unsolved mysteries are just mounting up by the day in Southern Illinois and it’s apparent there are cover ups in some…now WHY would that BE?

Now I personally don’t think there’s a cover up in the unsolved mystery of missing Shawneetown, Il mom Chrissy Williams, missing since December 2nd, 2013.  At least not by authorities.  I think there are a lot of things we don’t KNOW for sure…and I’m suspicious of some people that the authorities may not even be suspicious OF.  And I have my reasons…

Chrissy was last seen…or so they say…leaving the home of a friend in Rosiclaire, Il about 9pm on December 2nd, 2013 and was supposedly on her way home.  It’s only a few minutes drive to her home in Shawneetown…so what could have happened on that short drive in a rural community?  Not much! 
Embankments have all been searched…all bodies of water along that route.  WHAT could have HAPPENED?  Cars and people just do not … disappear!

The lifestyle of the friend she was visiting the night she disappeared is very questionable as is that of the boyfriend of this friend.  AND the last person Chrissy tried to make contact with or MADE contact with on her

cell phone was the NEW girlfriend of her old boyfriend who was/is a cop in Shawneetown.  Chrissy had confided to friends just a couple days before she went missing that she was getting threats and if something was to happen to her…so and so was to blame…
THIS mystery is still under investigation and seems to be going no where.
Everybody seems to have backed off … even Judy and myself…self imposed arm chair detectives that have put ourselves on the case  :-)

We’ve had several murders and other people to go missing since Chrissy Williams…And we’ve had more than one death that was beyond suspicious. 

But let’s talk for a minute about Pravin Varughese.  Pravin was a 19 year old student at SIU in Carbondale and he was studying law.  He was said to be a very clean cut young man and of good moral standards.  One of his own close friends told me he was such a good kid…he called his parents every night right about their supper time because they were so worried about him moving so far from his home in Chicago and he didn’t want them to worry…so he’d check in with them every single night at supper time and just tell them about his day and his plans for that evening…
But he was at a party at a home in Carbondale a couple weeks ago and left about 11pm.  He tweeted at 11:17 and said he didn’t know what had happened but his hands were bloody and he wondered if he had been in a fight.  (When I heard that I immediately assumed he had been in a fight and a worse one that HE was even thinking and he probably had a head injury since he didn’t remember) At 12:30 that same night…he called a close friend in his hometown in Chicago and they have not told us what he said to that friend…I wonder if the doe doe birds have even ASKED the friend what he said…but the friend said he sounded like he had been running and they thought they could hear voices in the background…He never arrived at his apartment that night and was reported missing the next day.
NOW they tell us a new acquaintance he met at the party had volunteered to give him a ride home at 11pm…and he said they were driving out by the mall and Kohl’s (no where near his home) and got into an argument and Pravin jumped out of the car and ran into the woods.  This new friend said a State Police car came along and asked what he was doing and he told him his new friend had run into the woods so the officer did an ‘extensive’ search of the woods…or so he said ..  and didn’t find Pravin.
HOWEVER when Pravin was reported missing the next day…neither this State Trooper OR the new friend came forward with their information about the night before.
Now several things don’t add up right THERE.  If the new friend left with Pravin…then HE knows why Pravin had bloody hands at 11:17 when he tweeted such because he was evidently with him until after midnight when he ran or was chased into the woods…AND he says Pravin ran from his car a little after midnight…but it was about 12:30 when Pravin called his friend in Chicago and sounded like he was running…It’s CRUCIAL we know what he said to that friend on the phone…but nobody seems to be wondering but me  :-/

Pravin was found 5 days later … in the woods behind Kohl’s and not far from the Wing Stop on that corner.  He was naked and beaten black and blue.  Now THAT was not reported in the news (that he was naked and beaten black and blue) but that was told to me by a close friend of Pravin’s who is scared to death now…not knowing what in the world could have happened and why the authorities are not telling how beat up he WAS.  She said he was so beaten he was almost unrecognizable at the funeral home.  But yet the authorities say there is no foul play suspected.  WHAT???
If Pravin was able to do what HE felt was best for him…wouldn’t he have run to the Wing Stop close by…where they were surely still cleaning up after their busy day…and asked for help?  I’d THINK so…
AND now…an autopsy has been put off…until ‘later’…Well THAT’S weird!!!
This is pretty much a closed case…or so they’re implying…now how ridiculous can a police force GET.  There’s another recent murder in Carbondale which is in the news almost daily…a young woman…and we won’t go into that story right now…but lots of people are SAYING PUBLICLY…that’s a cover up…WHY all the COVER UPS?

And in Cape Girardeau and Jackson, Mo…which is just across the Missouri line from us and only about an hours drive….in the last few days there have been reports of a white van stalking kids near schools and play grounds. The van has no front license plate…the man has long hair and wears glasses and he’s hanging around schools and play grounds before and after school.  Now just how hard would that BE to find a white van with no front license plate…driven by a man with long hair and wearing glasses…hanging around schools and playgrounds about 8am and 3pm? 
A woman posted under a news story yesterday and asked “Can you tell us what make or model the van is?”  hahahahahahaha  
It had been hours since her post…and no one had replied….so I replied to her and I said “How bout if you see a white van hanging around a school or play ground and it has no front license plate and is driven by a man with long hair and wearing glasses…how about if you just report it ANYWAY…just for fun…how bout it?”  GOOD GRIEF!!!  
I just told the geezer….we need to go spend the day in Cape and Jackson and we can eat at Lambert’s before we head home…I’ll betcha “I” can find that van in one day…for goodness sakes…EVERY SINGLE WHITE VAN is on MY radar right now….so don’t come to Massac County buster…

Ok…that’s it for today….Let’s all go out there and make this one of the best days we’ve ever had…how bout it?
Peace and love from the canyon…I love you all gobs and thanks so much…for stopping by.
Sorry for another late blog…I’m here each and every day…but we’re dealing with nursing home problems right now…and each day is iffy…We had ONE family member in there and she’s just plain deaf even with a hearing aid and now we have another and he has a horrific speech impediment because of meds he’s been on.  So we have now…2 people trying to talk and one CAN’T talk and the other one can’t hear…and nothing seems to be going right…..OH my GOODNESS…

But Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise we’ll meet right back here in the morning…now it’s USUALLY between 6 and 8am…but right now it could be any old time….  :-(  But I’ll talk to ya tomorrow if at all possible…BIG subject tomorrow…possibly controversial…so don’t miss it…

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