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Sweet Annie herb is one of my favorite parts of gardening!  They say the scent of even a dried Sweet Annie herb will last for 100 years.

Being nosy and an arm chair detective by nature – I’M wondering who has lived long enough to keep sniffing that same Sweet Annie plant for all those decades – to be able to make that statement.

But I will say I have some dried Sweet Annie that I know is 15 years old and it still smells heavenly.

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The Scent of Sweet Annie

Divinity just “says” Christmas to me!  For as long as I can remember, from the time I was a very little girl, I remember Christmas being a time of lots of candy and cookie making, especially Mom’s Old Fashioned Divinity Candy and Fudge.  But goodness … it doesn’t have to be Christmas time to make divinity or fudge!  Homemade candies can make ANY day special!

I didn’t use the old fashioned divinity candy recipe during our early years of marriage because that was mom’s thing at Christmas and she loved making it and giving it away.  But when her health began to fail, I took on the chore of making tons and tons of divinity and fudge each year and giving it away.

Mom just had a knack for making Divinity but white was just too bland for her.  Oh she’d make lots of white but then she always had to make extra and tint it pink or green or blue.  Mom was all about color  🙂