Avocados – For Depression, Energy and Heart

Avocados – Health Benefits

Avocados are especially useful if you suffer from depression or mood swings, because they’re loaded with B vitamins that will help you big time with that.

They’re also a great source of fiber which is good for your colon and helps you keep a spring in your step, in general …


Avocados Healthy Snacks - Easy to Grab on the Go @ www.LoveHomeandHealth.com

They have a little protein and also are good for improving digestion and to lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar and balance hormones and they’re loaded with potassium which is good for energy and the heart.


Snacking on the “alligator pear” will also give you a needed boost in magnesium – good for the blood pressure!


Avocado Good for Depression Energy and Heart @ www.LoveHomeandHealth.com

Now what more could you ask for in a snack?

It also has just the right balance of all this good stuff to make you feel full and satisfied.

We’ve featured a handy little kitchen doodad from Amazon here.  Kim has one of these and she said they swear by it for keeping avocados fresh!

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