Get Healthy: 31 Day Challenge – Day 13 – Brain Fog Foods

We’re on day 13 of our Get Healthy: 31 Day Challenge and what better day to talk about what’s going wrong with me – than Friday the 13th.  :-0

Due to my horrific insomnia – that I’ve battled fiercely for well over a year now – I’m now having problems with some really bad brain fog.  Now this isn’t ‘old age’ or ‘Alzheimer’s’ coming on.  This is just almost total and complete emotional exhaustion.   HOWEVER – I believe in holistic health and healing the body naturally – and I have every intention of turning this around.

Road Runner Speed Is The Only Speed I Have

I was zipping around at full speed in Big Johns the other day and a friend called out my name and she said “I read your posts daily and know how much you do – so how can you have so much energy and walk so fast?”  I said “This is the only speed I have.”   But what she didn’t know – was that while I’m hyper out the wazoo – I’m also totally emotionally exhausted every day and it’s wrecking havoc on me with some pretty bad brain fog.

We’re memorizing the books of the bible at church and I used to know them forward – backward – and from the middle out in both directions – but right now I can tell you there’s “Matthew – Mark – Luke and John”  And Genesis, Exodus – WHAT’S NEXT ???  UGG!!!

Now after saying THAT – I also have to add that I feel TERRIFIC – most every day!!!  I can do my work – your work – run down and clean the church – one person can call and need me here and another in the other direction – and I’ll keep up as Billy’s personal assistant at his every beckon call  🙂 – cook and bake and clean – and take time to paint rocks – YES!!!  And I can keep that pace all day long – just like the Road Runner on that old cartoon.  AS LONG AS – I don’t sit down and relax – because once I do THAT – I’m done for that day.  🙂

Get Healthy:  Brain Fog; What’s Your Problem?

I’ve been researching insomnia and how it affects the brain – because I knew that’s what my brain fog problem was from.  And that’s why I’m so successful with home remedies.  I RESEARCH and THEN I RESEARCH THE RESEARCH!  🙂  Where as you go to a doctor and you say “Oh Jiminy Cricket – I just can’t sleep – I have brain fog and while I’m hyper – I’m still exhausted.”  Do you know what that old doctor will do?  He’ll write you out a prescription for a sleeping pill – that’s going to cause a lot more problems down the road – than just treating the CAUSE of your problems NOW.

And the CAUSE of my problems IS – I have friends and family and I care too much … lol   TOO MANY MESSES in that scenario for this old church lady!!!  SO since I’m not about to leave them all coughing in my dust – I have to strengthen my body and my mind so I can better handle all the worries.


Get Healthy:  Foods and Nutrients for Brain Fog

Dr Patel said “Take FISH OIL and take about 6-7 a day”  🙂  But Fish Oil isn’t going to hurt me – so I’m going to go beyond that for the first week and take that much twice a day.  I’m also adding Turmeric and CoQ10 and I am fully expecting miracles to happen.  Stay tuned –

I’ve just bought a new supply of Nature’s Bounty Mini Fish Oil Gels and Nature’s Bounty Turmeric and I start them today. The CoQ10 is on the way from amazon and should be here Monday.  SO I’m OFF and RUNNING!

1 – Get Healthy:  Fish Oil For Brain Health

Fish Oil is said to the the garbage collector of the brain  🙂 and is said to be nothing short of miraculous.  I AM SO GLAD they have finally come up with a Fish Oil in a MINI gel cap.

Fish Oil can help your body improve on everything from minor to major brain issues – like – improving your mood – your reaction timealertnessanxietydepression and even help heal the brain from brain injuries and strokes – AND it can reverse damage done to your brain from diet and lifestyle … BINGO!!!

Fish Oil is loaded with Omega 3’s and that’s jibberish to most of us – but trust me when I tell you – Omega 3’s are a good thing.   Walnuts and fatty fish are also loaded with Omega 3’s.  And that’s fatty fish like mackerel – salmon – sardines.

2 – Get Healthy:  Turmeric For Brain Health and SO MUCH MORE!!!

Turmeric is said to be one of the fountains of youth.  It’s said to be more powerful for depression and anxiety than Prozac – but HEY – nobody’s gonna get rich off of us taking TURMERIC – where as PROZAC buys homes, cars and in ground swimming pools for those pushing it.

Most know that India has probably the highest consumption of turmeric in the whole world.  It’s their main spice and used in most everything.  But DID YOU ALSO KNOW – that India has one of the lowest rates of mental decline in the world and a death rate 8 times lower than in the U.S.  Now they eventually die – we all know that  :8)  But it MEANT – early death.

3 – Get Healthy:  CoQ10 – The Other Fountain of Youth for Our Brains

We all need CoQ10 to stay healthy and to continue to have healthy brain function.  But as we get older our body produces less and less CoQ10 and also if we’re taking a statin for cholesterol – THAT depletes our CoQ10 levels.  It’s a vicious cycle trying to keep up with it all – isn’t it?

A deficit of CoQ10 in our systems – will greatly mess with our brain function in a very negative way.  And that will lead to sluggish thinking – severe memory impairment and more.
Supplementing with CoQ10 can slow brain deterioration by a whopping 44% – now that’s a LOT.
 Research tells me that people with high levels of CoQ10 have sharper mental acuity, better motor abilities and more mental energy.  CoQ10 also benefits your heart and overall energy levels.

YES – I’ll take some of all of that – and thank you for asking   🙂

4 – Get Healthy:  Good Brain Foods

Our local television station did a segment the other day on healthy brain foods and I would have laughed -if I wasn’t crying – at all the mis information they gave.

Our brains are made up of 60% fat – so it needs to be fed good healthy fat to be able to thrive.

HERE are some of the best foods for super brain health – and they need to be eaten or juiced in their purest form:

Blueberries, Avacado, Dark Chocolate (just 1 square a day – it doesn’t mean eat 3-4 dark chocolate bars a day – JUST ONE SQUARE).  Also mushrooms, walnuts, flax seed ( and listen on that flax seed – it just doesn’t digest – so get the $12 coffee seed grinder and grind them up and put them in your regular foods) – also fatty fish – coconut – olive oil – coffee – cinnamon ( and listen on cinnamon – it’s best to get the therapeutic cinnamon from amazon – MUCH more powerful than cinnamon from the grocery.

And then there’s the Soloray Vitamin B Complex – Vitamin D – Magnesium/Cal/Zinc supplements.  We should all take those daily – Maybe we’ll go more into them soon – but we have an appointment and I’ve gotta get outta here …

And listen – No time to go into it here … but start adding BLACK PEPPER – just plain old McCormicks – with your supplements … put it in some V8 or something – just get some down because it helps with the absorption of the nutrients.  We’ll talk about that soon …

OK I’m burning daylight and I’ve got umpteen things to do today –

We’ll meet right back here on Monday morning and see how we’re all doing then  🙂



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