BREAKING NEWS: Chrissy William: Skeletal Remains Possibly Found

There is HUGE BREAKING NEWS coming out of Pope and Hardin County this morning as the possible skeletal remains of Chrissy Williams…missing mom from Shawneetown, Ill  may have been found.

Here’s what has happened that led us up to this point.

As many of you know, her son Dusty is in the Marines.  And he was given an emergency leave

to come home and help search when his mom went missing.
But after he went back, he kept having the same dream that he came home on another search leave and found her right away.
So they finally gave him a 3 day pass to come home just to do another search and that search was going to be yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Dusty’s grandpa had searched an area weeks ago, called Big Grand Pierre Creek in Pope County.  And he said when he was up there searching, he was smelling this horrific smell but couldn’t find where it was coming from and had no idea what it was.  But he said he had never smelled anything like that in his life.
He had been trying to get Tami to get search dogs up there…but she just hadn’t yet.
When Dusty came home…and he heard this story…that’s where he wanted to search.  So Tami had 2 great danes…one of which was just given to her a week or so ago…and they took those dogs with them.  There was an entire search team in the woods yesterday. 
But within 15 minutes those dogs found that scent and started digging in the sand close to the creek.
They dug up skeletal bones, acrylic finger nails and what looked like the remnants of the blouse Chrissy had on when she went missing.

The family called the sheriff and the Pope and Hardin County Sheriff’s offices immediately sent deputies to the scene and roped it off.  They searched until they ran out of light and will continue this morning.

Just yesterday morning, it was reported on KFVS TV news that they may search yesterday in some areas of Pope County…and this old geezer of mine said “You’d think they’d search around Big Grand Pierre Creek…there are surely old lanes going back to that and there used to be an old bridge back there…You should have seen his face when I got the message last night and read it to him that possible remains had been found close to Big Grand Pierre Creek.  
It’s a rare thing to see the Geezer really looked surprised…but he looked like I had just said “I just shot your mommy” 

He said “With a secluded area like that so close to Rosiclaire…with a deep creek bed…why in the world haven’t they searched that area before now.”  He also said he thinks that creek is deep enough her car could be in there.
Geezer hasn’t fished for years…but used to fish up around Golconda and has fished many time on Big Grand Pierre Creek.

I said “Well if you thought that was such a good SPOT…
why didn’t you take ME there to search”  :-(

At the end of the news cast…they said
 “This area is roped off as a crime scene…
DO NOT GO THERE trying to find other evidence”
Geezer looked at me and he said
“THEY are TALKING to YOU!!!”

I’ve given this old Geezer my whole life….WHY is he always pickin’ on ME?
Where’s the love?  :-(

But it APPEARS that at least the location of Chrissy Williams body is finally about to be solved…
the car is next and then they’ll find who did this.

I will update this story if and when we get more information…
even possibly today!

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