Chrissy Williams Body Found and Confirmed!

Chrissy Williams car with her body inside was pulled out of the Ohio River in Rosiclaire yesterday afternoon at or about 4:50pm.  This is what we know so far.   Search efforts were performed again yesterday morning to see if there was any sign of a car in the Ohio River near Rosiclaire.  Sonar or some kind of equipment was brought in to help with this search.

A vehicle was located, I believe…about 10:30am yesterday morning

with that equipment, but it was late afternoon when it was finally pulled out and found to be that of Chrissy Williams and her body was inside.
Her family and close friends were on the banks of the river waiting when the car was pulled out.
On the television coverage, you could hear screams and wailing as family members saw Chrissy’s car being pulled out of the river.  Within a couple minutes, a State Trooper walked over to the family to tell them her body was inside.

Now that’s what we KNOW for a fact.
Here’s some speculation made by a few law officers on the banks of that Ohio River yesterday that one of my friends that has been involved in the search and coverage of this story overheard.
 Officers were saying they didn’t think the car could have been in there all this time because of the condition of the car and the tires and possibly the body.  There had also already been several searches in this very area of the river that found nothing.

Now…how did Chrissy and her car GET there?
Geezer and I set in this very spot the day he took me up there in late December and just talked for a bit and looked at the beauty of the little park and the river.
Geezer was saying what a neat little park it was and that it would make a nice ride this summer and we’d pack a picnic basket on the Valkyrie and picnic there. 

Little did I know I was possibly just yards from Chrissy’s body at that time…IF the car has been there this whole…almost 4 months.  Their river bank on one area right there is like ours at Fort Massac and it is absolutely possible that a person could drive down that river bank and right into the river.

It has been reported numerous times by folks that were with her the night she disappeared… that she was so drunk that night and that she couldn’t hardly stand alone.  So it’s possible if she was able to get to her car and take off…from that last home she was seen at…that she could have been disoriented and accidentally drove herself right into that river.

HOWEVER…there is also a narrow little road that runs from right behind the home where she was last seen…and that little lane runs right into the Ohio river…just like at the spot where they pulled her car OUT.  And that little road is just a very short distance upstream from where they found her car.

There are still many questions.  This is still an unsolved mystery.  But at least her body has been found and the family can have at least that peace of mind.

I was telling Kim on the phone last night right after they found Chrissy that after I wrote an update on this today I wanted to move away from crime stories just a bit unless there is big news on this story… 

This blog started out, once I realized so many people were reading… as kind of a ministry…just to tell stories and lift folks up…share health information and talk about restoring and improving relationships…making our homes warm and fuzzy.  And then we started having all these murders and missing people in Southern Illinois and I started covering those stories….

Let me tell you something folks.

But HEY…That’s what’s wrong with this old world today!!!
Everybody walks around on their tippy toes on egg shells…
We need to be hearing it like it IS!!!

That’s one of the things I love so much about Bro Jake…
He tells it like it is and in a way most of us have never heard it before. WE ALL NEED THAT!  (You’ve GOT to come and hear Bro Jake if you live close…March 30th…11am…Weaver Creek…if you have to come alone you can set with me…If he can get Geezers attention…you know he has to be packing something special…he is going to PACK Weaver Creek if we get him…People are STARVING for TRUTH!!!)

You can’t go patting somebody on the hand that has done something horrific and say… Nooow nooooooooooow…that’s not nice”  You MAY have to knock them into next week to get their attention and then say THERE IS RIGHT AND THERE IS WRONG AND YOU ARE WRONG!!! AND LET ME TELL YOU WHY I”M SAYING THAT!

Kim said “Just 2 short paragraphs tomorrow mom…with just the concrete facts and whatever you DO say in the morning, don’t start preaching”  :8)  Ooooooooppps!  Shall we pray…..

Peace and love from the canyon…I love you all gobs and gobs…and thanks SO much…for stopping by!

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