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I’ve researched cancer and ways to heal it naturally since late 1977.  Not because I or anyone in my immediate family had it at that time, but because so many on down the line in our family had lost a battle with it and I was learning quick that the doctors had no answer.  All of my aunts and uncles and even a few cousins battled this cancer or that and they were all given the deadly poison – chemo – to try to heal their bodies.  Now just how much sense does that make?  A person is already battling a terminal illness and their doctor gives them a poison that ‘may’ kill some or most of the cancer cells – but it will definitely start killing off the good cells the body needs to fight that cancer.  And even though it may shrink the current tumor – if that person hasn’t experienced a diet and lifestyle change – which was the absolute thing that made them come down with cancer in the first place – that cancer is going to come back.  And it usually comes back with a vengeance.


I recently found Chris Wark of Chris Beat Cancer dot com and he’s also on youtube.  Just type in his name and give him a listen. Chris was diagnosed with state 3 colon cancer about 10 years ago at the age of 26.  He had the surgery but he was so bad, they wanted him to have the chemo also and he refused.  Instead he started researching healing the body naturally himself and what he learned is worth it’s weight in gold.

According to Chris “Cancer is a systemic metabolic disease that has resulted in a tumor or tumors in the body”.  Now you can often cut that tumor out – but if you keep on doing what you were doing when you came down with that cancer or tumor … your body is just going to build another tumor or more cancer just like it did the first time.

If you have come down with cancer, your body is already nutrient deficient and over loaded with toxins and a suppressed and overloaded immune system or that wouldn’t have happened in the first place.  That’s what Chris says and I absolutely agree.

Cancer - Pharmaceutical Drugs Do Not Heal @

Chris Wark says “We are all over fed but malnourished.  Pharmaceutical drugs do not heal – they only treat symptoms and often those very drugs used to supposedly treat a symptom will cause cancer all by themselves with that body so down and out.”  YES THAT IS SO TRUE!!!  Chris has really done his homework!!!

According to Chris and many others who have researched healing the body naturally – cancer is caused by 4 things!

1-Diet, lifestyle and some prescription drugs

2-Obesity – which is the 2nd leading cause of cancer

3-Lack of exercise

4- Stress – because stress just destroys the immune system.

All of the above can either make you or break you!   They can give you good health and a long and active life, or they can destroy you and do it quick if you don’t take the steps to study and use a diet and lifestyle that will promote good health.

To heal your body of cancer – you must radically change your diet and lifestyle and juice, juice, juice.  You also need specific supplements and just the right enzymes and maybe check out the Gerson Therapy and the Budwig program.  Coffee enemas are common in people who heal their own terminal cancers.

You really won’t find anything in this article that you won’t find on Chris’s website or youtube videos.  But I was so impressed with all he had to offer and I wanted to let you all have the opportunity to check out all the things Chris has to offer too.  I doubt many of you have heard of him because I’ve studied healing cancer naturally for almost 40 years and this is the first I’ve heard of him myself.

"My Health Library - Favorite Books and Videos - Love, Home and Health"
My Health Library – Favorite Books and Videos

So I wanted to let you all know about Chris Wark and his website ‘chrisbeatcancer dot com‘.  Check him out if you’re battling cancer or even if you’re just interested in getting healthier.  BE SURE and check out his videos on youtube – most are only about 10 minutes or less and they are GOLDEN!

On his website and video (and he’s also on facebook) – you will also see and hear testimonials from many people who have healed their own bodies of some of the worst terminal cancers – like pancreatic, lung and colon.

It’s in educating ourselves about cancer – it’s causes, prevention and cures – that we will each give ourselves the best chance of winning the battle over all cancers.  If you have it now or come down with it in the future and decide to go this route – will it be easy?  Absolutely not!  Will it be worth it – absolutely without a doubt – YES!!!

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Disclaimer:  While we love researching and sharing information on holistic and alternative healing, please note – we are not doctors and you are encouraged to always work along with your own doctor when treating a serious illness.  IF your doctor does not believe in these methods and you are making no headway – we’d urge you to find a doctor of integrative medicine.



  1. Brenda Stewart said:

    I wish some website would just tell us some of the juicing combinations that would help Pancreatic Cancer that has metasized to the liver and small bowel. Right now my Lord has used the chemo for amazing improvements. Now if someone was only charitable enough to tell me which herbs, fruits and vegetables I could use along with the chemo. Everything that is saying it shows promisee on the net cost money, which I don’t have. If God gives me some wisdom in this area you better be darn tooting I would be sharing it free for those who need it. The programs and supplements that I have seen Chris share. Cost oodles of money. When is some of those who have found some answers going to share with us who aren’t millionaires, and are fighting for our lives. I am so glad I have a God who loves me. And people all over the country praying. That is my hope. I have been truly blessed and have no reason to complain. But have friends who are fightning with no results.

    May 29, 2016
    • Kay Comer said:

      Brenda … SO sorry it has taken me so long to answer … I’ll do all I can to help you – but is there a possibility we can talk one on one even by facebook private message? I’m not selling one single thing … but I DO have some things YOU can do yourself … I’m posting my personal facebook page link … I hope you’ll click on that and send me a friends request and then a private message … looking forward to hearing from you asap … and again – I AM NOT selling one thing – but I think I can give you some things that will help you …

      May 30, 2016

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