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I’m sharing 4 steps to anti-aging today.  I love studying the body and how it reacts favorably or unfavorably to different foods and I’m sharing…

It seems we’re all in search of the fountain of youth for one reason or another.  We’re looking for it in bottles and electrical contraptions and face masks and facial exercises and some have even found it in their kitchens, so to speak.
The ‘fountain of youth’ is a legend pertaining to a spring that’s said to have ‘restorative, healing powers’.  It is believed by some that just by drinking of this water or bathing in it … a persons body and health will be restored to that of their youth.
Do you believe in healing springs?  Do you believe there is a “Fountain of Youth“?
Let’s investigate these things and just see what we find – how bout it?

In Search of the Fountain of Youth @

Where to Find Healing Water Springs

Did you know there are healing waters all across the United States?  And many towns are named after these healing water springs.

And there are supposedly healing springs in many other parts of the world.  Some virtually unknown.  You may even have one almost in your own back yard.

Hot Springs,  Arkansas is very well known for healing waters.  And there’s said to be a Hot Springs in North Carolina near Asheville and there’s Bath, West Virginia, also known as Berkeley Springs, and Thermopolis, Wyoming  and so many more.

My Search for a Local Healing Spring

When I worked at Golden Carrot Health Food Store back in 2000, Delores had heard of a healing spring in our own local “Dixon Springs State Park”.  It was just about 15 miles north of our home, so she asked me to go up there and get her a gallon of that healing spring water and bring it back to the store and let her check it out.

I came home and told Geezer about Delores wanting water from that spring.   So after supper that day … we loaded in the car and he took me to hunt for the healing spring Delores was wanting me to bring her water from.

She had drawn us a map and it was fairly easy to find. Geezer was laughing his head off at me for falling for such a request.  But to our amazement … when we got there … there were other people with empty gallon jugs, getting water from this healing spring.

We got out and got the water and we looked around a bit and headed back to town.  I had a little cut on my hand so while I was getting water for Delores … I dabbed some of that healing water on my hand.  We got back to the house and guess what?  I still had the cut and it was no different than before I had put this miraculous healing water on it.  Now if I had just had this miraculous Royal Bee Skin Healing Cream at that time, WALLA … it would have healed almost that fast.

But I was excited to be able to do that for Delores. I love adventure and I had no idea there was a healing spring in Dixon Springs.  If you live around here and go looking for it … it’s just a little spring … coming up out of the ground.  There were no signs announcing it or anything at that time….Geezer did say it was extremely crystal clear water.  And seems like we went passed the pool and picnic tables and past the out house and on towards the back … down that little lane and I think it was on the right.

Fountain of Youth – St Augustine, Florida

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When we went to Florida back in late spring … we went to St Augustine to have lunch at Barnacle Bill’s Seafood because we’ve heard so much about that.   So I said “While we’re here, let’s check out the Fountain of Youth”  So we had lunch and headed just a couple blocks on up the street to the Fountain of Youth.  But when we got there … they either wanted $12 each for us to get in or $25 each … I can’t remember now … doesn’t matter … I’m such a tight wad I wasn’t going to give them either one to look at a puddle of water. So the geezer said, “Well we’re here and we’re on vacation and it will make you a good story for your blog … we may as well go in there.”  But I said “Nope … not giving those jerks money to go in there and look at a puddle of water”As we were pulling away from the legendary Fountain Of Youth that day in St Augustine … the geezer said “Well I just can’t believe this … you write all these stories and this would make you a great story and you could take pictures.”  I said “I don’t need to go in there and see their ‘fountain of youth’ because “I” know where the real fountain of youth is … it’s in our hearts and minds and we have complete control over whether we let our bodies experience the fountain of youth … or not.

Sooooo what about YOU today?

Fountain of Youth - Sophia Loren Quote

Do you want to find your “Fountain of Youth”?

Because if you want to, you can you know?  The Fountain of Youth is within reach of every single person reading this blog today.  If you can dream it … you can achieve it!  More on the Fountain of Youth … and exactly what to do to experience it … coming soon to Love, Home and Health.

Peace and love from the canyon … I love you all gobs and thanks so much for stopping by.

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